As someone who has moved from a cramped bathroom to more cramped bathrooms, I can tell you how uncomfortable it is to try and fit yourself into that bathroom


Add a kid to the mixed, and you’ve got a toy bucket somewhere that isn’t helping with your space problems.

To address this problem, we’ve composed a list of four different ideas that you can use to increase space in your bathroom. Many of these are things you can do today with little or no investment.

Four Ways You Can Increase Bathroom Space
Over The Toilet Shelving

If you are like me, the area over your toilet probably already functions as a shelf. However, the space above the toilet is a barren wasteland of white or beige. To address this, consider investing in shelving that goes above the toilet.

Shelving there allows you to place items that you don’t typically need regular access to for use. If you happen to have a sink between your toilet and bathtub, you can store many less-used sink items.

A Door-Hanging Organizer

Your doof probably has a lot in common with that area over your shelf. If you happen to carry many hygiene objects, a dinky shelf above the toilet won’t be enough to hold your needs. Instead, what you need is an organizer that you can hang from your door.

With this organizer, you will be able to place them in a standard location that is easy to access. Place the items that you are more likely to use at chest-level so they will be easy to access. Hygiene items you are less likely to use should be along the bottom.

Hooks and Little Pots

The key to using bathroom space, in this case, comes from your walls and doors. You can take advantage of the underutilized space here with many means. One of the more common among those uses come from the installation of hooks. 

With apartment living, we used 3M hooks on any surface we could. It allowed us an ample amount of temporary storage without violating the lease’s disallowance for wall modifications. For homeowners, permanent hooks on the walls provide you a way to customize the bathroom to be uniquely yours.

Use a potted plant with a piece of twine through it to store your makeup brushes or toothbrushes. Use two hooks and a small box to store regularly used items like deodorant, shaving cream, and other everyday things you may find.

It Might Be Time For a Renovation

When all else fails, you can save space in your bathroom through renovations. Below are a couple of space-saving ideas associated with renovations:

Replace your large bathtubs with smaller showers to provide you with additional space for other necessary items.
Recessed lighting will provide you a less cramped feeling if you have dome lights coming out of the ceiling.
Having a recessed shelf in your shower wall allows you additional storage of shampoo and soap.
If you have a swinging shower door, replacing it with a sliding glass door or shower curtain.


There are many small things that you can do in your bathroom to save space. We encourage you to explore all of them. If you still think you need more room after that, it might be time for a bathroom renovation.

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