DF Retro takes on the epic Final Fantasy 7 saga

The recent release of Final Fantasy 7 Remake is the end of a long, long story - and the beginning of a new one. One of the most significant releases in the original PlayStation's library, FF7 redefined the JRPG with its combination of pre-rendered backgrounds, real-time 3D and stunning CG video sequences. Beyond the technology, the world and characters of the game had far more of an impact across the years than any Final Fantasy before or after, leading to numerous ports of the title, off-shoot games and even CG movies. It's a worthy topic for Digital Foundry Retro - but the sheer scale and scope of the project required us to push further than we ever have before.

You can see the results embedded in the video below, but even before we factor in the asset collection and research, there's the simple matter that this is a role-playing game - a genre we've not tackled on DF Retro before. This required 20 hours of capture for the PlayStation version alone simply to get representative samples of the whole run of the game, with a further 10 hours of capture from the PC version.

As you'll see in the video, the endgame in itself has an interesting technical angle, and that required access to a PS1 game save. Having lost my own saves from back in the game, Coury Carlson from My Life In Gaming stepped up, providing his own save from his time playing FF7 in his childhood. Data was sent over the internet, and I used a USB to PS Memory Card adapter to bring the data across from PC to PlayStation 3 to PlayStation 1 in order to run on original hardware.

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