Sunny Playroom Product Picks for a Shared Hang Out Space


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Happy Saturday, all! This week I worked hard on getting some odds and ends together in my children's playroom at our new house. This is the first room in the house that we've focused on finishing. The reason we started with completing this room first, was to give our kids a bright, cheerful space to play and hang out in while we continue to work on the rest of the house. This bright yellow room is incredibly narrow. While it's not a big space, it's plenty of room for our two older kiddos to chill out or play in. Keeping toys and games in this room, rather than in their bedrooms is going to be a game-changer, not just for them, but for me, as well.

Sunny yellow walls

Let's start with the wall color. I am not a fan of the color, but we promised the kids that they could pick out the wall color for their shared space, and this is what they chose. It's ________, which is by Behr. Formerly, this room was painted a very dark teal color, which made the room feel very dark and closed in. Lighter and brighter walls will instantly brighten any space and make it feel larger.

Tip: When designing any space, start with an area rug for inspiration.

I like to draw inspiration from rugs when it comes to decorating. It just makes sense. Use the rug as a building block- a foundation, if you will, for other colors and design elements to be used throughout the space you're working on.

NuLOOM Bettey Squares Area Rug ($99.00 on sale- Amazon, regularly ($179.00)

This fun area rug wound up being my choice for the playroom. Talk about colorful! In all honesty, it's not really my style, but I wanted something that wasn't too girly, too teenage boyish, and wouldn't be overly juvenile, either. It can be challenging to design a space that is to be shared by kids who are six and twelve- but you know me... I like a good challenge! The NuLoom Bettey Squares Area Rug was perfect for this room, and gives me tons of options for bringing lots of other colors for artwork, and accents.

Multi-color pom pom curtains ($46.00, Amazon)

For curtains, go with something that compliments the rug and wall color. With such a busy pattern in the area rug we chose, we needed the curtains to be more solid, but still bring in a pop of color against that yellow wall color. I love these cute muti-color pom pom curtains, available on Amazon. These pom poms vary in color, picking up the different colors in the area rug. It was the perfect choice for this room, keeping the vibe light and fun, gender-neutral, and not catering to any one age group.

Let's Play Unframed Canvas Set of 3 ($26.98, Amazon)

Add Wall Art

One of the easiest ways to add personality to any space is to add wall art. For a shared play space, it can be a little tricky, so keeping it neutral will be key. I looked for wall art that had similar colors to the rug, just to add some contrasting colors to the wall. This cute Let's Play Canvas Set of 3 was a great choice! It picks up the other colors used in the room and takes up a good chunk of wall space, too.

Closetmaid 9 Cube Storage System ($192.00, Amazon)

Add storage for toys and games

Depending on how much storage you already have, you will likely want to add storage to the room to house toys, games, and books. While we have a large closet for toys, I wanted to add wall storage for smaller items. We opted for a Closetmaid 9 Cube Organizer. Actually, we placed two of them side by side, and that gave us lots of storage, and a great spot for mounting the television to the wall. Adding colorful fabric bins picks up the colors in the room and conceals tiny items.

Figgy Play Couch ($375.00,

Having a fun and functional piece of furniture that the kids can lounge on and play with makes the playroom an even cooler space. Our choice for multi-functional furniture is The Figgy, a cool play couch that can be configured in many different ways. There are lots of different models to choose from. The Figgy 7 piece set is $375.00. Save $15.00 off when you sign up for the Figgy newsletter.
You can check out my full review of The Figgy here. My kids absolutely love it!

I'm looking forward to watching my kids enjoy themselves as they chill and play in this cool space.

  Have you ever put together a playroom? What were some of your must-have items for the space?

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