How to Choose the Right Gaming Mouse

Guides to Buy The Right Gaming Mouse

Every gamer should have a gaming mouse in his or her arsenal. With the mouse for gaming, you can have while playing your games. However, if you want to notch your game up, you need the right gaming mouse to achieve this. These mice have added features with customizable buttons.

Furthermore, you can find different ones offering a wide selection of functions with grip styles to fit in with your style of gaming. Moreover, with a high DPI (dots per inch), it adds an extra edge when you need to get cursor and sensitivity accuracy.

So how do you choose the right gaming mouse for your needs? Stay for a moment and we will tell you everything you need to know in finding the correct one.

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What Can a Gaming Mouse Offer You

How to Choose the Right Gaming Mouse

When you search for a gaming mouse, you get outstanding control and need to be able to use it comfortably. So what is the difference between a standard and gaming mouse?

It all comes down to the DPI (dots per inch) aspect as it offers you high performance in gaming. The higher the DPI, the more responsive the mouse will be providing you precision.

These functions help when you are in an FPS (first-person shooter) video game. With the high dots per inch, setting that you can adjust according to your needs will get you further in your game.

Another aspect that makes these mice impressive is that you can find them in different feels and sizes. You get different grips offering you a comfortable hold made for different shaped palms.

Furthermore, your hand size also plays a crucial part when you select the mouse for playing video games. You get added buttons with scroll wheels that make a huge difference in how you use the mouse.

The fantastic thing is you can custom-map the buttons to fit in with your gaming function needs. These are from quick-casts to hotkeys. All of these characteristics help with different actions in the game.

Some mice offer you smooth scrolling wheels to use with other related work as well.

Why is Gaming Mouse Unique?

Using a generic mouse helps you to navigate through different folders on your PC. However, you do need to use it on a flat surface for it to move on the screen.

There are several buttons you can use, offering you the necessary actions to move the cursor or select a folder you want to access. Here the gaming mouse works similar to the standard mouse.

However, there is loads of difference as the gaming mouse presents you with a higher quality design. The device gives you different levels of precision levels, and it is more comfortable to use.

You can click fast with it, and some even come with a light display. On the other hand, you get more benefits using a gaming mouse. So what are gaming mice made up off, and which type should choose?

How to Choose the Right Gaming Mouse

Should you pick the optical or laser mouse?

You can get the gaming mice in different types for use with your gaming. There are optical, laser, and ball mice. However, the latter you cannot find available anymore.

When you compare the optical design to the laser one, the latter is a new edition on the market. For professional gaming, the laser model has a practical design.

The optical mouse works with LED lights to keep track of your movements, and you can only use it on solid surfaces. However, the laser mouse works with a laser light that is narrow and offers accurate precision for tracking movements.

Do not get us wrong. The optical mouse also has the same precision, but the laser model you can use on a glass surface with exceptional tracking.

However, we still recommend using a hard mat with both these mice to prevent dust build up in them.

Are customizations and software important?

These two features play an essential part when you select your gaming mouse. The majority of these mice have built-in software to use with your laptop or PC.

So if you want to use the mouse with your keyboard and headset, the software you use is crucial. You can find some of these mice sold with the headset and keyboard at times, but you can buy it as a standalone as well.

With the implemented software, you can customize the DPI, lighting profile, to buttons. We recommend you pick one where you can change the dots per inch as it allows you to change the sensitivity giving you exceptional performance in your video game.

Another option is to look for one that you can adjust the settings using the buttons available. There are some models even allowing you to adjust the mousepad to set up custom buttons to save as a profile.

Having this feature comes in handy when playing games and depends on the type of games you play. Therefore, if you can find one with all of these functions, allowing you to save your profile to the inbuilt memory, you have one of the best gaming mice.

Comfort and Shape

Here the shape of the gaming mouse plays another vital role when selecting one. You want to feel comfortable for long sessions of gaming. Check if the mouse offers you both left and right-hand use and read customer reviews as well. Furthermore, check if the gaming mouse accommodates both small to large hands.

