Stay Cool! Tokyo Disneyland Summer 2019 - Shows, Food, And Shopping Guide


Beat the Heat at Tokyo Disneyland! 2019 Summer Guide
The Oh! Summer Banzai event at Tokyo Disneyland
Japan's summers are known for their hot temperatures and high humidity. This summer, however, Tokyo Disneyland is helping people cool down with seasonal events and special entertainment. One event, called Donald's Hot Jungle Summer (ends September 1, 2019), includes water shows, special edition goods, and colorful, tasty food. It is an exciting time to join Donald Duck, Mickey, and other Disney characters for a day of fun with family and friends.

Continue to read to learn about what you can see, eat, and do at Tokyo Disneyland in summer 2019!
Cool Off in the Daytime with Water Zootopia Shows
Judy and Nick's Jumpin' Splash is a water-filled event featuring Judy, the rabbit protagonist of "Zootopia," and Nick, her fox friend. The event is right in front of Cinderella's Castle and involves singing, dancing to some of the film's most popular songs. The uplifting "Try Everything" by Shakira is one of these songs--hearing it will surely make you smile.

During the show, hoses and other props are used to shoot water out at the audience. This is one of the best ways to cool off during the summer heat in Japan!

Please be advised that you will get wetter the closer you stand to the stage. Be sure to wear a waterproof poncho or a change of clothing. The show lasts around 10 minutes.
When to See the Show
Judy and Nick's Jumpin' Splash at Cinderella Castle is performed four times every day between July 9 and September 1. Entrance to some viewing areas is chosen by lottery, which you need to apply for in advance. Please inquire further at the park.
Shop for Adorable Donald Duck Items and Summer-Inspired Goods
Upper-left: Towel (1,400 yen), lower-left: Donald Plush (3,900 yen); upper-right: Chip and Dale keychains (2,700 yen; comes in a pair); lower-right: Rice crackers (800 yen). All prices include tax.
Numerous Donald Duck-related items for Donald's Hot Jungle Summer and other character goods, including Mickey Mouse can be found at Tokyo Disneyland. For shoppers looking for a large selection, head to the Grand Emporium, the biggest souvenir and gift shop in the park.

Inside, Donald Duck and Disney fans will find a plethora of cute and colorful items, from plush dolls to keychains and clothing.

Plush keychains of different Disney characters in their festive summer outfits are also for sale (Daisy and Donald plush doll keychains are 1,700 yen each; with tax).

Donald-related apparel is also for sale--it is colorful, comfortable, and great for wearing in the park. A breathable T-shirt (2,600 yen), shorts (pictured are men's; 2,300 yen), and a cap (2,800 yen) complete this casual Disney look. The shorts are a light material that dries quickly--ideal for watching the water shows at the park. All prices include tax.

Summery, festive Mickey Mouse ear headbands are also for sale (2,000 yen with tax). These ears put on a finishing touch of fun to any Disneyland outfit!

If you are attending a summer show that uses water, consider purchasing an aqua-proof case for your phone! The charming Donald Duck case pictured above is perfect for Disney festivities (1,900 yen with tax).

Another recommendation for using at the park are the glow-in-the-dark wristbands, which come in Donald Duck, Minnie Mouse (pictured above) and Mickey Mouse for 500 yen each (with tax). They are great for using during night events at Disneyland. Also, after the glow from the band fades, you can take out the character part of the bracelet and use it as a keychain.
Summer-Themed Disney Snacks and Sweets
For food items and snacks, go to the World Bazaar Confectionery. Many of these summer-limited sweets come packaged in reusable tins and bags, allowing you to hold onto the unique, colorful goods and be resourceful.

One such option is Baumkuchen Cake (pictured above; 1,500 yen with tax), which comes in a cute reusable cloth bag featuring Donald. You can taste these rich, German-style cakes which are popular in Japan. They come individually packaged, sliced into bite-sized pieces.

Chocolate and white chocolate almond crunch bars are inside this decorative Donald Duck bag. 28 pieces come inside (1,500 yen with tax); be sure to use the bag after sharing the sweets with family and friends.

Pictured above are special-edition Coconut Macaron Cookies (left - 800 yen with tax) and Baked Chocolate with Cookies (right - 850 yen with tax). In addition to the adorable Donald Duck outer wrapping, each has individually-wrapped cookies.

For something savory, you will also find rice crackers, flavored potato snacks, and other snacks. All come beautifully packaged and filled with fun Disney spirit.
Snack on Playful, Must-try Disney Meals and Treats
A number of restaurants and cafes throughout the park offer special meals, desserts, and beverage options for visitors. The bright colors and refreshing tastes will surely add to a prominent summer flair to your visit. Below are some of the special menu items you can find between July 9 and September 1, 2019.

For lunch, head to the Refreshment Corner for the Special Set, which comes with a hot dog in a red bun, French fries, and a drink (960 yen with tax). The red buns are inspired by the flames of summer, adding fun, visual interest to the meal. The hot dog is dressed with relish, cheese, and classic hot dog condiments.

For 1,000 yen, you can purchase a souvenir to go with the set. The summer-patterned lunch bag (pictured above) is ideal for picnics and dining outside, as it will keep your food chilled.

For visitors who have worked up a thirst or want to cool down in the heat, Troubador Tavern offers Cream Shave Ice (550 yen with tax), special shave ice in an aquamarine color, topped with a dollop of ice cream and tropical fruit. This sweet treat is refreshing and is great for refueling after exploring the park in the afternoon.

Plasma Ray's Diner also offers a summer-limited dessert menu. Pictured above are the Pineapple Jelly and Yogurt Mousse (800 yen with tax) and Strawberry Cream Cake (850 yen with tax). The jelly and mousse come with an adorable Donald Duck souvenir mug you can take home. The strawberry cream cake comes with a plate shaped like Donald's foot.
End Your Disney Day with an Evening with Donald!
At the end of your Tokyo Disneyland adventure, a must-do is seeing the Oh! Summer Banzai, a spectacular event with water, fireworks displays, and fire. Donald Duck is the lead character in the show, along with Daisy and other Disney friends. The event is held on the same stage as Judy and Nick's Jumpin' Splash, in front of Cinderella Castle.

Another special part of this show is the projection mapping on Cinderella Castle. Patterns and lights change throughout the performance for a fun visual experience.

The 20-minute long performance is in Japanese but includes elements of drama, comedy, and some romance, making it enjoyable for all. A large amount of water is used, so please be advised you will get wet no matter where you view the show.

Fire is also part of the show--if it is a cooler summer night, the flames will warm you up a little bit.

The combination of performance, water, lights, and fireworks is a great way to complete a full day at Disneyland.
When to See the Show
Oh! Summer Banzai is held twice a day between July 9 and September 1 in the evenings. A lottery system is used for admission to certain viewing areas. Apply for the show when you enter the park to learn details.
Celebrate Summer in Japan at Tokyo Disneyland
The summer events at Tokyo Disneyland in 2019 provide fun and relief from the heat for all. In addition to Donald's Hot Jungle Summer, visitors can enjoy Fun Times with Toy Story 4, an event with special goods and food, in celebration of the Japan release of "Toy Story 4." Tokyo DisneySea next door is holding a Disney Pirates celebration with "Pirates of the Caribbean," with water shows and other special things to experience.

Make your summer vacation this year even better with a visit to Tokyo Disneyland!
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