As a woman who appreciates simple, versatile home decor, I’m really excited to share with you three pieces by NOMA Collective that are sure to inspire you in your own home!


Throughout my minimalism and homemaking journey, I’ve realized the importance of investing in quality pieces that are also versatile.

Versatile home decor pieces allow you to create different looks around your home without having a lot of pieces on hand or having to constantly purchase new pieces, which saves money.

It takes the phrase “shop your home first” to a completely different level because versatile pieces aren’t just pretty to look at, they can also be functional.

Another benefit is that versatile pieces mean you don’t need a lot stored away for when you want to change things out, because you just have to move these pieces around your home to create completely new looks. The minimalist in me loves this the most, because I actually don’t have much space to store things.

Before I share with you the three pieces, I want to share with you why I’m excited and thankful that NOMA Collective has sponsored this post.

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Why shop at NOMA Collective for your versatile home decor pieces

For the past few years of my minimalism and homemaking journey, I’ve realized the importance of versatile pieces that aren’t from Big Box stores like Amazon or Target, but rather smaller, artisan supported companies.

I will say that these companies aren’t all created equally, which is why I was so excited to be offered this partnership with NOMA Collective.

They truly stand out to me, because they believe a home should be decorated with ethical, sustainable, and handmade pieces, which are all values I admire and live by myself.

NOMA Collective works with artisans all over the globe to bring master artisan traditions to modern homes. They pay each artisan a fair wage and allow them to share their amazing talents with people all over the world.

I love that each piece has its own story that I get to share when people come to visit.

When I look around my home and see the pieces I’m about to share with you, I get so excited because they are truly unique pieces that aren’t mass-produced in factories. These pieces support families in Africa, Mexico, and Rwanda, and other pieces in the collection support families in even more places.

How NOMA Collective practices sustainability

As you know, sustainability is a foundational part of The Tannehill Homestead, and I love connecting with people, companies, etc. that share that same interest.

NOMA Collective specifically practices sustainability by using natural, recycled, and/or repurposed materials to create their products. The packaging they use for shipments include paper, twine, and other natural materials that can be reused, recycled, composted, or incinerated.

Another point that I would like to present is that even though NOMA Collective’s product line is currently trending, these pieces are so well done that you can use them for years to come!

I personally only want to invest in pieces that are timeless, and to me, NOMA Collective checks that box well. I believe it is due to the materials they use because a wooden basket or tray will always be in style.

The only negative I see when it comes to their sustainability practices is the output of carbon emissions from shipping these products across the globe. However, that is the only negative I’ve come across, which is amazing!

I really do think NOMA Collective is a great company that truly wants to add joy to the world through artisan goods, which is why I’m so excited to dive into how I use versatile home decor pieces in my home!

3 Versatile Home Decor Pieces that are great for Homemakers and Minimalists

There are three key pieces that I personally believe you should always seek versatile home decor pieces for and that is the following:


While I’m sure you believe the first two are easy for versatility, you may not realize the power of coasters in your home. To me, these are my three favorite things to decorate with in my home, so let me show you a few ways to use each of them.

I also want to point out that the examples I am showing you are not what many would consider “Pinterest-worthy” or super trendy, because that isn’t who I am or what I’m about. You’ll see the real me with the products I actually use in my home within the provided examples.

1 // Trays

For this example, I’ve chosen the Banana Bark Tray, because it is large, gorgeous, and completely unique to other trays I’ve encountered.

What I love most about this tray is that it is made with banana bark and sweetgrass, so if the day comes where it is no longer useful, I can compost it.

The first way I like to use this tray is to hold other home decor to bring a sense of belonging to things on my dresser.

It makes it look like this plant, wooden speaker, and salt lamp are meant to be on the dresser when in the tray compared to without the tray. It also adds a bit of warmth to contrast with the dark piece of furniture which draws the eye to it.

The second way is a newer trend that I think is perfect for when you cannot put holes into the wall to hang something or you just feel like you need something to tie everything together.

Because the tray is circular, it is easier to pair uniquely shaped items with it. You could go for a geometric look with a square or rectangular object. However, I personally prefer that it is the only geometric item in this particular grouping.

Whether you need a tray for your own bed or a guest bedroom, it is always going to be a great functional and beautiful piece to use.

It can hold everything you need from remotes to books, a coaster for a beverage in bed, linen spray, and a plant to remind you to breathe deep.