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Should you go wired or use a wireless gaming mouse?

Here it all comes down to preference when selecting your gaming mouse. The wireless model offers you a high convenience compared to the wired counterpart.

However, you can get an input lag using the wireless model and can take a toll on your precision and accuracy in the game. The problem results from how long it takes from the time of action to sending information to the receiver.

While the latest wireless gaming mice offer you a faster use, some can still have this problem. Check for lagging in reviews before buying one.

However, if you prefer intense action with your device, the wired type is a handy device to have as well.

How comfortable is the grip of the gaming mouse?

How to Choose the Right Gaming Mouse

The grip is another crucial factor as one device differs from another. Everyone has a different grip style, and it all comes down to the following:

  • Tip grip – here, you use your middle, index, and ring fingertip to control the mouse. In most cases, these comprise of the left button, wheel, and right button. You will find your thumb resting on the sides without the palm touching the body.
  • Palm Grip – among most gamers, this is a standard grip with the fingers resting on the right side of the buttons while the whole palm is on the device.
  • Claw Grip – here you have two types of hold with the palm resting on the back and the finger with thumb tips slanting on the buttons. The grip has a practical effect and depends on the type of game you play. However, pick one that fits best for you.

With the above grips, each mouse offers you a vast selection of grips as a huge one with full design works best for using the palm grip.

While a lightweight model with a small design is better for the tip grip, using a narrow gaming mouse with long buttons fits in well with the claw grip.

Specialized Gaming Mice

Here you need to think about how you want to use the mouse. For professional games playing using an inexpensive mouse for office, use may not work.

Therefore, if you want a mouse for office and gaming, it helps to have a particular mouse that offers you an all-in-one approach. Here you need to consider what type of mouse you need with your budget.

Think about what you plan to use the device before buying one. For use with a PC, we recommend the all-purpose mouse.

Performance or Budget

Luckily, you can find some cheap gaming mice to fit in with your budget. However, it does have its disadvantages as well. The problem with different brands is that they overlook crucial aspects from the construction, material used, durability, to quality of the device.

Are you an enthusiastic FPS gamer, then using a cheap gaming mouse may become a problem with long-term use. You need a mouse with top-performance switches and DPIs. However, the choice remains with you.

You need to decide if you want to sacrifice the quality over price.

Types of Gaming Mice to Choose

While shopping for the best gaming mouse is fun, it also gets frustrating as there are different types available on the market. You can find a vast selection of these devices, offering you different performance levels.

So which one should you choose? You pick one that fits in with your preferences and needs. While some offer you different grips, there are some of them made to use with different games as well.

How to Choose the Right Gaming Mouse

Here are some considerations for you:

  • MMO or MOBA Mice – these mice have big buttons and great for gamers who need custom-bound skills. However, the small button for the thumb does not make it easy to distinguish between the controls. So for fast-paced shooter games, you may find they are not a big help.
  • Ambidextrous mouse – the device is perfect for left-hand users or gamers in need of using both their hands. The button layout has a simple design and great for shooter-games. You have thumb buttons placed on both sided caterings for different needs. Furthermore, you get a blank space to place unused switches as well. Another great option is the mobile mouse that you can use on the go. The hybrid mouse is excellent for all-purpose use as well.
  • Shooter Mouse – for speed in a game, this is the gaming mouse to have. For first-person to third-person shooting games, these mice are perfect. You get a left button with scrolling wheels and the right-side button. The device offers you primary input with an exceptional design.

No matter what need you have when choosing a gaming mouse, it still all comes down preference?

When you want a perfect gaming mouse, it need not be a difficult task. We hope that the information provided helps you to find the right device according to design, size, quality, and price.

However, if you can do not trade the value for a cheap price. With the right device, you can bring the game on to suit your needs with the best gaming mouse. So for ideal performance, it is best to choose the right mouse for your gaming needs.

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