The 25 Best Laptop Bags for Men

If you have a laptop, and youre not using a bag specifically designed to cradle that precious piece of modern tech, then youre doing something wrong. But dont fret; let this handy round-up of the 25 best laptop bags for men enlighten you for your next purchase. The bags on this list marry style and form factor with functionality. You wont find a bag here thats lacking in either department.

There are rugged ones, and there are more spiffy ones. There are leather bags, and there are fabric bags. Your choice will depend mostly on your lifestyle and how you go about with your day-to-day life. Whether youre an active go-getter working their way up towards that big break or a seasoned professional gearing up for the next meeting, there is a laptop bag thats best for you.

Weve compiled a list of the best laptop bags that are cool, durable, and functional, so you dont have to worry about your laptop as you live your life the way you want to.

Mission Workshop Transit Laptop BagMission Workshop Transit Laptop Bag

If youre going for the rugged look thats also tough and reliable for your daily commute, then the Mission Workshop Transit Laptop Bag might just be perfect for you. Its constructed out of a unique waxed canvas strong enough to protect your laptop. Youll find that you wont ask for any more pockets for storage since it is designed with 6 internal and external compartments. There is even a feature that allows it to be attached to a bike rack; this makes it a true commuter bag thats capable of keeping your haul secure, built for those who are active and adventurous.

This bag will easily become your favorite, and since it will only get better with age, go ahead and use it as often as you want.


Peak Design Everyday Messenger BagPeak Design Everyday Messenger Bag

If youre looking for peerless durability that works in conjunction with an attractive but also highly functional design, then Peak Design is the brand for you since it is known for its crowd-funded projects that deliver advance features that consumers want.

This Everyday Messenger Bag is a godsend for the everyday, all-around hustler working their way to the top. Some of its features that make it such a unique pack include dividers that are foldable, which means that compartment size can be adjusted depending on use as well as a webbing strap for seatbelts. It also employs a MagLatch closure for added flair and function.

The Peak Designs guys know what theyre doing, and this bag is proof of it. Use this bag for work or for your weekend adventures.


Moshi Urbana BriefcaseMoshi Urbana Briefcase

Combining the right modern design with an ergonomic fit, the Moshi Urbana Briefcase is ideal for carrying laptops up to 15 inches. Being a true gadget master, it also has pockets for your other devices like your tablet or phone. What makes its strap so comfortable is that it features an adjustable cushion for a customized fit.

The Moshi Urbana Briefcase makes carrying and protecting your personal devices look easy thanks to its various pockets on both the outside and the inside of the bag. Its also water-resistant, which adds another layer of protection to keep your devices from getting wet. It comes in 3 colors, so choose the color and design you want that matches your lifestyle.


Filson Padded Laptop Computer BagFilson Padded Laptop Computer Bag

The reputation of the Filson brand precedes it, and because of this, it wouldnt be a surprise if you already have one of their bags with you. Whether you do or dont, this next item on this list, the Filson Padded Laptop Computer Bag, might be your next smart purchase.

It utilizes Bridle Leather and a tough twill fabric to create this head-turning high-quality pack. It fits your laptop nicely as well as a host of other things you might want to carry on you. Since there is no question of whether this is worth buying, the real question is: What color are you going to pick?


Pad & Quill Messenger BagPad & Quill Messenger Bag

This one-of-a-kind tote is created exclusively by the folks at Pad & Quill. It can carry a laptop up to 15 inches, which is just the right size for your average laptop computer. This Messenger Bag incorporates enough pockets for all your possible needs, including an external one that is designed specifically for your smartphone. It also utilizes bridle leather with waxed canvas to produce a stylish finished product that is adequately capable of protecting your stuff even from relatively rough use. I

ts design is noteworthy in that it is created specifically for the college and young professional crowd. One thing that needs to be mentioned, however, is that its price is a bit pricier than the rest of the bags on this list, but it does come with a long 25-year warranty.


