12 fun products couples can enjoy together

12 fun products couples can enjoy together— Recommendations are independently chosen by Reviewed’s editors. Purchases you make through our links may earn us a commission.

If you’ve felt cooped up within the same four walls as your partner for the last year or so, things between you two might have gotten a little less exciting. Sure, communication and empathy are crucial for restoring—or preserving!—your awesome bond, but a little help from our favorite products can do wonders as well.

From gadgets that make you feel well-rested and renewed to new equipment to work out together with, these 12 products are meant to be enjoyed with your partner—and are both fun and expert-approved.

1. This top-rated Theragun massage gun

Credit: Theragun

If you're both feeling stressed, a few minutes under the Theragun can go a long way in restoring a sense of calm.

If your wrists are starting to develop carpal tunnel syndrome from all that typing at your desk, allow the ergonomic handheld design of the Therabody Theragun Elite to remove your tightest kinks. As our experts’ top-rated massage gun, it comes with all the bells and whistles to give you and your partner a spa-quality massage. You can opt between five speeds and five attachments to suit both of your unique needs, and it comes with a helpful Bluetooth-connected app that allows you to select from pre-set programs like warm-up or recovery.

Get the Theragun Elite from Therabody for $399

2. This smoke-free outdoor fire pit

Solo Stove
Credit: Solo Stove

With Solo Stove, flames will ignite all around you two.

Take your typical happy hour to the backyard with this lightweight and portable fire pit. It produces so little smoke and burns so well that you only need to discard the ash once you’re through for the night, and you’ll walk away smelling anything but a smoky campsite. You can use the cult-favorite Solo Stove both to keep warm or cook up some s’mores or roasted marshmallows. Reviewers love how it requires virtually zero setup or handling of heavy logs.

Get the Solo Stove Ranger Stainless Steel Wood Burning Fire Pit from Amazon for $299.99

3. This top-rated projector our testers love

Credit: Anker

Turn your home or backyard into a movie theater with the click of a button.

It’s time for a departure from movie nights squinting in front of your tiny laptop. Instead, grab a blank wall, your partner, a heaping bucket of popcorn, and project your favorite movie wherever you please. Simply connect the best portable projector we’ve ever tested to your smartphone or gaming console, and enjoy a 150-inch image in a vivid HD resolution. The Anker Nebula Mars II has streaming services built-in, like Netflix and Hulu, so you can easily binge-watch your favorite shows. Plus, reviewers who claim to be less-than technologically savvy found the projector super simple to set up.

Get the Anker Nebula Mars II from Amazon for $499.99

4. The best meal kit we’ve ever tested

Home Chef
Credit: Home Chef

Enjoy the fruits (and foods) of your labor with our experts' top-rated meal kit.

While a great-tasting meal is certainly the goal, making the actual meal is also worth celebrating. Instead of ordering takeout for the seventh time this week, roll up your sleeves and get cooking together with Home Chef, our top-rated meal kit. Our reviewer says it breaks down intimidating cooking techniques into accessible steps and features beautifully written recipes, like the Farmhouse Fried Chicken with Mashed Potatoes, Green Onion Gravy, and Corn, that comes out tasting equally restaurant-worthy. The service is also ideal for vegans and vegetarians, and you have the option of swapping out different proteins.

Sign up for Home Chef starting at $6.99 per serving

5. This award-winning board game for word nerds

Credit: Bananagrams

You'll go bananas for this mentally-stimulating board game.

A little friendly competition never hurts anyone—and in fact, it may bring you two closer together. Bananagrams, a neat little board game that comes in a banana-shaped pouch, is best described as a DIY version of Scrabble. All you have to do is form your own board of connected words and whoever finishes their 21 letters first wins the game. It’s easy to play everywhere and anywhere, and it’s an enjoyable way to keep your mind sharp. One of the 15,000 reviews says, “Everybody loves playing it and ends up spending hours at a time! It helps you learn new words, and while not exactly Scrabble, knowing a bunch of two-letter words comes in handy when you're trying to win!”

Get Bananagrams from Amazon for $14.99

6. This soothing vegan bubble bath from Lush

Credit: Lush

Fragrant and fruity Lush bubble bars are a romantic bath essential.

Solo showers aren’t water efficient—why not bathe together and make it special? Lather up with Lush’s best-selling reusable bubble bar that emits a luxurious swath of blackcurrant-scented bubbles when you run it under hot water. It contains bergamot and cypress oils to both cleanse and warm the skin. Of its 1,000 reviewers, one fan says “The Comforter has such a beautiful fruity scent and the water turns a gorgeous pink with lots of soothing bubbles! It's definitely a treat to soak in this amazing bar. So relaxing! I highly recommend this Lush product. I have purchased it several times.”

