Intel reveals 13th gen mobile CPUs including first ever 24-core laptop processor

Intel has today revealed its latest generation of laptop CPUs including what it claims to be the fastest mobile processors ever.

These new processors use the same big.LITTLE design logic as before, with a mix of both performance cores and efficiency cores for the best possible experience. 

The CPUs come in various skews including the top-end extreme-performance HX processors, the thin enthusiast grade H-series processors, the P-series that's aimed at thin and light performance laptops and the U-series for modern and light ones. 

The flagship processor of this line-up is the Intel Core i9-13950HX, which the company says is the fastest mobile processor available, clocking up to 5.6GHz. It's the first 24-core mobile processor, packing in eight performance cores and 16 efficiency cores. 

Like the previous 12th generation CPUs, these new models will include support for DDR5 RAM, PCIe gen 5, Thunderbolt 4 (USB 3.2 at 20Gb/s and up to dual 4K 60Hz monitors via DisplayPort 2.1), Bluetooth LE and Intel Wi-Fi 6E as well. On the Core i9-13950HX, this support includes up to 128GB RAM, with memory support for both DDR4 and DDR5, as well as dynamic overclocking via XMP 3.0. 

Intel claims various performance improvements for these 13th-generation CPUs, with as much as 79 per cent improvement in Blender performance, 24 per cent lift in Autodesk, 15 per cent improvement in After Effects and more.

For gaming, the i9-13950HX has a 12 per cent increase in average FPS vs the i9-12900HX across various modern titles including Forza Horizon 5, F1 22, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy and more. 

The 13th-generation processors also have improved multi-tasking capabilities, making them ideal for game development, 8K video playback and editing with HEVC 422 and more. Intel says it's possible to both record and stream with the x264 “Slower” preset with fewer skipped frames and a smoother experience. 

Along with the HX CPUs, the H-series, P-series and U-series processors will be powering 250 laptop designs from the likes of Dell, HP, Lenovo, MSI, Acer, Razer and more in 2023. These other variants will have up to 14 cores, with six performance cores and eight efficiency cores. 

These 13th-generation laptops will also include Intel Iris Xe graphics with features that include "endurance gaming" for a smooth on battery gaming experience. Intel's XeSS Super Sampling also promises to boost performance, along with Intel Arc control for turning your graphics with ease. 

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