Square and Square Roots Worksheets, Games and Activities

Are your kids working on squares and/or square roots? If so, be sure to grab this Squaring and Square Roots Packet! It is currently FREE to download!

These activities and worksheets are for practicing squaring numbers from 12 all the way to 202 — from 1×1 through 20×20!

Squares from 1 to 20Knowing the squares is helpful for students in 6th grade and up as they move into prealgebra and Algebra… and even for geometry (when using the Pythagorean Theorem: a2  + b2  = c2 ).

This packet starts with some basic worksheets for practicing squaring and finding the square roots from 12 to 202. The answer pages are provided.

Squares and Square Roots Worksheets

Then, you will find a Matching Memory Game, a Squares Board Game and a Squaring Bingo Game. I wanted a fun way to help the kids remember these perfect squares. 🙂

Squaring and Square Roots Games and Activities

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Squaring and Square Roots worksheets games and activitiesI made this Squaring and Square Roots Packet for my daughter as she tackles squaring and is introduced to the Pythagorean Theorem in her math program. This material is probably best for preAlgebra students on up.

Click the link below to grab the 25-page Squares & Square Roots Packet. It is currently FREE to download. Thinking of you in this challenging time!

Hope these are helpful! If you have any special requests, be sure to let me know! As always, you can email me here. ~Liesl

Squares & Square Roots Packet


The download link will come from SendOwl (the delivery service I use). It may say “thank you for your order” or “Homeschool Den Purchase” even though you are paying $0.00! (Just wanted to be clear about that!!)

Squaring and Finding Square Roots - Math Games and Activities

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