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Good morning friends! Well, today is the first day the kiddos go back to school, so were up and at em early for the first time in weeks! The excitement of the first day back makes getting up and out the door easier, but Im sure Ill hit the wall later today.

pearl sweatshirt jeans and leopard sneakers

Pearl Sweatshirt Chewed Hem Jeans Leopard Sneakers

Im so excited to share the first of two organizing projects Ive been working on over the Christmas break. Before we dive in, I have to admit, Ive always been EXTRA when it comes to organizing (my mom said I was that way even as a toddler). I truly get so much JOY when everything is all neat and tidy and organized in the prettiest way. The Home Edit ladies are my girl crushes and Im not even kidding!

My home includes two playful kiddos, so things dont always stay as neat as Id like them to. And, just like any real, lived-in home, my stuff gets out of order and the house is a disaster sometimes.

But, one of the great things about building a custom home is that you get to decide things like how much storage space you want to have and that was really important to me when we built this home. Coming from tiny apartments and a small townhouse, ample storage space was always an issue. I knew I wanted to give everything a proper home here.

The other thing Ive gotten really good at (especially in the last few years) is KonMari-ing the crap out of my house. I almost exclusively have things here that I love and have gotten rid of so much clutter. Truthfully, as Ive mentioned before, our home has more space than we really need now. But, its been our home for over 10 years and we are very comfortable and safe here. While we do live here, Im making the most of it and appreciating every square inch.

Flocked Christmas Tree 10 foot

Foyer table jute rug

Table Vase Jute Rug


Usually, my Christmas decor is stored up in the attic, but its always a big job to pull everything down each year. The bins are big and heavy and there are a lot of them. This year, I was lucky to have my brothers come over and help pull down all the bins and trees, but I didnt want to have to lug them upstairs and back into the attic again when the holidays were over.

Luckily, I have a huge closet with built-in shelves that I knew would be perfect for storing holiday decor. This closet is located on the first floor, off of whats now Jordans playroom (but it was originally designed to be an office).


Before the big organization job, the closet was holding extra office supplies, my workout supplies like weights, jump rope and mat, golf clubs, framed degrees, and luggage. I started putting holiday bins in here as I decorated for Christmas this year.

It was also really dusty and dirty in here since we barely went into this space.

The first step was to pull everything out, give the shelves and floors a good vacuum with my trusty stick vac.


Now I can actually open the closet door, walk inside and see everything at a glance! The decor for all seasons is housed in here- Christmas, Summer, Spring and Fall.

holiday closet storage

The first thing I did was line the lower shelves with a grey grip shelf liner. Not only does it make the shelves look cleaner, it helps hold everything in place. You can simply cut the liner to fit your shelves or drawers with kitchen scissors.

Way in the back where the ceiling dips down (thats under our staircase) is where I have our Christmas trees stored. The main tree fit back inside the box it came in, but I did consider getting one of those Christmas tree storage bags with wheels. Ive heard good things about them. People like that you can just slip your whole tree into the bag, zip it up and roll it out into the garage to store for next year.

Holiday Storage Closet

Glass Jars Ornament box storage

Every year, much to my kids chagrin, I put faux wrapped presents under the tree. Its nice to have the space to store those so I dont have to rewrap them each year. It saves time, energy, and gift wrap!

Holiday Storage Closet

Holiday Storage Closet

Below that are my ornament storage boxes. Ive had hem for several years now and theyve held up really well. They come with cardboard dividers so that each ornament is protected. What I really like about them is that theyre sheer (with pretty decorative dots), so you can see what color ornaments are inside. I have the small, square ornament holders, and the larger rectangular ones too.

They zip closed and have handles that make them easy to transport.

I have a few decorative boxes that hold special ornaments and one is full of faux snow.

Holiday Storage Closet

I figured that if I had this space with room to spare, I might as well go ahead and display our nutcracker collection. It helps keep them from getting damaged in a box and they just make me happy to look at. Isnt that the key? To do things that bring YOU joy even if other people dont get it or disagree? Its YOUR life, YOUR home. You should have it be a place YOU love and enjoy with things in it that delight you.

Holiday Storage Closet

Next to the Nutcrackers are two glass jars that lost their lids or they broke I cant remember. But since Im not using them in the pantry (that tour is coming up Thursday), I figured I might as well repurpose them in here. They are holding my ribbon and some gift tags.

Holiday Storage Closet

I enjoy decorating for all seasons, and I have one Spring bin, one Summer bin and two Fall bins. I displayed the adorable bunnies because they are too cute!

Holiday Storage Closet

On the very top shelf, I had some extra room, so I put a few more decorations up there too.

I do still have some Christmas bins that I kept in the garage. These large green bins have lasted for years and the size is great for storing big things like garland and wreaths.

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