31 Best High School Graduation Gifts For Her Special Day

This post is all about high school graduation gifts for her.

High School Graduation Gifts for Her

Parents, grandparents, former teachers, or friends all want to get their graduate an amazing graduation gift for her special day.

I know picking out presents for girls can be so overwhelming because girls can be so picky and not everyone may be familiar with what is "in" right now. Don't worry! Any of these graduation gifts she will be sure to love.

This post is all about high school graduation gifts for her.

Best High School Graduation Gifts For Her:

1. Planner

2020 graduation gift ideas

One of the keys to success in college is staying extremely organized. First step to this is a planner.

Every college girl needs a planner! These will be put to good use and they come in so many different cute styles.

This is a new company I found and LOVE their planners. There are so many different trendy patterns and you can get it customized with their name.

2. HyrdoFlask

I don't know anyone that owns a Hydro Flask that isn't obsessed with it. I mean it seriously changes lives (dramatic but they are the best).

These are super popular right now and will keep your drinks cold for hours. This is a great high school graduation gift idea for any girl.

3. Kendra Scott Necklace

Good quality jewelry is always a great gift option for any time of year but especially graduation. She will always remember when she got it and the significance it holds.

Kendra Scott is a super popular brand of jewelry for girls right now (I have like 4 pieces and I love them). She will be sure to wear this for so many years to come!

4. Travel Nail Kit

This cute little nail kit is perfect for anyone on the go! Plus, how cute is that rose gold case?!

If your graduate loves to keep her nails looking good, this is a perfect high school graduation gift that's affordable as well.


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5. Makeup Brush Kit

Having a set of makeup brushes is essential to almost any girl. She will love to receive a new set to replace her old ones right before college!

6. Makeup Organizer

Having an organized space in college is essential to keep your sanity... especially in an extremely tiny dorm room.

These little organizers can make such a huge difference. They have tons of cute ones on amazon or other home stores. These are pretty versatile and can be used for school supplies too!

7. Travel Toiletry Bag

Chances are your graduate will be traveling a lot more now. Wether it's traveling back home for holidays or going somewhere for breaks, they will likely be packing up a lot and this toiletry bag makes taking all your stuff so much easier.

8. Travel Jewelry Bag

Traveling with jewelry can be such a pain. A travel jewelry bag with stop all of it from getting tangled! Plus, this bag is adorable. I may have to order one for myself...

9. Overnight Travel Bag

high school graduation gifts

Again, travel items make such a great high school graduation gift. Take it from me, college students always need a travel bag whether it's to go home or just to go on a weekend trip.

10. Fuzzy Throw Blanket

Anything to make a dorm room a little more homey is a good gift idea.

Girls LOVES fuzzy blankets. You seriously can't go wrong with this as a graduation gift for her.

11. Polaroid And Film

If she doesn't have one already, a polaroid is a great gift for her! Polaroids are such a fun way of keeping memories and can be used to decorate her dorm too.

Make sure to get some extra film too. It goes by fast!

12. Gold Earrings

Gold earrings and jewelry is super in right now. Any college girl has a pair of gold earrings. If you want to buy her jewelry she will be sure to wear, this is a go to.

12. Beanies

I wear beanies allll the time in college. They are great for cold weather but also when you're having a bad hair day and need to hide lol.

Beanies are such a cute gift to get her! Whether it's cold where she lives or not, she will definitely wear this as a cute accessory.

13. Lululemon Leggings

If you really want to make her reallyyy happy, get her a pair of Lulus. Every college girls go-to outfit to class involves black leggings. Trust me... she will use these a lot.

These leggings are definitely more on the pricey side but they last forever and are SO comfy. She will be so happy to get these as a graduation gift.

14. Pajama Set

Not only are pajama sets super cute and comfy, but they will be perfect for a girls night in!

15. Fuzzy Robe

A robe is something I wish I had received and brought to college with me after graduating. My roommate had one and practically lived in it when we were in our dorm.

You could also get her initials sewn into it if you want to make it extra special!

16. Phone Wallet

College students have such a hard time keeping track of things, especially when going out. This phone wallet will make it so much easier to keep track of everything.

I've had one for a few years now and keep my ID and credit card in here and haven't lost it yet... seriously so helpful!

dorm room essentials

17. Revlon 2 In 1 Brush / Hair Dryer

I have been wanting one of these for so long. This is a combined hair brush and hair dryer to make drying your hair much faster! She will definitely put this to good use.

Not only does this make the process so much faster, it also makes your hair look and feel sooo smooth. It's basically like getting an at-home blowout.

18. Heating Pad

I received my heating pad as a gift right before school and have used it ever since. Heating pads can save your life when it comes to sore muscles and feel so good to lay on when you're sick.

I would definitely recommend getting her one of these for a graduation gift.

19. Brita Water Filtering Pitcher

The tap water in dorms is so gross and constantly buying water bottles is wasteful and costs so much $$$. This is one of the best water filters on the market and will be put to good use.

20. Canon Mini Photo Printer

I totally wish I had one of these. Girls take so many pictures and this allows them to print them straight from their phone! So cool!

21. Fuzzy Slides

Almost every girl I know either has or wants a pair of fuzzy slides. They're perfect for walking around your dorm (or if they are like me, class too ;).

22. Pandora Gold Crown Ring

A gold Pandora ring is another jewelry piece any girl graduating will love. This ring is super popular is so stunning! Not a bad price either!

Jewelry is always a great option for a high school graduation gift because it is a special keepsake that they can keep forever.

23. Key Chain Pepper Spray

Even if you feel safe on your campus, it's always better to be safe than sorry.

Any girl should for sure keep some pepper spray on her. Her parents will appreciate this one too!

24. Mini Keurig

If your graduate is a coffee lover, this is the gift for her. The mini keurig is perfect to keep in small rooms or dorms and will save lots of money! (Sorry Starbucks)...

25. Reusable Plastic Plates

Reusable dish wear is an essential to any girl living in a new dorm or apartment. This is one less thing she will have to buy to move into her new home after graduation!

26. Baseball Caps

Baseball caps pretty much make up every college girls "going to class" outfit. Adidas is a super popular brand but really any cute baseball cap she will love and for sure use.

27. Clear Bag

This is a perfect high school graduation gift for her to use on game days in college. I didn't even think about needing one of these and had to buy one last minute in college.

Clear backpacks, purses, and wallets are all a cute and useable gift.

27. Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Speakers are always a great gift to give. Go for a waterproof one so she can take it to the bathroom or pool!

28. Light Up Letter Decor

This is a great decor piece she can use! Really any decorative letter is a cute gift she will be sure to love.

29. Rose Gold Metal Straws

If she often takes drinks on the go this is a perfect graduation gift for her.

This is great to have and also good for the environment. Win-win!

30. Mini Fan

A mini fan is something she will no doubt use in her dorm or even her room at home. These are life saving when the AC turns off in her dorm (Trust me, if been there. Not fun lol) or if her dorm doesn't have AC at all!

31. Wall Hanging Jewelry Organizer

This not only organizes your jewelry, but is also great for wall decor. She will love to receive this as a graduation gift!

This post was all about the best graduation gifts for her.

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