Garage wall organization ideas are great when you need space-saving storage solutions

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Use these tips and tricks to make the most of this space.

A garage can be so much more than just a space to park your car. It often functions as extra storage space for all the things that just can’t fit in your house — tools, garden equipment, seasonal decorations and more.

If you’re not careful, this space quickly becomes a cluttered mess. This results in you not being able to find anything you need and parking in this makeshift obstacle course becomes an art.

If you’re struggling with how to organize your garage, here are some garage organization tips and tricks that will maximize the walls increasing storage space and reducing clutter.
7 Garage Wall Organization Tips Photo by Your Garage Organizer Inc. – Discover garage design inspiration 1. Plan Before You Buy
If you’re planning to buy a new organization system, take some time to access your needs first:
What are you going to store? How big are these items? Are they heavy? How much space do you have?
Take measurements and create an inventory beforehand, if you need to. That way, you won’t waste money and/or time purchasing storage solutions that literally don’t fit your needs.

Make sure you install sturdy shelves that can accommodate the weight of whatever items you plan to store. You don’t want the shelves to come crashing down or warp.
Photo by Garage Guru Enlightened Storage – Search garage design ideas 2. Have a Flexible System
Whether, they’re made of wood or wire, adding shelves to your walls provides multiple areas for you to store your stuff.

Adjustable shelving systems are perfect because you can move the shelves to fit items of various sizes. Plus, you can easily shift them around if your needs change as time goes by.

Modular storage systems that you can add to if necessary are also great.
Photo by Garage Solutions Savannah – Look for garage design inspiration 3. Give Everything A Home
Each item you store needs a home, so sort through your stuff and plan where you’ll put everything.

Group similar items together. Not only is this more pleasing to the eye, if you’re using open shelving, it’s also easier to find items when you need them.
Photo by Garage Guru Enlightened Storage – Discover garage design ideas 4. Maximize Your Vertical Space
Garage wall organization is all about taking advantage of the vertical space available.

Install cupboards, shelves and slat wall or pegboard as far up the wall as you can. Add a rack to get bicycles up off the floor.

Use stackable bins. They’re perfect for items you want to keep dry and away from pests. And, the lid on top usually means you can pack them one on top of the other too.
Photo by – More garage photos 5. Make Sure You Have Easy Access
Make sure to have a step stool or ladder handy so you can quickly reach items stored up high. But also, think about where you store your stuff.

You don’t want to be climbing a ladder every time you need to pull out the hammer, if that’s something you use often. Nor, do you want to be digging around the back of your storage to find something you use everyday. The best garage storage ideas are ones that allow you easy access to your stuff.

Place frequently-used items within easy reach and things you don’t use regularly up high or to the back of shelves, drawers and cabinets.

Use open bins, shelves and hooks for items you just want to be able to grab-and-go.
Photo by Garage Storage Mesa – Look for garage pictures 6. Label and Color Code
What’s the point in taking the time to organize your stuff if it still takes you an hour to locate anything? You need to be able to quickly identify what you need at a glance. That’s the key to a good storage system.

One way to know what’s inside a container is to label it. The word “container” doesn’t specifically refer to plastic bins either. It also includes drawers, cupboards… basically anything that has stuff stored in it.

Color-coding is another simple way you can easily identify items. Use colored bins or labels for this.

For example, when packing away holiday decorations, store similar items in bins that are one color — all Christmas decorations in green bins and Halloween decorations in white bins.
Photo by Garage Solutions Savannah – Look for garage design inspiration 7. Leave Space For Your Car
For most people, the whole point of having a garage is to have a space to park your car off the street. So, don’t forget to leave room for your vehicle when weighing your garage storage options.

Don’t use storage products that protrude too far out into your garage especially if it’s a small space. Make sure your car doors are not going to bang on anything when opened and that you have plenty of room to walk around, even with the car inside the garage.

Garage wall organization is a good option in a multi-purpose area where you need extra storage. Even though you have organization in place, you’ll still need to purge regularly to control this clutter hotspot.

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