I Hate Flashcards, So I Made Them FUN!

Distance Learning: Let's "Play" With Flashcards!

Creative Ways To Use Flashcards:

Yes, I HATE flashcards. Life should NOT always be a test! But, if you use them as "skill cards" they can change everything:

Here is how to use flashcards in FUN ways:

Each student will need: A set of flashcards (easy to get with a FREE TRIAL from ESGI. CLICK HERE to start your trial.) 
They will also need a few sandwich size zipper bags, a straw, and a pair of scissors.

1. Create a set of flashcards for your students. 
If you use ESGI, print your students' flashcards or send each student their individualized set of flashcards from your ESGI account.
(That means that each child will get flashcards with the exact letters, sounds, numbers, sight words, etc. that they need to work on based on the testing you have done. And you can assess remotely if you are practicing distance learning.)
(Directions about how to use ESGI for FREE are at the end of this post.)

2. Have the students' parents choose a few "skill cards" (let's not call them flashcards any longer) and tell them to have their child cut them out. (Use fancy scissors to make it more fun and to build fine motor skills as they are usually a little trickier to use.)
Have them cut around the
1st (a great word to discuss)
and keep the scraps.

                 Use the scraps for an art project!

3. Have the students place 2 skill cards, back-to-back, inside a sandwich size zipper bag. 

4. They might need help to remove the air from some of the bags and seal.

5. They might need help to add air, by inserting a straw and blowing air into some of the bags and sealing them.

6. Now, let's play! You can send your students off to play the day away with their skill cards. Whether they play in the bathtub, or even in a sink, they can "Sink That Skill!" Let the bags with air in them float as each child scans all of the bags for the skill their parent calls out. "Sink the letter Q." "Sink the letter P."
Imagine the tub filled with floating bags of skill cards!
Click on the video:

And use the bags without air to stick skills to the tile. (And don't forget to talk about sinking and floating to get a bit of science in too! :)

What Else Can Parents Do With These Skill Cards?

~Stick individual cards to your child's bedroom door or at the bottom of the stairs and have them slap the skill card and say the letter, #, sight word, etc. as they pass by.
~Hide a skill card under each dinner plate at the dinner table tonight and each person gets to look at their skill card and give clues to the family to help them guess the letter, #, sight word, etc.
~Copy a 2nd set of skill cards, cut them out and attach them, face down, to the refrigerator with magnets. Let your child play the Memory Game as they peek at skill cards and try to match them up.
~Use skill cards as "brag tags" and let your child tape the cards that have the skills they have mastered onto their shirt and wear the brag tags all day long. 
Whatever you do, make learning FUN!

Getting Started With FREE ESGI:

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If you have ANY questions, just ask by leaving a comment below and enjoy spending time with your child. You've got this! :)

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