How can using daily reading response questions with Wonders Unit 3 for 3rd grade help you determine text and standards mastery?

ReadingResponse WondersUnit3

As my students move through the Wonders units, I’m often trying to determine how they are doing with the text because I can’t sit and listen to every student every day.

Are they able to decode the words?

Can they use context clues?

How is this affecting their comprehension?

For me to plan effectively, I need formative assessments daily.

So, I created this resource. 

Every day students respond to two questions: one for reading comprehension based on the standard, and one for vocabulary.

What I love about this resource is that I can quickly scan the responses and determine small group instruction in the moment or help plan the next day’s instructional changes. Quickly is the keyword here.

The layout of these daily formative assessments helps me answer the question, Can the student answer a text-dependent question and use evidence to support that answer? 

These daily questions help me see who has mastered this and who needs additional support. 

Unit 3 – Week 1 and 2

The text in the first two weeks is literature. The skills are problem and solution, and cause and effect, so all of the questions will be focused on those skills. (See photo above)

Before students respond to the daily formative assessments, they use graphic organizers to help them organize their thinking about the text. Each week includes 2 opportunities to use a skill-specific organizer – one full page and one-half page.

Unit 3 – Weeks 3 – 5
The text for these 3 weeks is informational and students will be expected to work on the main idea, the sequence of events, and text features. Since the main idea and key details are so important, it is asked in a variety of ways about paragraphs and entire texts.

Working with Words
Understanding how to use context clues is so important for 3rd graders that there are questions throughout every unit. 

Comparing Texts
Each week also includes a Venn Diagram for students to compare the Anthology text to the final text at the end of each week. They write a summary to explain the similarities and differences.

If you teach 3rd grade and use Reading Wonders, this resource can allow you to have daily formative assessments that will help you ensure that students are mastering the standards and comprehending the text! 

Looking for a different Wonders Unit?
A daily reading response resource (printable and digital) is available for all 6 units of Wonders for 3rd grade! 

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ReadingResponse WondersUnit3

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