5 Ways to Clean Up Computer Cable Clutter Under Your Desk


Cable clutter is the scourge of the modern work desk. Sure, we are trying to go wireless as much as possible, but there are still plenty of cords snaking around. Let’s do some desk cable management to organize them once and for all.

The charging cord for your laptop and phone, USB hubs, mouse, and other odds and ends create mess in any work space. It’s time to learn how to organize and manage computer cables on and under your desk.

5 Steps to Organize Cables on Your Work Desk

People on the internet continue to share several different cable management ideas, tips, and hacks on how they manage cable clutter. Largely, you can group desk cable management into five basic ways.

  1. Hide the power strip and plugs.
  2. Collect and tie the cables together.
  3. Shorten cable length.
  4. Hold unused cables in place.
  5. Identify the cables.

1. Hide the Power Strip and Plugs

A power strip is designed for functionality, not for looking good. Yes, you should use a surge protector, but the resultant mess of cables is an eyesore. That’s the first place to start your desk cable management.

Make a DIY Shoebox Power Strip

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