SPONSORED: Turtle Beach Stealth Gen 2 600 And 700 Offer Affordable Premium Console Gaming Audio

There’s nothing worse than getting yourself a fancy next-gen console like the Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5, only to take it home and realize that your home audio solution is primitive in comparison to your new set.

If it's time to boost your audio game, then it's time to upgrade to some high-quality, high-performance Turtle Beach headphones.

Stealth Gen 2 600

The Stealth Gen 2 600 (MSRP $99.99) features powerful, amplified audio via expertly tuned 50mm speakers paired with refined ear cup acoustics. Basically, that means the Gen 2 600 sounds fantastic and keeps unwanted noises out of your headphones. It also includes advanced audio features like Variable Mic Monitoring that lets you hear your own voice when you speak to ensure that you sound okay in the microphone.

The included high-performance flip-to-mute mic lets you flip the microphone up in order to mute yourself. It slots right into the design of the headset when flipped up, making it a super neat and space-efficient feature.

The Stealth Gen 2 600 also features a robust construction value, with a strengthened headband and hinge design to ensure that it doesn't break down over time and with repeated use within normal parameters. Its 15-hour battery life ensures that you can get a solid 15 hours of gaming between charges, after which you simply need to plug in the USB-C charging cable.

Its bigger fit means that it gives off better sound. It features ear cushions made of a soft and breathable material that keeps you comfortable for as long as you need to stay in the headphones; whether to game, watch movies, or take Discord calls.

You can find the Stealth Gen 2 600 at the GameStop store for $99.99 today.



Stealth Gen 2 700

The Stealth Gen 2 700's built-in high-performance Nanoclear™ speakers are a step up from the basic 50mm drivers they replace from the 600. Size isn't everything, but these drivers are even more realistic-sounding and powerful than their previous counterparts. Now you can hear even more of those critical details in intense competitive game modes, but with even more granularity. Whether it's the location of an enemy squad or the direction of gunfire, your Gen 2 700 can provide incredibly realistic sound imaging that breathes life into your favorite games.

The Turtle Beach Stealth Gen 2 700 is also a step up from its 600 counterpart in another major way. It includes Aerofit™ cooling gel-infused ear cushions for maximum comfort. These ear cushions contain memory foam that's infused with a layer of Aerofit™ cooling gel, which keeps you chilled during long sessions of play. It's important to keep your cool under pressure, which is why going for the Stealth Gen 2 700 may be the best option.

It keeps the flip-to-mute mic, glasses friendliness, Superhuman Hearing®, easy access to audio presets, variable mic monitoring, and 50mm drivers of its previous iteration. It also has a 20-hour wireless battery life vs. the 600's 15-hours. This means that you can play your game for up to almost a full day straight before ever needing to charge the Stealth Gen 2 700 via USB-C cable. Its audio presets are super useful in order to tailor the exact audio experience you're looking for as well; you can choose between Bass Boost, Signature Sound, Treble Boost, and Vocal Boost.

You can find a Stealth Gen 2 700 at the GameStop store for $149.99 today!


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