Another option for a bed tray, specifically for guests, is to make a spa-like tray that includes skincare, lotion, items your guests may have forgotten, washcloths, and other thoughtful items.

When it comes to trays, the options are truly endless. To prove my point, here are a few more ideas:

Use in the kitchen to hold fruit and vegetables that don’t fit easily in a bowl.
It works great in a linen closet to hold extra supplies or weirdly shaped items.
Tables of all kinds often could use a tray to center decor or hold things you use frequently, like a remote.
Use a tray with your gallery wall to add in a natural element.

2 // Bowls

I’m personally obsessed with using bowls. I use them for all kinds of things and am always finding new ways to use them.

To demonstrate a few examples, I’m using the Ivy Wooden Bowl.

It is made from all-natural fibers of sisal and jacaranda wood. I love the play of textures in this one piece. It really can stand alone as a staple piece or paired with other items well.

The first way to use this bowl is as a catchall bowl. It can hold your sunglasses, keys, headphones, and anything else you may drop once you enter your home.

This is a great option for anyone trying to cut down on clutter in their home and have a beautiful piece that helps them accomplish this!

The great part is that it isn’t a large bowl, so you’ll have to clean it out regularly. To me, this is a huge pro, because it isn’t a bottomless pit like a junk drawer may be. If you’re looking for something that is in this bowl, it won’t take but a second to find it.

As a homemaker with chickens that are laying great, I need a beautiful bowl to put them in until time to use them.

Honestly, I feel like you can never go wrong with using a pretty bowl in the kitchen for fresh vegetables, fruit, and even eggs!

One thing I enjoy when I visit a spa is how they display their linens. They always look ready to pick up and use, which is why this last example includes many of my personal at home spa items.

By creating a spa corner in your home, you can use a beautiful bowl that to me is very spa worthy to elevate the experience.

Of course, bowls have so many uses and to photograph them all would take a lot of time, so here are a few more ideas on how you can use this Ivy Wooden Bowl:

To hold craft supplies like yarn
As a drawer organizer [even though it is so pretty you should keep it on display]

Candy bowl
Collect coins
To hold sentimental items
For your jewelry and other small accessories

I could keep going, but I think you get the picture.

3 // Coasters

Hopefully by now you can see how thinking creatively with versatile home decor pieces can serve you in many ways.

When it comes to best kept secrets, I personally believe that coasters are the secret of versatile home decorating.

It isn’t that it functions differently, but when you’ve chosen the right set of coasters, you elevate your experiences in your home.

To show this best, I’ve chosen the Oaxacan Marble Coasters by NOMA Collective, as they are beautifully crafted and completely unique, as no two coasters are alike.

I’m starting with the most obvious use, because this is what coasters are created to do. To me, marble coasters elevate a space on their own, but when you pair it with my favorite mug, the experience is even better!

What I love is that even if you don’t have a beverage sitting on your coaster, it is beautiful to see. You can place it by a table lamp, in a tray, or by your computer and it is going to elevate the way that space looks.

I’ve always placed my jewelry on a coaster. I’m not sure what got this started, but I love having a central place for the items I wear daily.

I will say that I’m not one for a jewelry collection and have only a handful of pieces that would all fit great on this coaster, but I realize that isn’t the case for the majority of women. Regardless, it is the perfect piece to use to hold the jewelry you wear daily.

You’ve already seen this photo, but you probably didn’t see the coaster the first time, did you?

I love using coasters for my spa products because it feels fancier than without them. It also designates a place for my face oil or any other product I choose to place on it.

Another way you can use a coaster is for your soap dispenser. It just adds a little fancy flare to the area.

Final thoughts

I love having versatile home decor pieces that are made with the Earth, artisans, and me in mind. When you focus on the entire picture of where the materials are sourced, who creates them, and who enjoys them, you end up with an amazing company to support and shop from for the pieces in your home.

That’s why I want to thank NOMA Collective again for sponsoring today’s post and allowing me to use these pieces to show how you can be a minimalist and appreciate beautiful and versatile home decor pieces.

For many minimalists, including myself, it is important that the things we have we believe to be beautiful or useful, as William Morris puts it. I believe I’ve found that in NOMA Collective and the pieces I’ve shown you, and you’ll find it too!

Be sure to check out the entire NOMA Collective collection and all the beautiful things they have to offer!

Products featured in this post:

Banana Bark Tray
Ivy Wooden Bowl
Oaxacan Marble Coasters

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