Best retro games consoles 2021: Go back to the future

We might be staring down the barrel of brand new generations of consoles from the giants that are Sony and Microsoft, while Nintendo's Switch plugs away as a quiet favourite, but the last couple of years have seen another parallel trend startup.

Retro consoles have come out of nowhere to become a fixture in the videogames market, with a range of companies revamping their old hardware, generally by shrinking it down and including games on its memory.

Whether you want to revisit the games of your childhood or play some classic titles for the first time ever, they offer amazing fun without complicated modern setups. 

Still, though, you probably don't fancy buying every miniature games console on the market - it might be helpful if we could narrow them down to just the very best options on the market. So, that's what we've done! These are the top modern retro consoles for you to pick from. 

Our pick of the best retro consoles to buy today

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