Designing a Media Center Using IKEA Cabinet



Exploring ways to create an IKEA media center in your home

Today, the media center is probably becoming the center of attention in your home.

From a designer perspective, it makes a lot of sense. After all — especially in these times of COVID-19 — people are spending more time together at home. Plus,spaces where you normally go to unwind or recharge (like the master bedroom) are ideal for incorporating an IKEA media center to provide that sense of relaxation you need.

Functionally, a media center with IKEA cabinets provides TV storage for a dynamic home theater, for instance; and overall built-in IKEA storage options to keep things organized as well. In this blog we’ll share how to do this, such as how IKD customers Jay and Sally from Chicago accomplished this in their bedroom using IKEA’s BESTA storage systems or how customers Philip and Tanya from Decatur, GA, incorporated a media center with linen storage into their master bedroom project too!

These projects, of course, begin with IKEA’s signature SEKTION cabinetry framework,which allows you to integrate IKEA cabinets into the layout. Or you can customize the look using fronts from third-party custom door companies like Semihandmade and by using IKEA accessories and organizers, like we did in a recent a full-house IKEA design project.

Remember, we’ve been recognized by The New York Times as a unique design solution for customers who’re considering custom doors in their IKEA projects. So even if you’ve already done research for examples of IKEA media centers on design Web sites like HOUZZ or Pinterest there’s more design inspiration to be had! An organized bedroom is possible using IKEA cabinets, and with proper professional design guidance.

That said, our designers would like to provide additional information for IKEA customers interested in using IKEA cabinets for built-ins or media center units. In these times, having an organized bedroom that combines style and function —along with an opportunity to have some peace of mind — is more important than ever.

Let’s see how to make that happen!

IKEA Media Center Using BESTA

For IKD customers Jay and Sally from Chicago, the key for their bedroom project was to keep their TV out of sight.

“Our bedroom is rather small, and we enjoy relaxing and watching our favorite shows. We just didn’t want the TV to become a focal point of the room,” Jay explains.

To accomplish this, we used floating IKEA BESTA cabinets to create a modern display area. Specifically, we suggested for the TV section to be built out and used IKEA’s BESTA cabinetry doors as panels so the entire wall would look like a single piece of paneled wall, giving the media center a modern, streamlined feel.

For Sally, this also meant a pleasant surprise for the overall efficiency of their bedroom.

“We didn’t expect all the extra hidden storage behind those wall panels. It’s great for storing our small electronics as well as extra bedding and other items,” she says.

To continue the modern look, the base cabinets were installed with no legs, so the floating storage options give the impression of more overall room while still providing ample storage options. We completed the high-end look with the countertop, which frames the open section between the tall and base cabinets of the media center.

“This IKEA media center was the ideal solution for our bedroom project and we couldn’t be happier,” Jay concludes.

Classic IKEA Media Center With SEKTION

By contrast, IKD customers Philip and Tanya from Decatur, GA, opted for a more traditional-looking design.

However, the classic-styled IKEA media center is anything but typical. For instance, it acts as a media center and also provides linen storage for the master bedroom.Quite a combination! We accomplished this by featuring IKEA’s SEKTION cabinetry framework along with Semihandmade DIY Fronts painted in SW Raging Sea and IKEA’s EDVALLA Drop Pulls in Brass color. These were integrated in different depths and heights which provide interest and frame the TV so that it is the focal point of the bedroom.

Tanya adds: “I love how this element gives us a unique wall feature that we never would have thought of on our own!”

For added storage options, we also used full-depth base cabinets with drawers, and shallow-depth tall cabinets. These provide storage along with some internal rollout drawers. Lastly, we stacked some shallow drawers on top of the base cabinets, perfect to store smaller items like jewelry or scarves.

“This IKEA media center has made our bedroom so much more organized and relaxing,” Philip concludes.

Customize Your IKEA Media Center

The previous two examples really highlight how using IKEA’s BESTA and SEKTION cabinets can capture your IKEA media center needs.

However, there’re still other ways to accomplish this too. For instance, you can customize your media center using custom doors or floating shelves, or you can use additional panels to create a custom look as well.

Using our signature IKEA hacks, we can provide a design solution for almost anything you dream up with your media center! For instance, take the success we had creating an IKEA TV room with study nook as part of a recent full house IKEA design. The area features a desk with IKEA RINGHULT high gloss fronts paired with a walnut countertops and walnut floating shelves.We created a built-in around the huge TV, combining SEKTION cabinetry framework with IKEA BESTA cabinets. So you could call it a real study in custom design!

There are always ways to customize your organization by using accessories or internal organizers, such as the Three-Tier Base Organizer Pull-out from Rev-A-Shelf to hold media products, or by using the IKEA VARIERA flatware tray as a spot for your jewelry, for instance.

Our team is here to inform you about design and product choices. Now that you’ve seen some of the possibilities with IKEA media centers, we hope that you’re sufficiently inspired to begin your next IKEA project soon!

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