[Video] 15 Unique DIY Projects To Maximize Binder Clips

As the saying goes, “Things are not exactly what they seem!”.

Our fast-paced world (where everything is at a price) has somehow prevented us from seeing our ordinary office tools, like a simple Paper Binder Clip, in a whole new meaningful light!


[Video] 15 Interesting DIY’s To Maximize Binder Clips

15 Unique Uses Of Binder Clips: DIY Projects Style

Yes, you’ve read it right! Before, I’ve always used my  on-the-desk materials exactly as they were designed for. But after this video, it made me rethink my life, “All this time I’ve been living a lie!”. 🙂

Kidding aside, this material is truly a great discovery, wherein basic DIY Projects can be derived out from Binder Clips. How crazy is that? This 3-minute video might even send you running to the nearest store to get more of these babies! A personal favorite of mine would be the “bonus” part at the end of this video-list, try to keep a keen eye for that.

But first, here’s a short run down of  the 15 crazy-useful, DIY Projects hacks you can make out of Binder Clips from our friend from Venlee Lifehack:


1. Diagonal Phone Stand


This DIY phone stand is ideal when you are watching a video at a higher point. No more slidey-slides!


2. Cable Holder


Moving from one working table to another will not be a problem. This kind of cable organizer is portable, so easy to remove and re-install!

3. Charger Port Stabilizer


Keeps your phone dust-free and scratch-free whenever you travel and charging on the floor is just unavoidable.

4. Shaver Cap


Keeping your shaver capped when packing is a smart DIY way to prevent it from damaging your other belongings.


5.   Cable and Charger Binder


Isn’t it pretty and organized? You can even hang it on walls for easy access!

6. Earpiece Keeper


How many times have you changed damaged headsets?  This will prevent the wires from twisting and  keeps your earpieces in good condition.


7. Horizontal Phone Stand


Video chatting can be done conveniently in just about anywhere! It’s a great DIY screen stand!


8. Yarn / Thread / Twine Separator


Not only will it separate the ties, it will also keep the cutting end easy to find!


10. Pants / Socks / Tie Clipper


May it be hanging your clothes out to dry or keeping it wrinkle-free after ironing, this DIY Project is a no-brainer!


10. Kitchen Sponge Stand


“Hygienic” and “Kitchenware”, I never thought that these words could be associated with binder clips, but here it is!


11.  Plastic Bag Sealer


Getting back on your bag of chips can be postponed at any time, what a thrill!


12. Toothpaste Tube Stopper


Push the paste way up to the end just once, and then just continue on using where you left off.


13. Horizontal Phone Stand


This is ideal for a lazy weekend and you just want to stay flat on the bed watching videos. It keeps your phone stable no matter how you put it!


14. Card / Money / Key Holder


I need to get started on this ASAP! All in one holder, what a joy!


15. Pen Holder


Aside from clamping paper together and hanging it on the walls, being a pen holder is very efficient as you can just take notes anytime on your calendar without wasting time hunting for one!


Get ready for the video! I saved the bonus part for you to keep secret (found at the end of the video!)

How did you find these items so far? Were they as mind-boggling to you as they were for me? Or probably you’re already practicing some of them. Dare to add some more? Share with us your thoughts by writing in the comments box below.


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