Get The Comforter Bubble Bar from Lush for $12.95

7. This Leesa mattress topper

Credit: Leesa

The Leesa mattress topper breathes new life into any old mattress.

We spend approximately a third of our lives in bed, and if you’re coupled up, that means a whole lot of time in the same breathing space as another snoring and/or fidgeting human being. If you’re looking to switch up your sleeping situation so your bed feels plusher without purchasing an entirely new mattress, you’ll love the Leesa mattress topper made of two inches of high-quality foam. Leesa makes is our upgraded pick in our roundup of the best mattresses and you can ensure the topper is just as luxurious.

Get the Mattress Topper, Queen from Leesa for $299

8. This durable Schwinn tandem bike

Credit: Schwinn

Let the good times roll with Schwinn's popular tandem bike.

It’s no secret that going for a bike ride with your S.O. is a great way to get your heart pumping while experiencing the benefits of fresh air. However, if one of you tends to bike faster than the other, it can quickly devolve into a solo bike ride. Practice the most socially acceptable form of co-dependency with this uber-cute tandem bike from Schwinn that features seven speeds and responsive alloy caliper brakes. It allows you to pedal at twice the speed, or you can alternate between pedaling and scoping out the scenery.

As Amazon’s top-selling tandem bike, reviewers say it’s a fantastic value: “Excellent, excellent tandem bike for the money, as echoed by many other Amazon purchasers. I have been riding and building bikes for over 40 years, so I know what I am talking about. What most impressed me was the quality of the aluminum frame, which alone is worth the cost of the entire bike based on other brand-name bikes I have purchased over the years. The frame is lightweight, stiff, and strong.”

Get the Schwinn Twinn Classic Tandem Adult Beach Cruiser Bike from Amazon for $679.99

9. This professional-grade camera for beginners

Credit: Nikon

The Nikon D3500 takes the power of a bigger camera and shrinks it down into a comfortable, portable package.

If the last photo you took of your partner was a silly candid shot of them with food in their teeth, you might want to memorialize more memories you can both be proud of. Take your partner out to your favorite setting in your hometown for a proper photoshoot with the Nikon D3500 DSLR Video Camera. It’s our experts’ favorite camera for beginners for its portable and compact frame and kit lens. It also has a built-in SnapBridge Wi-Fi that makes it super easy to send images right to your social media accounts so you can start raking in the “likes” ASAP.

Get the Nikon D3500 from Best Buy for $599.99

10. This conversation starter game

Uncommon Questions
Credit: Uncommon Questions

Appreciate and understand your partner on a deeper level with Uncommon Questions.

It’s often the people we think we know best that surprise us most. Get to know your partner on an even deeper level with this best-selling card game that features 200 intimate and thought-provoking questions like “What experience in your life do you wish your significant other could have witnessed to better understand you?” and “If you had a dance move named after you, what would it be, and what would it look like?”

The game is designed to be gender- and orientation-inclusive and virtually any couple at any stage in the relationship can benefit from it. “My wife and I are in our early thirties and have been married for almost 10 years,” says one reviewer. “After going through about 20 cards in the first few days of receiving the game, we have learned more new things about each other than we had in the last year or two,”

Get Uncommon Questions from Amazon for $19.95

11. This at-home paint night kit

Uncommon Goods
Credit: Uncommon Goods

Take a trip to Positano with the stroke of a paintbrush.

If you miss going to paint night at your local pub, bring the painting party to your home. This unique at-home date night idea includes two pre-shaded canvases depicting idyllic Positano, Italy, six paintbrushes, 24 acrylic paints, and all the guidelines you need to walk you through your masterpiece. It’s similar to paint by numbers and is much easier than freeform painting.

“Bought this for an anniversary gift,” says one customer. “I am artistic, my husband not so much. But you don't have to be artistic in any way to be successful with this project. My husband did his the way he wanted and I did mine. Both are being framed to hang in our bedroom. Love it and had lots of fun doing it together.”

Get the Date Night Paint by Shadows Kit from Uncommon Goods for $40

12. This scratch-and-reveal map

W Wanderlust Maps
Credit: W Wanderlust Maps

Get ready to take a trip down memory lane.

As both a piece of artwork and a timestamp of your relationship, this map allows you to either mark the countries you’ve been to or the ones you want to visit together, providing an ideal opportunity to reflect on your shared experiences and goals. The 32 inches by 23 inches map contains vibrant geographic details beneath a scratch-off gold foil. Of its 7,000 ratings, many note they like that the map allows you to scratch off individual American states and that it provides a way to feel connected during a long-distance relationship.

Get the W Wanderlust Maps XL Scratch Off Map of the World from Amazon for $19.99

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