This is your chance get in on 38 of this week’s absolute best deals

Look, with everything going on right now, there's a good chance you might have missed some of the cool products offered up over the past few days, all at healthy savings off their original price.

We’d feel like we were doing you a disservice if we didn’t give you one last shot at ‘em. To help us all sleep at night, they’re all assembled below. Jump in...the water’s fine!

Home Improvement

Check Clipboard - $20.99; originally $24

Sure, it looks like an average clipboard...and yeah, it’s a clipboard. However, it does have a tight clip for holding thick stacks of paper, even up to beefy memo pads. And hey...whose desk or workspace doesn’t look for efficient and organized with a clipboard on it?

TP-Link Kasa Smart Home WiFi Plug (2-Pack) - $48.95; originally $68.53

This smart power plug lets you control electrical devices anywhere, all with the power of your smartphone. Plug it in and light up your house even when there’s nobody home — or fire up the space heater before you get back to make the house nice and toasty warm when you get there.

The possibilities are endless.

JASHEN V16 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner - $164.99; originally $299.99

Powered by a 350-watt digital brushless motor and sporting a built-in filter sensor, the V16 provides strong suction to lift embedded dirt and stain with ease and zero noise. With the dust brush, you can modify to clean hard floors too. And it’s all powered by a rechargeable 2,500mAh battery that delivers up to 40 minutes of runtime on a single charge.

Portable Lazy Laptop Desk - $134.95; originally $199

Balancing your laptop on your knees while working or watching a movie is silly. In fact, this lap desk can be a laptop stand, a reading desk or just a clean surface to write a letter or take notes. As perfect for traveling as for lying on the bed or couch, the dual bolster cushion base also gives support to your lap and keeps the laptop at a more comfortable angle.

RiseUp Electrical Height Adjustable Standing Desk - $375.99; originally $449.99

Does using a desk have to mean sitting down? The RiseUp says no. Adjustable from 2 to 45 inches high, you can modify your desk height to your optimal ergonomic position -- and change up your routine by standing for a while. With dual motors, 3-stage lifting columns, memory keypad, and even anti-collision, it’ll change the whole feel of your workday.

BASE⁺ Active Standing Balance Board - $118.99; originally $139.99

One of the safest and most effective balance and stability boards around, this board is engineered to work with a standing desk to offer a gentle, controlled, full range of balancing motion. It takes ergonomics to the next level — and it even burns a few calories while you work.

Food and Drink

Peet's Coffee French Roast K-Cup Packs (30-Count) - $34.95; originally $60

Peet’s is one of America’s best-known coffee brands, so enjoy a 30-pack of their popular rich French Roast blend at home. Peet's K-Cups for your Keurig Brewing System are the same quality coffee as found in stores, roasted with the same care. 


Toiletsaber: The Fastest, Most Hygienic Way to Unclog a Toilet Ever! - $29.99; originally $34.99

How would you rather deal with a toilet clog — with a plunger or with a much, much cooler Toiletsaber? With its unique, J-shaped, flexible head, this 28-inch unclogging tool reaches deep into the muck to pound out even the toughest clogs without ever getting too close to the mess. It even wipes clean in seconds for use in the next bathroom disaster.

Drizzle 3-Chamber Shower Dispenser - $36.99; originally $44.95

With Drizzle, you can clear out all those teetering, mildew caked bottles of shampoo, conditioner and body wash out of your shower. This dispenser mounts right to your shower wall and stores all your shower products for a clean look and a cleaner bathroom, all while keeping your product right there when you need it.

Bio Bidet Supreme BB-1000 Bidet Seat - $424.99; originally $499

Time to move past toilet paper with the bidet set that’s truly a bathroom necessity. Its 3-in-1 nozzle spritzes soothing warm water to clean you up and a warm air burst to dry you off from this heated seat with its own wireless remote. You can also save water and energy with the smart power-saving function, so it’s a universal win.


Active Masks (3-Pack) - $22.99; originally $27

Neoprene/Fleece Neck and Face Mask - $9.99; originally $30

Chambray Cloth Mask - $18; originally $22

Masks are a part of your lives now. So whether you go with a neoprene-fleece neck and face mask that also protects against cold weather; a Chambray cloth mask made with soft, soothing Chambray cotton; or a 3-pack of double-layer cotton active masks that are also washable, you’re covered against germs and airborne pathogens.

