Tool Grid Drawer Organizers Look Neat and Efficient

Matco Tool Grid Drawer Organizer Parts Closeup

I stumbled upon Tool Grid, an organizational system for tool box drawers. Although pricey, the Tool Grid system looks space-efficient and allows for a high level of customization.

Most of the images shown here show Matco tools, as that’s where I first learned about the products, but the organizational system is also available from other automotive tool brands as well.

Matco Tool Grid Drawer Organizer Example

With these tool organizers, you can layout a tool drawer to fit custom assortments of common mechanics tools, such as wrenches, sockets, ratchets, screwdrivers, extensions, and other such gear.

Matco Tool Grid Sample Parts

At the heart of the system are perforated plastic boards that are sized to fit Matco tool box drawers.

Tool Grid Ratchet and Socket Drawer Organization

Don’t have a Matco tool box? Tool Grid is also available from Cornwell, Mac Tools, and others.

Modular Tool Grid Color Options

The boards are 3/8″ thick and can be purchased in different sizes. It looks like they can be trimmed down for a custom fit if needed.

There’s another style of Tool Grid board that appears to be scored for easier separation, but it doesn’t look to be available for purchase anywhere yet. The company recently showed off new color options on their social media feed.

Each of the tool holders are screwed down, with locator pins helping to keep everything aligned and in position.

Matco Tool Grid Parts Assortment

Matco has different holders and accessories which can be purchased as part of larger sets and assortments, or individually.

Small angled wrench holders, for example, are available in packs of 10, in blue for metric and red for SAE.

Matco Tool Grid Organized Pliers Drawer

They also have taller dividers that look to work well for holding pliers and tools like hex key sets in a space-saving vertical orientation.

Tool Grid Organizational System

Tool Grid recently showed off some of their new options at a Mac Tools fair, such as parts bins and cordless drill and driver holders.

From the prices on Matco’s website, the cost to outfit a tool box is going to be steep, on the order of maybe $100 per drawer – at least.

If you’re a pro user with tools spread all over your drawers, the cost might be worth it. If not, consider this a DIY-inspirational type of project. This seems like the perfect type of project for 3D printing enthusiasts.

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