Chrome Industries Welterweight Bravo 2.0 BackpackChrome Industries Welterweight Bravo 2.0 Backpack

This backpack incorporates a sleek style together with its high-level durability to create a pack that is worthy of its name Welterweight Bravo 2.0. Just like how it is advertised, it is built to withstand the punishing commute in a busy city. Dont worry about any form of water damage arising from any spills you may encounter since this bags main compartment repels water.

This bag is composed of nylon and has tarp lining, which ensures that this tough backpack can go wherever you go no problem. With its spacious compartments, you can carry all the things you need for your daily business as well as a laptop up to 15 inches.


Hard Graft Flat PackHard Graft Flat Pack

Its not always that you come across a well-crafted beautiful leather pack bag that is also specifically designed to protect your laptop with its superbly strong construction. While it may be a rare occurrence for an heirloom piece to be functionally modern, the Hard Graft Flat Pack rises to the challenge alongside a good helping of style.

This leather beauty is created out of leather thats vegetable-tanned with accents made of felt wool as well as premium zippers. This is the sort of quality that you would expect from a premium-quality Italian bag. Itll wear beautifully with age, and thats a good thing since this baby is going to last.


Killspencer Briefcase 2.0Killspencer Briefcase 2.0

The Killspencer Briefcase 2.0 might not be the cheapest on this list, and thats a good thing. Its price comes with gorgeous black leather, making this the upgrade for your laptop bag that you have been dreaming of. It comes equipped with a Riri zipper as well as a set of Cobra buckles that make for durability thats second to none.

This is the only laptop bag youll need. It keeps your laptop safe and secure while maintaining a sense of style that is only provided by a bag thats made of premium materials. The full-grain leather creates the look of sophistication, while expanding external pockets provide an additional high-level utility that you wouldnt expect from such a premium bag. This could very well be the most unique bag youll have in your rotation.


Arcteryx Granville BackpackArcteryx Granville Backpack

Arcteryx has proven in recent years that they are no longer just an outdoor sports gear and apparel brand. With their Granville Backpack, they have now ventured into active city gear. While the Arcteryx name is considered one of the more expensive, each product that they roll out is worth every penny.

Being true to their roots, this particular bag utilizes a weather-resistant design to provide further protection for your laptop and gear. With the zipped up back panel, you are able to quickly access your laptop from this 20 L bag. The padded compartment for the laptop is capable of carrying one up to 15 inches. The bag also features a reflective logo that increases visibility a handy feature if you use this Arcteryx pack for outdoor adventures.


Tumi Alpha 2 Laptop BriefcaseTumi Alpha 2 Laptop Briefcase

The Tumi Alpha 2 Laptop Briefcase is as tactical as it sounds. Firstly, it is constructed out of the durable ballistic nylon. It also features some functional designs that extend all throughout the bag, such as a host of useful exterior and interior pockets and compartments. These pockets aid in optimizing the use of the compartment size.

This bag also has something that many other laptop bags dont a 17-inch laptop compartment. Another key feature that this bag has is their proprietary Tumi ID Lock, which protects you from ID theft.


GoRuck GR1GoRuck GR1

Most laptop bags cant handle what the GoRuck GR1 is designed to withstand, so if you want a bag for your laptop, thats a major beast in all sorts of demanding conditions, then go for the GoRuck GR1; its that easy. The reason why this bag is quite sturdy is that it was designed by US Special Forces operatives. So, its a given then that whatever these guys designed this bag to do, its probably going to be tougher than your workday commute.

This product is proudly made in the good ol US of A and is constructed with a reinforced design to protect stress points from breaking. Well, if its good enough for the Special Forces, then its more than adequate for the city life and then some.


Tumi Alpha-2 T-Pass Laptop BriefcaseTumi Alpha-2 T-Pass Laptop Briefcase

Tumi is no stranger when it comes to producing the most functional bags for the busy traveler. Their entry on this list is the Alpha-2 T-Pass Laptop Briefcase, a rather sleek looking and stylish bag for the professional whos always on the go. Its made out of sturdy ballistic nylon, so you know that its going to protect your things from damage.

