For "Sac De Jour Baby-Bottom 26 cm/10.2 inches" Felt Bag Insert Organizer In 12 cm/4.7 inches Height, Bag Liner by SenamonBagOrganizer

49.90 USD

For "Sac De Jour Baby-26 X 20.5 X 12.5 cm/10.2 X 7.8 X 4.7 inches" Attention; These are bag measurements, not organizer measurements!
●Are you busy and changing all the things you have in your bag is leeway for you? Do you need a solution that should protect your bag from stains and give your bag a better shape, then are Senamon Bag organizers a perfect way out for you?
●MATERIAL: Wool Polyester blend felt.
●ATTENTION: You need not use any base for your bags as this bag organizer avoids baggy bottoms.
●The SENAMON bag organizers do not stain bag lining!
●Care instruction: Hand wash or gentle machine wash without wringing.
●Please note: Actual color may vary from picture due to computer settings.
●We are not selling the bag in the photo! We are only selling the Felt bag insert organizer!
●POCKETS: One of the organizers has two pockets & the other organizer has one zipper pouch and a key strap.

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