Whether he’s graduating from high school or college, graduation is an important milestone in any young man’s life

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He’s signaling to the world that he’s ready to take on the next chapter in life, and you want to be there to cheer him on every step of the way. From supporting him as he embarks on his next journey to celebrating his accomplishments, let him know how proud you are of his hard work over the past four years.

One way to celebrate his accomplishment is figuring out the perfect gift to give him. Regardless of if he’s preparing to start college or is about to begin a nine-to-five, finding a grad gift that he will both enjoy and actually use is truly a balancing act. If you’re on the hunt for the perfect graduation gift, check out these 36 creative (and useful) graduation gift ideas for him.
Unique Graduation Gifts For Him
Whether you’re looking for a high school or college graduate, finding the perfect graduation gift for a young man beginning his adult life can be tough. From custom can coolers to a wireless phone charger, we’ve got a gift guide to help you out — here are the best gifts that’ll definitely be a home run for your new grad.
1. Virtual Graduation Party
Throwing your graduate a celebration is a fun way to bring the people he cares about together before he moves on to the next stage of life, even if you opt for a virtual celebration. Whether he’s graduating from high school or college, he’ll always remember how proud his closest family and friends were of him.
2. Personalized Photo Book
A personalized photo book is a particularly great present if your grad is moving off to college and has limited luggage space. Since it’s so portable, a personalized photo book can pack a big punch while taking up minimal space. Be sure to document your favorite memories from past travels or adventures.

3. Framed Magnetic Board
If your grad is moving out for the first time, he’ll have to start doing more things on his own. Make his transition to being independent easier with a custom framed magnetic board where he can write down notes and to-dos in his new place.
4. Subscription Box
What’s more convenient than a personalized box that’s delivered right to your new grad’s doorstep? From a grooming box complete with aftershave and body wash to a custom snack box to keep him fueled during the day, a monthly subscription is the perfect way to remind your new grad that you’re proud of them.
5. Graduation Gift Basket
If you’re having trouble deciding on one big graduation present for him, a gift basket is a great way to give him a bunch of smaller gifts with a personalized touch. Include a variety of presents inside like a custom notepad, playing cards, or even a monogrammed flask to give him smaller gifts he’ll get a ton of use out of.
6. Bottle Opener
If he’s graduating college and is of legal drinking age, a bottle opener is a cheeky gift to give your recent grad. If you’re worried about getting him a present he will actually use, a bottle opener is a perfect gift he’ll be excited to receive.
7. Cozy Hoodie
Gift him the gift of a cozy custom hoodie for a graduation gift that’s truly one-of-a-kind. If he’s headed off to college, add his school’s logo or mascot to make a unique hoodie that shows his school spirit.
8. Framed Prints
Custom framed prints are a unique gift for him to decorate his new place. Whether you print photos of him and his significant other, friends, or even his dog, high-quality photos in a unique frame is a one-of-a-kind keepsake that he’ll appreciate.

9. Throw Pillows
A custom pillow is a great gift to relieve your grad from the stress of figuring out decorations for his new place. Throw pillows make a nice addition to both his dorm or first apartment, so regardless of what stage of life your grad is in, they are a gift he’ll definitely make use of.
10. Canvas Prints
Gifting your grad a custom canvas print of his best friends or the family dog is a great way for him to bring a welcome bit of home with him to his new place. If he’s graduating college, you can even include the canvas print in his gift basket along with some fun personalized can coolers for a present he will truly enjoy.
11. Custom Notepad
A custom notepad is a great graduation gift to help your grad stay on top of his new responsibilities. Whether he’s writing down a to-do list of assignments for his college classes or a grocery list to take with him after work, a custom notepad is the perfect subtle gift to remind your grad of home.
12. Hanging Canvas Print
Moving is stressful for anyone—combine that with the pressure of starting college or his first day on the job, and bringing decorations is likely one of the last things on your grad’s mind. Help make decorating his new place easier with the gift of a hanging canvas print that can be customized with photos of his favorite memories to make being away from home just a little bit easier.
13. Gift Card
Sometimes, a no-frills present like a gift card can be a good thing to give your recent grad. If he’s moving out on his own, giving him a gift card to buy practical stuff like toilet paper or gas will help you rest with peace of mind that he’s stocked up on all of his essentials. If you don’t want the gift card to feel impersonal, add it to his gift basket for a present that will truly be the cherry on top of an already great present!
14. Reusable Shopping Bags
A reusable shopping bag is a fantastic eco-friendly present for your recent grad. If he’s doing his own grocery shopping, having basics like a reusable shopping bag taken care of will make his life that much easier—and make the planet a little bit happier too.
15. Custom socks
Custom socks are a funny, yet useful, gift to give your recent grad. Include a photo of his parents on them to make him smile and shake his head whenever he sees them.