This briefcase is designed with your needs in mind. Thats why it has a pocket for a water bottle as well as other organizer panels for all your other gear, including a 15-inch laptop. This is truly one remarkable modern briefcase.


Hard Graft 2Unfold Laptop BagHard Graft 2Unfold Laptop Bag

This premium quality bag is one bag that you dont want to miss out on. If youre not familiar with the Hard Graft brand, then let this bag be your introduction to how durable their bags are. The 2Unfold Laptop Bag is one of their bestselling bags, and it shows.

The bag looks rather attractive, and its made tough for your daily grind. In fact, its designed to be tough enough to handle the abuse of years of everyday use. As its name suggests, it incorporates a foldable construction in its design and is able to fit a 17-inch laptop. Some of the more remarkable materials used in this bag include vegetable-tanned leather and felted wool.


Whipping Post Vintage Messenger BagWhipping Post Vintage Messenger Bag

If the name is familiar, it should be since the name honors an Allman Brothers song. Aside from this well-crafted bag, Whipping Post creates a host of other top-shelf leather goods such as their signature product a wallet that has a special pocket for a guitar pick. However, you dont have to be a guitar-playing music man to carry around the Vintage Messenger Bag.

Its built for just anyone who wants to protect their laptop. It treats your laptop so well that its compartment is actually suede-lined. It also has an additional compartment for other gadgets like a tablet or a magazine, if youre a little old-school.


Shinola Runwell Leather Laptop BackpackShinola Runwell Leather Laptop Backpack

If youre familiar with the Shinola name, then you know how top-notch their premium pieces are. One of their more popular products is their Shinola watch, and this fine leather laptop backpack is made with the same master-level craftsmanship and attention to detail.

The Shinola Runwell Leather Laptop Backpack has it all: premium material, stylish design, and, of course, a handsome exterior. While this bag does retail in the more expensive range, at least you know what youre buying with your money.


Kastel Bags DonJon BlackKastel Bags DonJon Black

If youre stylish and concerned about animals, then the Kastel Bags DonJon Black might be your perfect laptop bag. This bag is meant to be used for traveling, which means that its as tough as it is beautiful. Of course, this bag utilizes vegan leather, which is a fancy way of saying that it does not have any leather at all but looks like it does.

It comes with a laptop compartment for a 15-incher, as well as a variety of pockets to organize all your other gadgets and gear such as phones, tablets, chargers, and any other assortment of small electronic devices you might have. This bag is perfect for any purpose. It can come along a train ride, an intercontinental flight, or even your daily commute. Its shoulder strap is removable to accommodate all manner of carrying. For its price, this premium bag is well worth it.


Vince Camuto Dopia Leather BriefcaseVince Camuto Dopia Leather Briefcase

The Vince Camuto name is known for its more modern and sleek premium menswear. It is this same dedication to fashion and style that has allowed them to produce this next entry on our list the Vince Camuto Dopia Leather Briefcase.

The way this thing looks makes it go perfectly well with a monochromatic outfit; however, if youre into mixing and matching, this goes well with that too. It features a lot of useful pockets and compartment to carry all your important items and gadgets. Its made out of leather, so you know it will last long. This is great for school, a vacation, or even for the office its that versatile.


Moore & Giles Haythe Commuter BagMoore & Giles Haythe Commuter Bag

The Moor & Giles brand is known to produce high-quality premium goods that establish it as a leader in class. This bag is the epitome of everything they are known for, and this is why its worth your money.

This bag is constructed out of Baldwin leather, which means that as it ages, the brown finish will only look better. So, dont be afraid of putting it through the wringer, and use it often use it every single day since it is, after all, built tough. Its quite functional as well since its got a dedicated laptop compartment and a host of different pockets for your different gear


Chrome Industries Buran Laptop Messenger BagChrome Industries Buran Laptop Messenger Bag

Chrome Industries is one of the new start-ups from California that are making waves in the market. They are particularly famous for producing nigh-indestructible products that they say are guaranteed to last a lifetime. This Buran Laptop Messenger Bag is made with the same level of confidence, and it can be argued that this is their best yet.

