Parallels Desktop 15 is out now and introduces a bevy of new updates

What you need to know Parallels Desktop 15 was released today. The new update adds a bevy of new features that round out the experience. Among the updates is support for Sidecar, letting you turn your iPad into a Windows secondary display.
You can now do way more with Parallels.

Today Parallels Desktop 15 was announced introducing a whole new array of features for the Mac program that lets users run Windows and Linux without rebooting. Among the major updates is support for many macOS Catalina features like Sidecar, support for DirectX 11 and more.

With support for DirectX 11 via the switch to Metal, performance should see an impressive boost. Parallels says 3D graphics will render 15% faster, Microsoft Office apps could launch up to 80% faster and the overall user interface should be much more responsive.

Along with the support of Sidecar, which is a new feature in macOS Catalina that turns the iPad Pro into a secondary display, new controls for the Apple Pencil via the Touch Bar were added. You will now be able to toggle between pen, eraser and mouse modes.

A very welcomed addition is additional Mac integration points. Windows passwords can now be saved in keychain, you can drag and drop files right from Safari, preview thumbnails and email Mac files using a Windows email client.

Parallels 15 also adds better Bluetooth device management that make it super easy to connect accessories like the Xbox One controller, supported keyboards, IRISPen and other devices that run on Bluetooth Low Energy.

Parallels Desktop 15 is now available for $99.99. You will need the latest version of macOS Mojave to run the software. Parallels says full support for macOS Catalina, which is expected to come out next month, is still in the works for key features.

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