Nicci 3-piece luggage set with organizer review

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Are you longing for a whole-family getaway to a faraway destination? Investing in a multi-piece luggage set can be a great way to pack while saving on luggage costs. This Nicci 3-piece luggage set made by Antonio Nicci gives you the luggage versatility you need (either for a whole family going on one trip or one person going on many) and comes with a handy luggage organizer set.

What’s in the box of the Nicci 3-piece luggage set?

What makes the Nicci so unique is that it comes bundled with a luggage organizer set at no extra cost. The organizers, which come in the box next to the luggage set, are the perfect way to functionally pack a large piece of luggage.

In the Nicci set itself, you’ll find a 28″ large hard side luggage, a 24″ medium hard side luggage, and a small 20″ hard side luggage designed for carry-on use.

In the included organizer set are three zippered organizers with mesh fronts and a top-carry handle. Also included are three similarly sized zippered laundry bags. Each of the organizers is made from lightweight, durable 210D ripstop nylon, and the zippered organizers have a deep 12 cm profile. The organizers are zippered along three sides, while the matching laundry bags are zippered along one.

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What are the dimensions of this luggage set?

When shopping at Best Buy or the Best Buy marketplace, you can often find the full dimensions of the product you’re looking at. To locate this information, scroll down to the “About this Product” or “Specifications” sections on the product page. Or, keep reading below for the sizes of each item.

  • The large, 28″ luggage piece measures 50 x 30 x 79 cm. It weighs 4.83 kg.
  • The medium, 24″ luggage piece measures 44 x 26 x 69 cm. It weighs 4.04 kg.
  • The small, 20″ luggage piece measures 36 x 24 x 59 cm. It weighs 3.38 kg. This 20″ piece is sized as a carry-on, but make sure to check its dimensions against the airline carrier’s size limits before flying. (They can differ from carrier to carrier!)

Nicci also includes dimensions for each piece in their six-piece organizer set, which is so handy. The large zip bag is 40 x 31 x 12 cm with a matching 34 x 27 cm laundry pouch. Slightly smaller, the medium zip bag is 30 x 28 x 12 cm with a matching 30 x 28 cm laundry pouch. Finally, the small zip bag is 30 x 21 x 13 cm with a matching 26 x 17 cm laundry pouch.

That means (as I show in my video review) that the large zip bag is just slightly too large to fit horizontally in the carry-on luggage piece. I am all about my luggage organization when I travel, so I always like to check my dimensions as a way to ensure nothing will get too squished in my luggage! When I packed a sample test for these pieces, however, I was still able to make all three organizers fit comfortably into a carry-on. The dimensions should work for every piece.

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The Nicci’s luggage features

This luggage set is designed with 360 degree spinner wheels, telescoping handles, and an integrated combination lock. The interior of each piece features cross-straps and organizational pockets. Lined in polyester and finished with an ABS plastic outer shell, these hard side luggage pieces come with top and side carry handles and two-way zippers. They are not expandable.

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My experience with the Nicci 3-piece luggage set

The Nicci 3-piece luggage set is handy, with three sizes of luggage and a durable finish. I really like its interior organizers and grooved design. The set is available in many different colours; pictured here is the Aqua finish. Aqua, like the available Yellow, Purple, and other bright colours, is easy to spot at the airport, but the brand also makes a subdued Dark Blue for more low-key travellers.

The areas I’d be aware of with this luggage set focus mainly on the product’s zippers. The zipper line feels weak to me, tucked under rubber trim instead of finished directly into the product’s outer shell. With that in mind, I recommend that users make sure not to overpack these hard shell luggage pieces to minimize zipper strain. Each size feels nice and roomy and these pieces are not expandable, so they should be easy to pack without overstuffing.

In addition, I noticed that the locks included with this luggage set are not TSA friendly. They’re easy to use and reset to a custom lock code, but they are auto-locking. What this means for you is that if the TSA chooses to open your luggage and check its contents at any airport, they will need to break your lock open and are permitted by law to do so.

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What makes the Nicci 3-piece luggage set great

My favourite feature of this luggage set is its exterior finish. Made from durable ABS and lined in polyester, these pieces have a shell that feels like it could take a beating. It’s extremely resistant to dents and scratches and has micro-texturing to hide wear and tear.

I also like that this set features side and top handles, both which flex. A bottom handle would have been nice to see in the medium and large sizes; just make sure you can lift your luggage using only the top and side handles and you should be fine. Another nice touch is that this set’s 360 degree spinner wheels are doubled up, which provides a smoother glide on bumpy surfaces including tile.

The legs on these luggage pieces stick out quite a lot compared to other brands that seat the wheels almost into the luggage itself. (Think roller chair wheels vs car wheels). For me, this isn’t an issue; some people like to avoid wheels with height, but I actually prefer them. Having wheels that stick out can make them more prone to breakage, but also means that your luggage won’t catch and scrape if you tilt and roll it up a hill, through a parkade, etc. This, in addition to the line’s non-TSA-friendly locks, makes this luggage set ideal for travel by bus, car, train, ship, or ferry.

I also found this set’s side rests to be a nice inclusion, as well as the carry-on’s two-stop telescoping heights.

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Does an organizer set really make a difference?

If you travel a lot, you’ll already know the answer to this one. Yes: Travel organizers make a huge difference in how you pack! A great organizer set adds very little weight to your luggage, but creates an almost drawer-like effect in each side of your suitcase.

While organizer sets are easy to purchase on their own, I really like that this set comes with one included. That way, there’s no “we already have one at home” that ends in a battle of “no, it’s my turn with the organizer set!” Instead, it’s easy. Three new pieces of luggage; three new organizers and three new laundry bags.

You can also purchase this organizer set on its own.

Visit your next travel destination with the Nicci 3-piece set 

As I mentioned, I think this luggage set is ideal if you’re planning to travel by ground or water. The included organizers are a nice addition and will make it easier to functionally pack your luggage—no matter which piece you use.

You can shop the Nicci 3-piece luggage set online at Best Buy today.

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