May Pet Astrology and Their Humans

Taurus: Happy Birthday Taurus! You are being spoiled by those who love you the most. Your are a Loving faithful companion and are showered with much affection. The gifts you receive for your birthday are practical, but the best in quality. Since the weather is getting warmer you desire to go out on  walks and engage in playtime. You will stay put the first few weeks and then there will be some travel. Guilty Pleasure: ORVIS Memory Foam Coach Dog Bed for cats: The Igloo Cat Bed Deluxe.

Gemini: Where is everybody? Chatty active Gemini, “just click your paws and you will be at the dog park or kitty playtime, hooray! The good old days? Not yet! Over the next few weeks at home you will be a bit overzelous or hyper active so make sure to get some brain game puzzles and tug -n- pull toys. Spruce up, social babes with a showy new collar or leash for the warm weather months.Guilty Pleasure: Doggie bowtie or collar try USA made.Cats: thekittyblingboutique.

Cancer: As a confirmed home-body, you have been perfectly happy to be snuggled up in the safety of your home the past few months, giving more bonding time with your loved ones, experience new adventures in your home space, and learning new games and tricks. As you continue to be prudent in the first few weeks of May you will find yourself slowly venturing out into the world at the end of the month as the warmer weather and Corvid-19 restrictions are lifted and suitable guidelines for socializing are put in place. Make sure you get some fresh air everyday and maintain a healthy diet. Guilty Pleasure: Dog Bed Selector. How about a You and Me Cactus bed for your feline to make them purr.

Leo: YES! Warmer weather and sunshine! Basking in the sunshine is your thing. As you are still napping off the past few months of social restrictions, you will spend the month of May indulging in the fanciful. Enjoy long grooming sessions, doggie massages and yummy treats. Beef marrow bones are a good fix. As warmer weather approaches, remember to continue tick and flea medication’s, and keep social distancing in check. xxxoo Guilty Pleasure: earthbath vanilla and almond 3-in-1 Deodorizing SPRITZ Cats: try grooming foam.

Virgo: Maintenance is your key word, grooming rituals must be in place, hot stuff. Spring cleaning has started and an organized space is very important to a healthy lifestyle. Make sure you tighten up your diet and check the list for healthy food and snacks. Long walks and belly rubs get you through the month. The Summer will be low key, outdoor picnics and play dates in the sun. You partake in the family festivities gladly. Make sure to hydrate with extra water on all outings. Guilty Pleasure: Bark Box Cats: Go for the heights with cat shelves.

Libra: Way to go Libra, you have been a champ at balancing your surroundings. You are chill the month of May, taking things day by day with complete equanimity. Towards the end of the month you might get a little flustered and demand twice as many walks and play times. This could be out of character for you, however under the pressures of the current pandemic you need to release some excess energies. Going into summer month it will be smooth sailing once again. Guilty Pleasure: Soup Bones Cats: Love Bites.

Scorpio: Feeling the overwhelming need for some privacy perhaps? Not getting enough attention lately? Things change up a bit the first few weeks into to the month of May. You desire less combative moments and more moments of intimacy. You might feel the need to cuddle up in your private space. You have that luxury for the next few weeks. Busy months ahead as travel plans shift into full gear later in the summer. Shopping spree, new travel gear is a must. Guilty Pleasure: Mobile Dog Gear Week Away Tote Pet Travel Bag Cats: A space age travel.

Sagittarius: Go your own way! There is your way or the highway, if you want to come along for the ride that’s cool.  Your independence screams this month for exercise and outdoor adventures, you can become very demanding without enough exercise. Make sure to get long walks or runs in and keep social distancing in place as you hike the parks. Guilty Pleasure: Play fetch Cat: Delomo Smart Interactive Cat Toy Ball.

Capricorn: Steady babies, our loyal friend love soaking up the one on one time. What’s your a mission? You absolutely need to be part of the bigger picture, so make sure you are included in the daily activities in your home and outdoors. Fresh air walk and runs keep you healthy. Keep your coat healthy with daily brushing and add vitamins to your diet for healthy bones. Guilty Pleasure: Organic dog. Cats: Live Cat Catnip.

Aquarius: Happy to sleep in these days Aquarius? From the beginning of May it seems you will need to recharge from all the stay at home excitement. What better way to that than to soak up the sun in your favorite spot or snuggle up in a cozy corner. Your summer will be very stimulating and full of unexpected travel. Busy, busy, busy! Late June is very exciting. Guilty Pleasure: Stella & Chewy’s carnivore crunch. Kitty’s- SmartyKat Catnip Cat Toys.

Pisces: Adoration is key. Pet me, love me, adore me. To recharge your energy and get ready for a very busy summer, it is import to take long naps, receive lots of cuddles and praise and switch your diet to a healthier meal plan with limited treats. Dogs: A home cooked meal or massage. Cats: cuddles and playtime.

Aries: Waiting to pounce! Dreaming of an outdoor adventure or an action packed social hour? Being cooped up with your beloved peeps is a little much these days and you just need to blow off some steam! You are seeking new adventures and will do some serious upheaval if too pent up. Patience is your key word. So, silly furr babies, play it cool for a few weeks and chill. We are still following restrictive social guidelines for Covid-19, so for now you will have to seek out new toys to play with and find new hiding places to keep yourself amused at home. The month of May will bring some unexpected adventures, so hang on, the end of month promises water adventures. Guilty Pleasure: Kong Ziggies Cats: The Scratch Ramp.

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