10 Best Bets for $75 or Less – USA Made Tees, Cheap Performance Undies, & More

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Proof that style doesn’t have to cost a fortune. It’s our monthly list of ten picks, each individually costing less than seventy five bucks. Got a tip on something for under $75? Send those in to joe@dappered.com.


Target Darlah Firwood Table – $47.99

Target Darlah Firwood Table

Pretty sure when this style of end table debuted not too many years back, they were marketed as “laptop” tables. Never used it to do work on, BUT… Mrs. Dappered picked up a couple of these a while ago, and they make great end tables for your couch, nightstands next to your bed, and plant stands for any corner in your place that needs a little life. They’re basically fancy pants TV trays… but don’t look like TV trays. Often on sale.


Onia Charles 7″ Swim Trunk – $65 ($130)

Onia Charles 7

A noticeable step above less expensive swim trunks. And when it comes to swim trunks, you want a pair that you can depend on. Not something that’s gonna blow a seam if you hit the water wrong when you eat it water skiing because… well… then you’re stuck there with things flappin’ in the breeze. Or, in the current. As the immediate case would be in regards to the water skiing scenario. Sizing seems to lean true. Tailored. Not super slim, but not vanity sizing either. I’m 5’10″/190, and a medium was just a touch too trim on my burpee jumping, spin bike pedaling lower half. Mesh lined. On sale via Huckberry.


J. Crew Adidas Canvas and Suede 3MC Vulc Sneakers – $65

Adidas Canvas and Suede 3MC Vulc Sneakers

White and pale gray and a little gold/yellow. Perfect. Canvas and suede uppers. A bit of texture at the tongue. Sourced at J. Crew, so that means they should be up for plenty of codes and promos in the future, dropping them further.


Amazon Goodthreads Performance Underwear – $25 / 3 pk

Amazon Goodthreads Performance Underwear

If these things are at least somewhere near the quality and performance of Ex-Officio… then there’s a real winner here. At the very least, they’d be a terrific cheap option for staying comfortable while working out. 82% Nylon, 18% Elastane here. “But synthetics hold onto funky sweat smells!” Not true. Throw a little white vinegar into the wash with your normal detergent and you’re good to go.


Banana Republic Extra Fine Merino Waffle Sweater – $53.70 when 40% off ($89.50)

Banana Republic Extra Fine Merino Waffle Sweater

A new arrival and has been getting excluded as of late. But fall’s a comin’. As is almost certainly a BR code or promo that would apply. 100% extra fine merino wool, and BR knows what they’re doing when it comes to merino.


Notes on a Nervous Planet by Matt Haig – $10.89

Notes on a Nervous Planet by Matt Haig

Our monthly book suggestion from Jeremy Anderberg, who among other things works for Art of Manliness, but also has his own terrific “What I’m reading Now” newsletter. You should sign up for it. Here’s his review: Notes on a Nervous Planet is a memoir-esque dispatch about how modern society makes us antsy — indeed, the world itself seems like it’s having an anxiety problem. Utilizing short chapters and even just lists at times, Haig writes personally about the perils of Twitter, managing cultural expectations, and what it takes to be happy and fulfilled in our social media obsessed culture. Best taken in at a chapter per day, Haig’s vulnerable writing will make you realize that most (though not all) of the time you spend online only serves to heighten your angst. Ultimately, he says, “we need to find out what is good for us, and leave the rest.”


Made in the USA StringKing Custom Fit Poly/Tencel 155 Pocket Tee – $28

StringKing Custom Fit Poly Tencel 155 Pocket Tee

Never thought I’d turn to a company that was founded to create Lacrosse gear (hence the “string” part of their name/the nets on the end of Lacrosse sticks) for USA made, super soft, lightweight and breathable t-shirts. But that’s what we have here. Weirdly one of the most comfortable t-shirts I’ve ever worn. You answer a few questions about your dimensions, you turn it over to their algorithms and their database of thousands of body scans, and they send you a made in Los Angeles t-shirt. No they’re not cheap. But the 85% poly / 11% tencel / 4% elastane fabric is terrific. And the pocket? It’s great. A lot of us love pocket tees. They look less… blank and basic compared to standard crews. Word is out on these things though. Looks like they’re selling fast. Know that shipping isn’t free or cheap ($7.99 for my one t-shirt). Enormous thanks to reader Brandon B. for the tip here.


Smart Key Organizer Keychain – $29.95

Smart Key Organizer Keychain

Big thanks to dc_slicker on threads for this solution. If you’re tired of key-chaos in your pockets, get one of these things. Now, it doesn’t solve the clunky fob problem… if in fact you have a clunky fob for a car key. But it DOES solve the sharp toothy keys possibly sticking you in the upper thigh problem. And it just keeps stuff more streamlined. Got a fob? Follow Mr. Slicker’s suggestion on threads, and attach the fob to the keychain with one of these mini biners.


Kiehl’s Grooming Stuff during the UPCOMING Nordy. Anniversary Sale 

Kiehl’s Grooming Products

Not on sale yet. Prices are still at normal levels right now. Cardmembers get access to the sale this Thursday. Everyone else gets access on August 19th, and that includes pretty good price cuts on Kiehl’s stuff. They’re a heritage brand, hugely well reviewed, and their bottles and fonts and branding looks great on the counter. Old-school like.


Target Goodfellow & Co. Standard Fit Knit Blazer – $49.99

Target Goodfellow & Co. Standard Fit Knit Blazer

A terrific entry level knit sportcoat. Been around for a few years, and it’s great to see that Target isn’t cycling this thing out each season like most of the other stuff in their Goodfellow & Co. collection. It’s a 60% Cotton / 40% Polyester knit that feels a bit like a sweatshirt, but more refined than that. If a sweatshirt can feel refined and then transmogrified into a sportcoat for around fifty bucks. Size shown is a large on 5’10” / 195, and it’s a touch big. Yet I feel like a medium would be too small. That’s Target’s sizing for you though. If it fits you decent enough off the rack? It’s a big time winner.

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