70% Alcohol Hand Sanitizer and Moisturizing Gel (4-Pack) - $32; originally $39.99

Klean+ Crisp Lavender Hand Sanitizer (1.69 Fl Oz / 6-Pack) - $38.99; originally $47.94

While your face is covered, your hands can still touch all kinds of infected surfaces. You can go with either a 4-pack of 70% Alcohol hand sanitizer and moisturizing gel that kills germs with just two, no-rinse drops; or a 6-pack of Klean+ crisp lavender hand sanitizer, powered by food-grade pure ethanol and infused with therapeutic essential oils that leaves hands feeling soft, moisturized and cleansed.

MedKit: 100 Pcs. of 3-Ply Masks and 4 Bottles of Hand Sanitizer Gel - $185.99; originally $270

The Prepster: Two-Person, 3-Day Emergency Kit Bag with N95 Mask - $449; originally $495

Of course, sometimes it’s smart to just go ahead and bulk up with long-lasting stores of emergency supplies.  The MedKit includes 100 3-ply masks and 4 bottles of 8 oz. hand sanitizer gel, so you and your entire family is protected everywhere. Meanwhile, Preppi's signature emergency kit is stocked with all the necessary supplies to help get you through three days of trouble, like a hurricane, power outage or zombie apocalypse. In addition to food and water, this kit also features N95 air respirator masks, a NOAA radio, an LED flashlight, a power bank, hygiene essentials, a comprehensive first aid kit, and a bunch more. 

Safe Guard Blue Nitrile Disposable Gloves - $24.95; originally $32.99

If you want something with a little more stopping power than hand sanitizer, then a pack of 50 pairs of these disposable gloves should do the trick. Made of nitrile so they’re always comfortable to wear, super flexible, and tear resistant, you’ll avoid any germs that can live on hard surfaces for up to three days.

Kontact: The Germ-Free Touch Tool (2-Pack) - $27.99; originally $49.90

In case you don’t want to wear gloves everywhere, but still want to exercise caution, the Kontact germ-free touch tool can now join your roster of essential everyday carry items. Cast in solid antimicrobial brass, this 3.3-inch touch tool design allows you to open doors, press buttons, and touch screens all while avoiding direct contact with your hands and thus reducing germ exposure. 

ionFan USB-Rechargeable Portable Ionizer Fan - $34.95

Whether you’re worried about germs or just want to scrub allergens or foul odors out of your air, this ionizer fan pumps out up to 3 million beneficial negative ions per second for cleaner, safer, and healthier indoor air quality. This travel-sized unit is a beast, removing everything from airborne bacteria and viruses, tobacco smoke and pet odors, mold spores and other allergens, dust, pet dander, pollen and more right out of existence.

FDA-Approved Infrared Thermometer - $71.99; originally $109

Safe and sanitary, this infrared thermometer can take a non-contact, clinically accurate body temperature in just one second. Even if your patient is asleep, the 3-color LED display will let you know if things are normal or if they’re running a fever. And you never have to get too close to avoid spreading any illnesses.


Jawzrsize Facial Fitness - $42.99; originally $109.85

If exercising helps create a toned physique, wouldn’t that logic also hold true for the muscles in your face and neck? Jawrsize builds your primal facial muscles to slim your face, reduce the double chin effect, define that jawline and generally firm and strengthen your whole facial region.

META 360 Legacy Pack Core-Based Trainer - $79.99; originally $129.99

This core-based trainer uses rotational technology allowing for smooth motion in any direction and lots of variation in your exercise for a full-body workout. Portable and lightweight, each exercise can be customized to match your fitness level or to target key areas like the arms, chest, legs and more. 

MoonRun Portable Cardio Trainer with Virtual Running Apps - $249; originally $399

If you want to go for a run, but don’t want to leave the house, the MoonRun’s got you. Easy to set up within minutes, MoonRun lets you do running and resistance training in your home. Using upward elastic pull for a reduced body weight effect, which also lowers knee and landing impact, you can combine aerobic and resistance training for an effective full-body workout.

