The Best Everyday Carry Keychain Knives

A small knife is one of the most useful things you can carry with you. If it’s small enough, you can even hang it off your house and car keys—or use it to hold those keys itself.

There’s a remarkable variety of knife designs out there, and keychain-sized knives are no exception. Here are ten of the best that we’ve been able to find.
The Best Overall Keychain Knife: KeySmart Dapper 100 Keychain KeySmart
If you want a blade more than anything else, along with a classic but compact style, this stainless steel design is durable and won’t draw attention. The blade folds down to 2.5 inches and comes with a wide loop for attaching directly to keys or a ring. It’s also surprisingly light at around one ounce, not to mention very affordable.
Best Overall Keychain Knife

KeySmart Dapper 100 – Ultra Slim Keychain Gentleman’s Knife

The Keysmart Dapper 100 is an excellent pocket knife small enough to hang on your keychain.

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For Those Who Appreciate the Classics: Victorinox Swiss Army Classic SD Victorinox
The original Swiss Army knife has been around for over a century thanks to its compact build and versatility. The long-running Classic SD model is small and light enough to hang from your keys while keeping a small blade, scissors, nail file, flathead screwdriver, tweezers, and a toothpick, all in under an ounce of weight. It’s available in over a dozen colors and finishes.
Best Swiss Army-Style Keychain Knife

Victorinox Swiss Army Classic SD Pocket Knife, Black, 58mm

There Victorinox Classic SD has everything you want in a smaller Swiss Army knife.

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For the Thinnest Blade Possible: SOG Keychain SOG

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