5 Powerful Ways That Will Prep You for Organizing Success & More

5 powerful ways that will prep you for organizing success and more.

One of the things I love about living in the northeast is experiencing the change of the four distinct seasons. Every three months, natures cues offer us an opportunity to rethink, reset, and regroup. With the arrival of September and fall quickly approaching, this is an ideal time of year to prepare for successful organizing outcomes and other significant goals. Combining specific actions with mindfulness perspectives can enhance your success. While there are many ways to gear up for success, Ive compiled a short list of five useful ideas for you to experiment with. Im excited for you and all of the success that you are about to experience. Which of these concepts will help you in the next few months?

5 Powerful Ways That Will Prep You for Organizing Success & More . . .

1. Do one thing.

When were in pursuit of a goal, we can quickly become overwhelmed by the enormity of what we want to accomplish. The end isnt visible. And guess what? When overwhelm takes hold, it can stop us from moving forward. Instead, we feel stuck. We procrastinate. Its like being immobile at the intersection, continually waiting for that red light to turn green. Whats helpful in these situations is to do one tiny, small action that will move us toward our organizing or other goals. Take your foot off of the break, go through one pile of papers, drop off the no longer needed bag of clothing at the donation center, or set-up an appointment with your professional organizer. Use that one small success to get you going and encourage more. Build from there.

2. Open up thinking.

So often when were in the midst of change, we desire something different, but we don't know what that will look or feel like. So instead of being open to the new, we dig in and hold on to what we know. While I understand this and believe me, Ive had my share of digging in, being open to possibilities will lead to successful outcomes. Mindful awareness comes first. Pay attention to when you are gripping tightly to the known. Notice when you are dismissive of a new opportunity, possibility, or idea. Stop. Slow yourself down. Take a few deep breaths. As you exhale, notice your body relaxing and letting go. With each out-breath, imagine your hold loosening. Remind yourself that success often involves doing or thinking about things differently. In this more relaxed state, you will be poised and ready to consider a new perspective that will lead to unimagined success.

3. Say yes to now.

One of the conflicts that my organizing clients frequently encounter is the pull between the past and the present. They are deeply connected to the emotions and physical possessions from the past. At the same time, they feel burdened and weighed down by all of their stuff. They are in conflict between holding on and letting go. It can be an internal tug of war, and a painful one at that. One of the ways to ease this challenge is by focusing on the present. Use the you are here locator icon to decide which of your belongings support who you are and what you are doing today. Everyone has a past. While the past has created who we are, not all accouterments from previous times need to remain with us in the present. Saying, yes to now can encourage more successful decision-making as we organize and create the life we truly want.

4. Embrace niksen.

Many of you are probably familiar with the popularized Danish word,hygee,which is a mood of coziness, contentment, and well-being created by enjoying the simple things in life. There is also,lagom,the Swedish concept of approaching life with an everything in moderation mindset. Now there is a Dutch idea that is trending.Niksenis the act of doing nothing or being idle as a way of managing stress and burnout. It encourages an antidote to busyness. You dial things down by just hanging out, looking at your environment, or listening to music without multitasking. The idea is doing something without a purpose. So how does this relate to success?Sometimes in the quest for our goal, we become hyper-focused at the exclusion of everything and everyone else. Our disconnectedness can lead to exhaustion, frustration, and discouragement. Adding niksen or doing nothing into the mix can rejuvenate us. After a break, we can return to goal chasing with renewed clarity and energy.

5. Acknowledge uncertainty.

When we are chasing a goal, whether that is how we edit and organize our stuff or how we select the priorities included in each day, we are shifting the status quo. While we might be uncomfortable, which is why we are pursuing something new, our shift in habits and patterns along the way, can be unsettling. We can feel unprotected like jumping out of a plane without a parachute. What will happen? Will we land in one piece? The simple acknowledgment that you are doing something unfamiliar, scary, and different is essential. It doesnt diminish the anxiety you might feel. And Im not suggesting that you actually jump without a chute. But acknowledgment of your circumstance can ease some of your stress. Recognize that uncertainty is key to growth and change. Its ok to be uncomfortable. Its ok to be unsure. In the pursuit of a fresh challenge, you can experience the confidence and satisfaction that comes with successfully reaching a goal.

Whether you take action, a break from it, open the mind to new ideas, or simply recognize the uncertainty that comes with change, you have the opportunity to prepare yourself for organizingsuccess and more. Which ideas resonate with you? What has helped you with reaching goals? Id love to hear your thoughts. I invite you to join the conversation.

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