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submitted by Everyday Carry

If there’s one item almost everyone has in common in their EDC, it would have to be a wallet. And with hundreds of people carrying a Ridge Wallet as their go-to EDC option, it’s a popular choice that fits into almost any set of gear. It’s simple, capable, durable, and comes in plenty of colors and materials to fit your style. To illustrate that, we’re highlighting 10 of our favorite EDC pocket dump photos featuring the Ridge Wallet from our readers in this community showcase. Whether you’re looking for ideas on what to carry with your own Ridge Wallet or you’re on the market for a new, minimalist way to carry your cash and credit cards, these stellar EDCs should give you just the inspiration you need.

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Blacked Out

John’s black aluminum Ridge Wallet completes the blackout theme of this EDC. Most of his essentials are fairly compact, lending them well to riding on his beefy carabiner keychain. Having your bases covered by your keychain setup, combined with a slim folding knife and a minimalist RIDGE Wallet means plenty of pocket space and functionality without the bulk.

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Titanium Set

Jorne’s titanium carry makes the most of the metal’s excellent strength-to-weight ratio, giving him hardy tools that won’t weigh his pockets down. Titanium works well on the Ridge here for its durability and unique feel in hand — something you’d want in an item you handle regularly. The matte finish also blends nicely with the rest of his gear, giving the entire setup a sort of discreet, “anti-bling” appeal.

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Pandemic Essentials

Winston in New York shares his take on an almost all-black EDC that’s well-equipped for the current lockdown situation, complete with a face mask and all. The trick to pulling off all-black often comes down to having the right texture and contrast to avoid a sea of black plastic and metal. Here Winston opts for the elegant Forged Carbon Ridge Wallet, which features ultra light carbon fibers in a distinct stone or marble-like texture compared to the traditional checkerboard pattern you see on normal carbon fiber. We also appreciate the different textures and materials in Winston’s watch strap and knife handle, for example.

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Earthy Tones

Cameron in Colorado doesn’t shy away from color in his EDC, with this handsome set of navy blue, forest green, black, and brown essentials. The deep nautical blues of his Matte Cobalt Ridge Wallet complements his Seiko Prospex Samurai dive watch nicely. Meanwhile, his green smartphone and pocket knife match as well, while brown accents on his phone case and shades tie everything together. The result is a clean, sophisticated mix of earthy tones with the functionality to match.

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Carbon Minimalism

As a student, Edvin in Sweden might not be able to carry a lot of items. But he makes sure the few essentials he can carry are top notch. He handles the main essentials of phone, wallet, and keys with a durable protective case, the sophisticated carbon fiber Ridge wallet, and a crowd-favorite key organizer in a matching carbon fiber set. Rounding out this kit is a smart watch and pen to keep Edvin productive and on top of student life while keeping on the go.

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Patina Pocket Dump

Ant in New York demonstrates how you don’t need a wallet made of leather to develop a nice patina. His well-used Ridge Wallet shows some nice fading and wear, resulting in a wallet that he made truly his own. A full-sized multi-tool and accompanying sheath round out the rest of his bases, while a stylish pair of shades and a pocket comb keep him looking at his best.

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Icy White EDC

John brightens up his EDC with hits of shining silver, gold, and in the case of his wallet and earphones, white. The white aluminum Ridge Wallet keeps things light and frees up his pockets to give just enough room for not one but two fidget tools. While this EDC might show its age with the inclusion of a few spinners which were popular back in the day, it just goes to show how many EDCers have been relying on Ridge Wallets for years, and still do to this day.

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Heavy Duty

Sean carefully curated his EDC of heavy duty gear. Titanium is the name of the game here, from his burnt titanium Ridge Wallet down to even the split ring on his keychain. The Ridge Wallet’s burnt titanium gives a beautiful pop of color thanks to the anodization of the metal, starting bare and natural towards the bottom and smoothly transitioning to a bright blue in a multicolor gradient. If you want a bit more bling appeal to your titanium essentials, consider the Burnt Titanium option.

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Contrast Clip

Psalm in the Philippines took inspiration from the film Aliens (1986) and brought a minimalist yet futuristic feel to this EDC. It’s based on the iconic watch worn in the film, but complemented with silver and black essentials throughout. His Ridge Wallet sports the carbon fiber exterior for that discreet black look with a bit of texture, then creates eye-catching contrast with the Ridge Wallet’s silver-colored money clip option.

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Fully Loaded

Sergio in Spain shows just how capable the Ridge Wallet is at handling credit cards. This unique perspective on the classic EDC flatlay gives a glimpse into the Ridge’s total capacity, which can easily accommodate up to 12 cards without issue. The rest of Sergio’s kit features a blend of tech essentials and tactical survival tools for escaping and evading any sticky situation.

What’s your favorite way to carry a Ridge Wallet? Leave a comment below with your preferred material, strap, or clip option and let your fellow EDCers know.

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