Kids Are Enrolling In ‘Fortnite’ Dance Classes

Since its launch last summer, Fortnite has become the most popular game in recent memory. It’s amassed over 125 million players. Kids have become addicted to playing it. Parents are hiring Fortnite coaches, and not just for their kids ⏤ for themselves! And now? Well, now a  gym chain is offering Fortnite dance classes. 

UK-based David Lloyd Clubs just unveiled “Emote Royale,” a workout class designed to teach kids popular dance moves from the game, including “The Floss” and “Electro Shuffle.” Emotes are a pretty huge part of Fortnite culture, and players usually break into them to celebrate a victory. One boy, known as “orange shirt kid,” even became a viral superstar thanks to his dancing. His signature move, dubbed “Orange Justice,” was turned into an emote when the game creators asked fans to submit their own dances with the promise that the best one would make it into the game.

According to a press release from David Lloyd Clubs, the class learns a dozen dance moves and once each move has been perfected, they perform a routine of all 12 moves together. They even warm down with dances from the game, such as the slowed down version of ‘the eagle’ and the ‘storm salutation.’

Interestingly, the Fortnite dance classes are being billed as an alternative to sitting on the couch and actually playing Fortnite. It’s a pretty important sentiment considering the fact that the game has created addiction-like symptoms in some kids, sometimes even requiring the intervention of a specialist. The classes are part of the gym’s “DL Kids” package which costs around $71 US dollars a month. Now the big question: When are the classes coming to the United States.

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