Recent Amazon Purchases | January part 2

Hello and happy February, friends. I am sohappy to see January go since this was just a rough month for us in terms of health. When I say we are ready for spring, I don't think I've meant more! In the middle of January I did a roundup of most of the things we've ordered from Amazon from December and I snuck in a few January items. Today this is the rest of the stuff we bought through the end of the month! Happy to report, no baby items and lots of home goodies!

  • Silicone Dish Sponges || After so many people talked about how regular dish sponges are germ cesspools, I decided to try the silicone ones. This set of three is $8 and you can put them in the dishwasher to clean them. You could even use these as a makeup brush cleaner or loofah in the shower!
  • Lark & Ro Blouse || All of my work blouses are needing a refresh so I got this one in blush. I love the collar and the sleeves. Right now I pair it with a cardigan, but as it get's warmer I'll wear it on it's own! Comes in 7 different colors.
  • Hardcover Agenda || How sleek is this Louis Vuitton inspired agenda. It comes in the white and brown print. Once again, this isn't a dupe because it doesn't have LV anywhere on there, it's just inspired by the brand. It has a blush interior and comes with a section for notes and weekly planner that isn't dated. Really good if you're like me and don't have something going on every day.
  • Acrylic Palette organizer || I'm one of those people that if it's not right in front of me, I tend to not use it. I have so many palettes that aren't loved enough and this organizer helps bring them all to the forefront.
  • Acrylic Stackable holder || My hair accessories were getting out of control in terms of not being organized. I purchased this holder that fits everything! The headbands go around the outside. Then in the larger compartment I have hair ties, hair clips and other little baubles. On the top stack I have hair pins and hair ties. Keeps everything nice and organized.
  • Fabric Shaver || My sweaters needed some life brought back into them and this fabric shaver was just the product. It's oddly satisfying getting all the little fuzzies off.
  • Hand Massager || This was a purchase influenced by the girls at Two Peas in a Prada, but it was actually for my mom who has terrible joint pain in her hands.Now that she has this, it's helped so much with the pain and I even use it on occasion when I feel like I've typed too much or done too much work with my hands!
  • Checkered Key Chain Pouch || Another LV inspired item, but not a fake since it doesn't have LV anywhere on the item. The set I bought actually came with two, but these shops are always popping up on Amazon so it's just about finding the right one. I gave one to my mom and kept one for myself. It's actually quite roomy and holds a ton. I also mentioned it on my Valentine's Day Gift Guide.

All my Amazon favorites can be shopped at my storefront here! What have you recently purchased from Amazon?

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