11 Things Your Cleaning Person Wants to Tell YouBut Wont

Finding an amazing cleaning person is hard work. Are they trustworthy? Is the price right? Do they do a good job? And when you do find the right match, the bond between you is as sacred as it is with your waxer or hairstylistyour entire home is in their hands, after all.

If youre really against that DIY life, make sure that you treat your cleaning person wellaka dont leave piles of dirty dishes everywhere, thinking that they have to clean up after you all the time. Need some more advice? We talked to Katie Shea, cofounder of New Yorkbased personal cleaning service Slate, and Layne Brookshire of Ms. Placed Professional Organizing, to get the details on what you should and shouldnt do. Here are 11 things your cleaning person is dying for you to know but has never told you.

Its All About Access

Theres no way someone can come into your house if they dont have a key. One of our biggest pain points is when a customer doesnt let us know how to get inside the house, says Shea. Be proactive and provide any information they need to get in, like if a doorman has an extra key, so when they get there, they dont have to bother you.

Show Them the Ropes

Set up an initial consultation so that your housekeeper can see the space. If you prefer a certain method of countertop products, for instance, or if you expect laundry to be included, thats something you definitely need to have a conversation about.

Stock Up on Supplies

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If youre particular about cleaning chemicals, consider providing your own suppliesjust make sure to leave a note about where you keep them. A lot of people have preferences about safe cleaning alternatives, especially around children, says Shea. If you have pets, leave the necessary items for dealing with your animal, like stain removers and strong-odor eliminators.

Try Not to Hover

Sticking around during a cleaning may be temptingespecially during the first sessionbut dont. Shea says it can make the job extremely difficult. If youre nervous, check in every hour or so.

Crank Up the AC During the Hotter Months

Cleaning is no easy taskif it were, wed all be doing it 24-7, says Brookshire. Your cleaner will be working hard and likely work up a sweat. Make their life easier by keeping the house cooler on the days they will be there.

Declutter Beforehand

Its difficult to clean a table or bed if its piled with stuff. While, yes, your cleaning person will most probably put things away, realize that this is just wasted time.Consider presoaking dishes and separating laundry, says Shea.

Ditch Dust

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Heres a tip for you to utilize so that your cleaner can spend less time dusting that bookshelf and more time focusing on important tasks: Invest in an air purifier. I notice a huge difference in the amount of dust that accumulates, shares Shea.

Make Your Preferences Known

Many people have different opinions about how much access they want to give their housekeeper. If you want yours to put your clothes away, speak up. If youd rather they leave the clothes at the end of the bed, thats fine, too.

Dont Expect Them to Tidy

An organizer will make sure things are kept in a way thats easy for you to find, while a cleaner will, quite literally, just make sure your home isnt a mess.

Tip as You Like

Theres no right or wrong answer when it comes to tipping, but small acts of kindness go a long way. We dont necessarily expect it, says Shea. But with that said, we have people who will leave a 10 percent tip every week. Or some people dont tip on a regular basis but gift $100 around the holidays.

Be Realistic

Dont expect a miracle. If you live in a multi-bedroom apartment with a bunch of 22-year-olds and nothing has been cleaned in a year, a standard two-hour session is not going to cut it, says Shea. Your home will sparkle in due time.

This post was originally published on May 13, 2017. It has been updated with new information.

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