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Happy World Game – arkanoid

Egor Krupnov
Happy World Game is a free arcade game, unique for its combination of classic arkanoid with its traditional brick breake…
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Happy World Game is a free arcade game, unique for its combination of classic arkanoid with its traditional brick breaker game mechanics with modern control capabilities and bonuses, giving advantages to the player. Unlike most modern and breakout games, Happy World Game brick shooter gives a player a unique experience for 2D arkanoid games and similar ricochet games. GAMEPLAY FEATURES: *** The player can control the time! You can "freeze" the bricks on the playing field, while the ball is still in motion and continues to destroy them. *** Aim carefully before you release the ball. The game will tell the flight path of the ball. You don’t need to count on luck and rely on a good eye, only perfectly measured accuracy. *** Huge number of boosters. Each of them somehow changes the properties of the ball. One makes it so powerful that it goes through the bricks, destroying everything on its path. Another creates several copies of the ball and now a dozen balls are breaking the blocks of bricks. At the request of the player, the collected Happy Worlds can be sent to UNITEDNATIONSPLAY. With сollected Happy Worlds the player can impact UNITEDNATIONSPLAY. The brick crusher Happy World Game arkanoid free game has amazing graphics, laconic interface, and bright sound. This is a nice brick game, that will be appreciated by both fans of the breakout brick games and those who enjoy playing arcade games offline. GAME FEATURES: *** Right now, the brick crush Happy World Game has more than 100 author’s levels. In addition, a random level generator is available in the brick buster game, which combines an infinite number of options for placing bricks on locations. *** Our bricks breaker game is free and unlike other time killer games does not have any restrictions on the number of attempts to clear levels. There are 3 difficulty levels in the block breaker Happy World Game. You can choose a comfortable speed for the arkanoid classic. *** Control the physics of the ball movement, swipe brick to get a truly unique gaming experience. *** With its incredible capabilities, the balls and bricks game has a small size and unlike other breaker games will take a little less than 100 MB of the phone's memory. *** The brick shooter Happy World Game is compatible with tablets. Play on any device! ********************************************************************************************************* Happyworld.games is a series of arcade games free for mobile platforms. Our games feature exciting action, unique gameplay and game mechanics, sparkling sense of humor and funny game characters. Join the army of our players and we will regularly delight you with incredible updates in the games!
Seller:Egor Krupnov
Genre:Action, Arcade
Release:Jun 02, 2021
Updated:Jun 02, 2021
Size:105.9 MB
TouchArcade Rating:Unrated
User Rating:Unrated
Your Rating:unrated
Compatibility:HD Universal

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