Geography Worksheets & Games For Kids (Free Printables)

During these uncertain times, if you’re staying home following social distancing rules or preparing for summer with your kiddos, planning some time outside or away from the screens is a sure way to spend quality time with each other. Sometimes it seems very difficult to get your kids to sit still for more than a second, so you have to find a way to keep the little ones engaged and entertained with fun and unique activities.

A good way to keep your kids’ busy and active minds occupied is by promoting wanderlust and a traveling spirit — even if you’re stuck at home in the indoors. You can do this through engaging activities like games, cooking, and storytime! Teaching your kids at a young age about the world and its wonders such as landmarks, cuisine, culture, and traditions can help them get excited to learn new things and develop empathy.

To make things simple and easy for you and your little ones, CarRentals has created a list of five fun and creative games and printable worksheets. With these activities, your kids will learn things like famous landmarks, fun facts about places around the world, such as inventors and culture. Keep reading for these fun and educational ideas!

Geography Worksheets & Games

1. Find the Landmark’s Home

Learning by association is always fun for visual learners! As entire countries are often known by their famous landmarks, your kiddos may have an easy time with this one! If they’re just starting to learn about world geography, associating a cool location or structure will surely get them excited to discover more.

  1. Color in each landmark and map before cutting.
  2. Once colored in, have your little one cut each landmark circle.
  3. Glue each landmark in the bubble of the corresponding country.

2. My Travel Bucket List

Help your child put together their very own travel bucket list by filling out this printable. In addition to creating a list of countries they’d like to visit, the worksheet asks for places they’d like to visit in each, food they’d like to try and activities they’d like to do.

Follow this worksheet with a fun DIY project like creating a travel pushpin map or putting together a travel journal.

  1. Before printing, look up fun countries your kids would like to visit.
  2. Read up on the country’s cuisine, famous landmarks, and culture.
  3. Help them fill out the printable with the countries they’d most like to visit.

3. World Facts Crossword Puzzle

Knowing important world facts will come in handy when your child starts their first geography class. Help them solve this crossword puzzle by giving them additional clues whenever they get stuck on an answer.

With easy questions (what’s the world’s largest country?) to more difficult ones (what’s the only city that sits on two continents?), this puzzle will help them expand their geographical knowledge.

  1. Help your kiddo solve the crossword by following the clues.
  2. If needed, give them additional clues to help them through the puzzle.
  3. Check their answers with the key on the second page.

4. Color By Numbers World Flags

Get your kids to relax and unwind with this color by numbers worksheet. It includes three of some of the world’s most colorful flags to let their creativity flow. Be sure to hand their beautiful creations on the fridge to inspire their future travels.

  1. If your little one is still learning their numbers and colors, guide them using the key.
  2. Have them color each flag to complete the coloring page.

5. World Capitals Memory Game

To exercise your kid’s brain a little, we created this engaging world capitals memory game. As the cards are not an identical visual match, this game can be an exciting challenge for kids who are starting to learn about political geography. For an added twist, set a time limit and a prize if they match their cards correctly.

  1. Cut out each card.
  2. Give your kids some time to familiarize themselves with the countries and their capitals.
  3. Once they feel ready, place them face down.
  4. Start matching until all the cards have been paired.
  5. For beginners, start with fewer cards.


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With these tips and fun printables on hand, you and your little one are ready to embark on a new adventure. Use them at home to inspire your next road trip or bring them with you during your travels to pass the time! 

For more printables, games, and activities, be sure to check out the CarRentals blog!

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