16. Customized Coffee Mugs
Whether he’s getting up early for lecture or work, a customized coffee mug is a practical and welcomed gift to make waking up that much easier. Include photos of his family, friends, or even pet to make his morning a little bit brighter. Pair with a new coffee maker and some of his favorite beans to complete his coffee station.
17. Personalized Luggage Tag
If he’s moving away from home, a personalized luggage tag is a gift that’s a practical addition to his college graduation gift basket. Customize it with a photo of the family pup or a great memory for a small but useful gift he will definitely appreciate.
18. Shot Glasses
If your grad is of legal drinking age, gift him custom shot glasses with photos of the past four years to celebrate the milestones he has achieved throughout college. Bonus: you can put them to use at his graduation celebration!
19. Personalized Pint Glasses
For a funny and functional present, give your college grad a personalized pint glass to remind him of home. Personalize it with family photos or a funny inside joke to make him smile whenever he uses it.
20. Laundry Kit
While your grad is excited to begin his newest chapter in life, it probably hasn’t fully sunk in that he needs to do the not-so-fun stuff on his own now too. Make his transition to adulthood a little easier with a laundry kit full of essentials so he doesn’t have to worry about forgetting the small details in his new place.
21. Can Coolers
If he’s a big sports fan, a custom can cooler is a knockout gift he’ll definitely make use of on game day. Personalize it with photos of him at his favorite team’s games, or even with photos of his high school or college sports team for a special gift that’s sure to score big.

22. Custom Playing Cards
Playing cards are essential for every household, both young and old. Put a personalized touch on this classic by customizing it with photos of his past four years to put a smile on his face whenever he uses them. They’re also a great addition to his gift basket!
23. Business Card Holder
If your grad is starting his first nine-to-five, a custom business card holder is a useful gift to help him stand out. Give him an edge at his new workplace with a custom business card holder to show that he means business.
24. Practical Travel Mug
As a young man starting his newest chapter in life, your grad is probably on the go 24/7. Make his busy life a little easier with a practical travel mug customized with photos of his family or friends. Personalize his tumbler with pictures of his favorite people or places.
25. Reusable Water Bottle
Reusable water bottles are a gift he will get daily use out of, since they’re perfect to bring to both work and class. A stainless steel water bottle will save him time and money in the long run—and it’s an easy way for him to go green.
26. Photo Wall Calendar
Help your grad stay on top of his appointments and errands with a custom photo calendar. Include photos of his high school sports team or college fraternity for a welcome surprise each month that he is sure to appreciate.
27. Desk Organizers
Staying organized is key for your grad to succeed in his newest chapter in life. A customized desk organizer is a functional and useful gift that will help him stay on top of his game, whether he’s using it in his dorm room or new office.

28. Photo Keychain
Give your grad something special to keep with him wherever he goes with a personalized keychain—another great and easy addition to his graduation gift basket. Personalize it with photos of family, friends, or the family dog for a sweet and simple gift he will surely appreciate.
29. Personalized Flask
Gift him something useful that reflects his personality with the gift of a custom flask. With options like having his initials, favorite sport, or showcasing his love of outdoors, you’ll definitely find the perfect flask for your recent college grad. A personalized flask is also a fun and classy addition to his custom gift box.
30. Protective Phone Case
A protective custom phone case is a welcome present for almost anyone. Give him a functional gift with a personalized touch with the gift of a protective smartphone case that will help his phone be water-resistant—you can even choose between a custom iPhone or Samsung case.
31. Practical Mason Jars

While you’re helping him pick up kitchen essentials, make his life a little easier by gifting him customized mason jars. Perfect for drinks, overnight oats, or even smoothies, customized mason jars are a practical and trendy gift he will definitely appreciate. Add the mason jars to his gift basket and fill them with his favorite chocolate or candy for an extra sweet surprise!
32. Beer Stein
A customized beer stein is a funny and useful gift for any young man graduating college. Personalize it with photos of him and his fraternity brothers or a funny saying to show him that you support him “graduating” to adulthood.
33. Personalized Pot Holders
If he’s moving into his first apartment, he’s likely lacking a lot of kitchen essentials like pots and pans. While many young people will think of essentials like this, many more will forget the necessary accessories like pot holders. Give him the functional gift of personalized pot holders to ensure he has everything he needs for his new place.
34. Wireless Phone Charger
A great addition to go along with his protective phone case, a wireless phone charger is a cool and useful gift for your recent grad. Whether he keeps it at his work desk or next to his dorm room bed, a wireless phone charger is a gift he’ll undoubtedly make use of.
35. Fleece Blanket
A fleece blanket is a sweet and comforting gift to remind him of home while he’s away on his new adventure. Customize it with photos from home or a collage of his favorite memories for a present that will warm his heart, physically and emotionally.
36. Personalized Graduation Cards
No matter the gift you decide on, adding a personalized card is always a great touch to show him how much you care. Order a custom card with photos of friends and family so he has something to look at when he’s missing home a little extra. Think ahead and customize his graduation party invitations as well, even if you’re throwing a virtual party!
Final Thoughts
Spending quality time with him and showing how much you care is the most special graduation gift you could give. Whether you’re giving him a gift card or making a gift basket full of customized presents, your grad will surely appreciate all the hard work you put in to making his graduation meaningful. If you’re looking for more gift ideas that are sure to be a hit, take a look at some of our top grad gifts for him.

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