Client Gifts Super Bowl Tickets To This Employee, Boss Gives Them To Someone Else, Gets Taught A Hard Lesson With The Client’s Revenge Plan

Let’s start with a little disclaimer – as a dedicated Cowboys fan, it was hard for me to write this post right after the recent divisional round match, because it all revolves around the Niners and their path into the Super Bowl. On the other hand, the story is very interesting and instructive, so in the end even I was glad for its hero.

Okay, now let’s move on to the story itself. So, what do you think, what memories can a person consider the coolest and most important in their entire life? A graduation party, a wedding, a baby… your team’s Super Bowl win will probably be one of them too. And if you also watch this Super Bowl right from the stadium, and even from the VIP box, then even your favorite team’s loss will not overshadow this memory for life.

The author of this story, which appeared a few days ago in the ProRevenge Reddit community, was unlucky twice – firstly, his team lost the Super Bowl, and secondly, he watched the match on TV, although he could have found himself literally 30 yards from the gridiron. However, the author of the original post has something to be glad about – it turned out to be a great revenge story, the post about it has already gained 21.3K upvotes and almost 600 comments, and the 49ers have every chance to make it to the Super Bowl again this year…

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The author of the post is a devoted 49ers fan and tries not to miss their home games

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So, the author of the post, as he already noted, is a longtime and devoted Niners fan, and a few years ago, the team again made it back to the Super Bowl (most likely, it was Super Bowl LIV). According to the original poster himself, he works in consulting, and among his clients there are many large companies, representatives of which sometimes gave him tickets to the matches of the Niners and GSW as well. So it happened this time – with the “Major-game-of-your-life.”

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Several years ago when the Niners made it to Super Bowl, one of the author’s clients decided to gift him two tickets

And so, one of the big clients, with whom the OP had managed to make quite good friends – so much so that they often dropped in for a glass of good wine after work meetings, knowing that a friend is a devoted fan, decided to give him two tickets to the Super Bowl in his company box. The only problem was that he handed over these tickets to the OP’s partner, who turned out to be, let’s say, a bit light-fingered.

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Anyway, the partner seemed to think that two tickets to the Super Bowl at Miami Gardens would be a great gift for one of his own clients. As a result, the author of the post did not receive anything, and two strangers from a completely different company went to the long-awaited match. As for the OP, he had to watch Patrick Mahomes breaking the hearts of the whole Bay Area in the fourth quarter on TV.

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However, the author’s business partner swiped the tickets and handed them to his own clients, but the author soon found it out

But then, a few days later, the OP met with the same client again, and he asked why he wasn’t present at the match. Imagine the surprise and disappointment of the OP when it turned out that he was presented with tickets, and instead of him, some guys ended up sitting in the coolest seats! The friends conducted their own mini-investigation and came to the conclusion that the OP’s partner simply had not given him the tickets.

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Having tried to find out from the partner what happened, the OP quickly realized that he wanted to hush up an unpleasant incident. The author thought about it and decided that it was better not to engage in revenge alone, but to do it together with the same client – especially since the vile partner de facto set him up by sending representatives of a completely different company to corporate box. So, a few days later, the plan was ready and it was brilliant…

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The author and the client devised a brilliant revenge plan together

According to the plan, the original poster with the same vile partner was invited to the client’s office for a meeting. So they both took a flight and flew there. Both were met at the office by the OP’s friend who called them into the room, where an unfamiliar woman in her 30s was already present, whom the client introduced as Stephanie “Suchandsuch”, the vice president of his company. However, as the client noted, Stephanie and the OP already knew each other from the Super Bowl.

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Then there was a superbly acted scene where the OP feigned surprise by stating that he was not at the Super Bowl, and Stephanie, in turn, confirmed this by saying that some other guys were sitting in the seats that were reserved for him. Step by step, word by word, the face of the vile partner became red, and the scam he started loomed in all its ugliness.

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During the meeting at the client’s office, they made the vile partner confess that he swiped those tickets

As a result, the partner confessed everything, literally burning with shame, and the client angrily stated that he needed to discuss the prospects for further cooperation with the OP’s company in private. Then he just asked the partner to leave, because he allegedly saw no point in continuing the meeting, given all the details of his unfair act.

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When the OP, the client, and Stephanie (who, of course, was not a vice president, but an employee of the client’s company, who played her role brilliantly) were laughing in the elevator, the author of the post received a nearly hysterical text from his partner who… accused him of insufficient support for their company. In response, the OP wrote that he would try to solve all the problems himself.

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The client ended up refusing to work with that partner, so the unfair act cost him both his business reputation and profits

That’s how it all happened. The client then sent an official letter in which he stated he was going to work exclusively with the original poster, without the slightest participation of his partner. Thus, his dishonorable act cost him not only his reputation (this story somehow became public), but also a substantial share in the profits.

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Moreover, after some time, the OP himself left the company for another job, transferring his major client to one of his own friends. As for the Niners, they’re heading into the conference finals once more and maybe if they make it to the Super Bowl again, this time the author of the original post will be watching it from the stadium. And who knows, probably, his presence will be key for the team… But that, as they say, will be a completely different story.

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We’re pretty sure you’ve already made up your mind about how dishonorable the original poster’s partner was and how effective and brilliant the revenge plan was. So please feel free to express your point of view in the comments. And if you have any predictions about the Niners’ chance of winning the Super Bowl this year, then do not stop yourself – just write, and then we will check how right you were!

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