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I am so excited to share a photo ‘cleaning’ series with you this week – Clean Up Your Photos with Miss Freddy. Casey (Miss Freddy) helped me sort through my photo mess earlier this year. Having our photos backed up and sorted properly was such a gift – organizing photos is not my specialty and it was such a relief to know that everything was backed up properly.  I asked her to share her tips with you guys – I am thrilled for her to help you too!  See what she has to say – I know you’re going to love it!

Does this sound familiar at all?  You’ve attempted to organize your digital photos in the past, abandoned the project, made another attempt years later, gotten overwhelmed and given up?  Now you’re not quite sure what is saved where, what’s missing entirely, or if you have ten copies of each photo.  It feels like a huge mess.  Am I right?

In the Backup Bootcamp online course, I teach how to get ALL of your photos into ONE place.  And the key to getting this done efficiently is to not worry about duplicate photos at all while bringing your photos together (researching if things are duplicates is very time consuming and will create the overwhelm that will cause you to abandon the project). You know why it shouldn’t be a concern?  The technology exists to do this FOR YOU.  For a very small fee ($10-25) you can install photo duplicate removing software that will analyze your photos and make recommendations for deletions.

Better yet, this software looks beyond the filename or timestamp of the photo and actually scans the visual components of your photo to determine if something is a duplicate.  Furthermore, the program includes logic that will make decisions for which version is the priority (ie: largest file size, highest resolution), and you can review the results before anything is deleted.

Ready to give it a try?  Here are free video tutorials for Mac and PC (these videos are excerpts from my Backup Bootcamp course).

How to Automatically Remove Duplicate Photos

Mac Tutorial:

PC Tutorial:

Resource links:  PhotoSweeper (Mac)  +   Duplicate Cleaner Pro (PC)

Ready for the next step?  The Backup Bootcamp online course walks you through my four steps of organizing your digital photos:
Centralizing Your Photos Removing Duplicates Sorting Chronologically (this is automatic too!) Backing it Up to the Cloud
You can absolutely use the duplicate removing tutorials shared above on their own, but since I believe the process works best when it’s done start-to-finish, I’ve created an exclusive discount code for Clean Mama readers to save $10 on Backup Bootcamp.  Use this link and code CLEANMAMA at checkout.

Casey, aka Miss Freddy, is a certified Professional Photo Organizer (yes, that’s a thing!) who helps people worldwide make sense of their photo mess.  She lives in Colorado with her husband, two kids, and micro-mini golden doodle (that’s a dog).  Follow her on Instagram for free tips on how to take better photos and use them in meaningful ways.

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