CorePump Home Gym & Trainer (Crimson Red) - $1,300; originally $1,700

Billed as one of the safest and most effective functional training machines anywhere, the CorePump machine automatically and continuously adjusts to the strength and speed output of the individual. With 66 possible handle positions designed for basic exercises and stretches, users can go all-out without the jerky movements that accompany typical resistance training.


Amplified Flat HDTV Antenna - $19.99; originally $47

Dump cable forever -- and still get all your local signals in crystal clear 1080p HD with this ultra-thin, ultra-sleek indoor tuner. Mount this antenna to your TV and you’ll get clear reception from TV signals up to 50 miles away.

Universal 3D Mobile Phone Screen Magnifier with Speaker - $21.99; originally $29.99

Your tiny smartphone screen is...well, tiny. This screen magnifier blows up your smartphone video to an  HD acrylic lens screen a foot across, up to three times larger than your phone screen for better viewing without the eye fatigue. It’s also got a built-in speaker and a hands-free button to answer calls without picking up your phone.

Movii 360° Rotating Selfie Stick - $58.99; originally $85

This 360-degree phone gimbal stabilizes your video with the fluidity of a Hollywood Steadi-cam -- and you remain the star. Packed with features like infinite rotation, real-time target tracking, face tracking mode, AI composition, and more, it’s also got a battery for up to 50 hours of shooting. 

EVE Bluetooth Transmitter and Receiver - $59.99; originally $69.99

With EVE, you can watch TV, play games or feed audio to your Bluetooth headphones even if the device isn’t Bluetooth-enabled. Plug in a Nintendo Switch, Playstation, smartphones, car audio system or other non-Bluetooth devices, pair it up to 30 feet away, then sit back and enjoy the wireless audio for up to 8 hours.

Big Sound Wireless Speaker - $62.99; originally $69

Unlike cheap speakers, this power package from Brokski serves up dual high-performance drivers and enhanced bass for full-bodied audio from such a small unit. Connect via Bluetooth and soak in the impressive volume and clarity. There’s even an LED light show that flows to the beat of your jams.

Pictar Video Chat Kit - $94.99; originally $129.99

Since video conferencing is now the norm, don’t look awful. This three-piece kit including a flexible tripod, LED smart light, and a wide-angle lens are enough to make even the worst looking video call look fantastic.




Apple iPad 4 32GB - $219.99; originally $499

iPad Mini 3 16GB (Wi-Fi Only) - $229.99; originally $399

iPad Mini 3 64GB (Wi-Fi Only) - $239.99; originally $399

Everybody needs a new iPad, so rather than spend big money to buy new, you can pick up a factory refurbished, Apple approved and certified iPad instead for between $160 and $280 off their regular price. So whether you go with a 32GB iPad 4, or a 16GB or 64GB WiFi-only iPad Mini 3, you’re getting a killer deal on premium tech

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 512GB - $1,199; originally $1,699.99

Meanwhile, you can take your tablet up a notch with a Surface Pro 4 tablet-laptop hybrid. Powered by an Intel Core i5 processor and featuring a gorgeous 12.3" PixelSense display, you get all the mobility and versatility of a tablet coupled with the performance of a laptop. And it’s also got a giant 512GB hard drive to store everything.

HP 21kd 20.7" LED Full-HD Monitor - $89.99; originally $99.99

This nearly 21-inch LED monitor features anti-glare technology, a backlit screen and a 6,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio for delivering vivid, sharp images during long hours working or gaming. Hook it up to any PC and it makes for a stellar computing experience.

Screen Mom Screen Cleaning Super Bundle - $23.99; originally $29.99

And who wants that brand-new monitor to start looking grungy? This cleaning kit includes a 16oz bottle of screen cleaning potion that provides over 1,572 sprays and 5 large microfiber towels to remove fingerprints, smudges, dust, streaks, and all the other gunk that accumulates on your screens. In just a few wipes, your monitor looks as good as new -- and it doesn’t leave behind a funky smell either.

Wireless Optical Mouse - $12.99; originally $29.99

Unlike your old-school mouse, this one doesn’t have moving parts, so it won’t gather up dirt and grit that gums up many controllers. And it’s wireless, offering full control from up to 30 feet away. Now, you can just focus on what’s on the screen and not the clutter of cords.

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