Blast into Spring with these cute classics!

Spring is here, and pretty soon schools will be out. Little ones will be looking for some things to do when they cannot go outside. They will also be great for a lot of family game night fun! These classics from Goliath Games and Pressman Toys will surely bring lots of enjoyment fun! 

Check out these great games. Which one will you choose? 

Banana Blast

Escape to the jungle and swing into fun with Banana Blast! Roll the die to see how many bananas you get to pick from the treetop. One of the bananas will make Banana Joe jump, but it’s a different banana every time. When the monkey jumps, all the players must try to catch him before he hits the ground. The player who catches Banana Joe gets two bonus bananas! Then players count their bananas to see who has the most to win.

This delightful preschool game teaches hand-eye coordination, taking turns, and quick reactions and its unpredictable action make for exciting repeat gameplay! (As an aside, we’ve seen adults have a blast with this as well!)

You can purchase Banana Blast on Amazon, Walmart or any other stores that sell games.

Lucky Ducks

Lucky Ducks is a wacky, quacky memory and matching game that helps kids develop shape and color recognition. Switch on the circular pond, and the ducks start swimming – the bottom side of each duck has a colored shape. Players take turns picking up a duck and looking at the color and shape; if it matches their colored shape, they get to keep the duck. If it doesn’t match, they put it back.

The ducks continue to swim, so it’s more challenging than a traditional memory game but easy enough for even the youngest duck lovers to play. The first player with 3 ducks that match their shape wins!

You can purchase Lucky Ducks through Amazon, Walmart and any other local stores that sells games. 

Pop The Pig

Pop the Pig guarantees giggles, all while teaching number and color recognition! This preschool classic guarantees hours of fun and is completely kid-powered (no batteries needed)!

Players take turns rolling the die, feeding the pig, and pushing down on his head.  Differently colored burgers tell the player how many times to pump the pig after feeding him!  Each pump makes his belly grow bigger, bigger, and BIGGER! The suspense grows until his belly POPS!

Game Contents:

  • 1 Piggy Chef
  • 4 Purple Burgers
  • 4 Red Burgers
  • 4 Yellow Burgers
  • 4 Green Burgers
  • 1 Die with Sticker Sheet
  • Complete Instructions

You can purchase Pop The Pig through Amazon, Walmart and other stores that sell games 

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