Its constructed out of nylon and is rated to be abrasion-resistant, which makes it capable of protecting your laptop from a lot of possible damage. Its not stingy with space, so a 17-incher will fit in quite easily. It also has a reflective strap, which adds to its visibility at night, a feature that is well-loved by collgeg students and cyclists who are often out at night. It also utilizes its own signature shoulder strap buckle, which, if you dont know, has a built-in bottle opener. Now, if that doesnt get you to buy it, nothing will.


Johnston & Murphy Leather Laptop BriefcaseJohnston & Murphy Leather Laptop Briefcase

Johnston &Murphy is a name thats known to many men because of their sleek and fancy dress shoes as well their brown chukka boots. Everything they produce conveys the classical aesthetics of what a menswear item should be. Their entry on this list is no exception, and it is a great addition to any mans everyday wear.

Johnston & Murphy decided to create a Leather Laptop Briefcase, and we are only too happy that they did. Its capable of storing a 15-inch laptop as well as other gear and items that you want to carry with you thanks to its compartments and pockets that are lined with gray linen. It works great as a business briefcase for the active businessman.


Jack Spade Mason Leather Slim BriefcaseJack Spade Mason Leather Slim Briefcase

Jack Spade knows how to make great quality leather into even better quality leather goods. Theyre known to be one of the best out in the market, and with their entry on this list of the 25 best laptop bags for men, this reputation is well-founded. If you happen to be in the market for a nice leather laptop bag, then the Jack Spade Mason Leather Slim Briefcase could be it. Its slim, and its silhouette is quite masculine.

This is an ideal choice for the serious student or the professional who wants to look great as well as perform outstandingly. Its two main features are a padded laptop compartment and a removable shoulder strap. This is an awesome gift for yourself, and youll be glad that you got it, especially when your friends and co-workers notice how powerful and confident you look using it.


Veho T-2 Hybrid Laptop/Notebook BagVeho T-2 Hybrid Laptop/Notebook Bag

Veho is no slouch when it comes to making a dedicated laptop bag that is not only secure but also quite nice to look at as well. It is designed to be the perfect carrying case for your laptop, and it provides your laptop the ultimate in equipment protection. This is achieved with the use of double padded internal compartments that provide adequate cushioning to mitigate impacts.

This versatile bag comes in a discreet black, adding more to its aura of sophistication and manly style. Use it daily as it adds a great accent to your daily city wear.


Topo Designs Commuter BriefcaseTopo Designs Commuter Briefcase

The next entry on this list is one that was designed and built for the daily commuters needs in mind. The Topo Designs Commuter Briefcase is tough as nails but maintains a stylish modern exterior thats made out of one of the toughest fabrics on Earth CORDURA.

Its base also incorporates a Horween leather, which perfectly complements the CORDURA. Its shoulder straps can be removed, thus creating another option for carrying it. It comes in three great designer colors that each can be easily matched to any outfit, so its the perfect briefcase for the active student or the busy professional looking for the next hustle.


Skagen Peder Leather BriefcaseSkagen Peder Leather Briefcase

Their reputation for producing high-quality watches has spilled over quite well to their leather goods venture. Much like how they tackle watches, this leather briefcase is also modern and stylish while remaining highly functional. Its a great addition to your modern look either for school or for work.

It comes in a rich black finish and features a two-way zipper, several internal pockets, and compartments, as well as a dedicated laptop sleeve fit for a 15-incher. This briefcase exudes power and style from its minimalistic aesthetic.


Waterfield Cozmo Laptop BagWaterfield Cozmo Laptop Bag

Leather looks better when its aged. This is the look that the Waterfield Cozmo Laptop Bag is going for and it delivers superbly. Its design may be simple, but it still remains a stylish choice for your laptop protection needs.

It boasts a variety of functional features such as waterproof zippers, a metal bolt pocket lock, and of course, the aged appeal of naturally tanned leather. Its also made in America, so if youre looking to upgrade to a high quality Made in the USA leather laptop bag for school or office use, then this could be your next purchase.


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