submitted by Phillip YoungReal Madrid Pocket Note Pad Alpine...

submitted by Phillip Young

The Real Madrid Pocket Note Pad fits in the center pocket of the Alpine Swiss RFID Harper Money Clip Front Pocket Wallet you never know when you need a piece of paper. The Golden Child Solar Pak Charger and Chafon Multi Charging Cable are always there in the event my S8 needs a top-up especially outside away from any outlets, I use a dual sim phone to keep my professional & personal lives separate from each other with the benefit of having 1 phone and the Supcase protects my phone from falls on specifically construction sites. The key solution is the best that works for me so far, the Real Madrid Key Ring holds my vehicle key and remote. The Leatherman Squirt ensures that I always have on me a multi-tool. The Key organizer houses my flash drive and well my keys. My Zak Tool ZT52 Tactical Key Ring clip acts as a belt loop for the excess strap and they all tie together with the 3 KeySmart Magnet Connects to make 1 system. While giving me the option to remove and use whatever is needed. Contigo Water flask does what it needs to and matches the color of other items. My Master Yoda Lanyard Bead is used as a marker for my knife, Gerber Pocket Square which is ideal to fit my jacket pocket in a formal setting or my jeans in a casual one. Cross Star Wars Click Gel Pen, Olight S1R baton 2 and Leatherman PST are all mainly my onsite tools; pen for signing documents, flashlight for looking at items, plans, etc in the dark and PST as a Jack of all Trade Tool when doing inspections. And they all housed in the Tale of Knives classic Trio Clipster in either the black or brown which is totally dependent on which color Anson Belt Set 1.5” I wear on that given day.

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