20% OFF Adventure Challenge Books – Perfect Valentine’s Gift Idea (+ Shop the New Target Exclusive!)

The Adventure Challenge books will change your relationships!

hand pulling the adventure challenge books off shelf

Create lasting memories with the Adventure Challenge! ❤️

Curious about the popular scratch-off adventure book that’s been taking over social media? I’ve been adventuring, laughing, throwing food, racing, and exploring with my family for over a year so I could say beyond a doubt that the Adventure Challenge is worth all the social media hype.

Even sweeter, for a limited time, you can score 20% OFF Adventure Challenge sitewide when you use the promo code CUPID20 at checkout!

Packed with 50+ experiences for families, couples, singles, and more, I can’t think of a more meaningful gift idea for any occasion. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, you may want to consider my Hip sidekick, Sara’s, favorite bundle…

the adventure challenge books sitting on white shelf

The Adventure Challenge Naughty & Nice Bundle – $89.98 (regularly $99.98)
Use code CUPID20 for 20% OFF
Final cost just $71.99 – or $36 per Adventure book!

*Shipping starts at $7.50

“I gifted this Couple’s Edition and In Bed Edition bundle to my guy this past Christmas and it’s been a total game-changer! A few months ago we stopped drinking alcohol to find a deeper and more meaningful connection with ourselves and our relationships. These books have almost felt like a guide to building the authentic and genuine connections we were after and we both couldn’t be more in love with these books! The challenges are something we really look forward to and so far they’ve been unique and even more fun than I imagined.

scratch off date night from adventure challenge couples edition

We’ve also already created memories we continue to talk about like the time we baked a pie blindfolded and it turned out phenomenal. I can only hope there will be another book by the time we get through these two because we are loving the enhanced intimacy, excitement, and bond we have. I knew the second I saw the Adventure Challenge books we would love these but if there’s any doubt in your mind, don’t hesitate to scoop these up for any special occasion.” 

the couples edition limited edition the adventure challenge book on table

Even more exciting, if you’re considering The Adventure Challenge Couples Edition book, Target now has a limited edition with 12 new adventures! 😍

Whether you’ve already done an Adventure Challenge book or are seeking something totally new, this limited edition is a must-have and would also make a great gift. Plus, you’ll get free shipping with Target!

Already familiar with Adventure Challenge?

RUN to score these savings and keep reading to see how this awesome gift idea made us laugh, cry, connect, and cherish, and why it tops our ‘experience‘ gift philosophy!

Here are more Adventure Challenge deals you can score right now…

mom and daughter reading book

Adventure Challenge Family Edition $49.99
Use code CUPID20 for 20% OFF
Final cost $40!

Shipping starts at $4.96

Includes 50 scratch-off family adventures intended for all ages for families with 4-8 members. Adventures cost anywhere from $0 up to $50.

Need a camera? I highly recommend this deal + save more when you bundle…

Adventure Challenge Family Camera Set $147.98 (regularly $209.98)
Use code CUPID20 for 20% OFF
Final cost $118.39!

Shipping is $10.43

book camera and snowflakes

I was in the market for a polaroid camera so this bundle worked out perfectly for me! Not only does it add to the scrapbooking aesthetic, but the immediate snap & print of a polaroid camera really preserves the memory so you’re not forgetting to print out phone pics later.

PLUS, this camera does SO. MANY. COOL. THINGS! It comes with a stack of idea cards that tell you exactly which modes to shoot in, etc. as well as strips to change the flash color. The camera definitely upped the fun factor for us just on taking silly photos alone!

Or consider these deals for couples and solos…

couple eating in rain

Adventure Challenge Couples Edition $49.99 all-time bestseller! 🤩
Use code CUPID20 for 20% OFF
Final cost $40!

Shipping starts at $4.96

Includes 50 scratch-off adventures that will add spontaneity and zest to any relationship (and don’t worry, they’re all PG 😉) Perfect to have on hand for date nights for the whole year or as a unique anniversary gift!

“The Couples Edition was such a fun and inventive way to try things a bit outside the box. My girlfriend and I are so enamored by the different categories and have loved the few adventures we’ve embarked on so far. We are excited to venture into more throughout the year, and the recommendation for using a Polaroid is something I’d strongly echo — buy one if you haven’t already; it’s a MUST-have for this!” – Shane, Hip sidekick

people cooking throwing food

Adventure Challenge Dinner Dates $49.99
Use code CUPID20 for 20% OFF
Final cost $40!

Shipping starts at $4.96

Includes 30 culinary adventures, i.e. recipes that are delicious, original, and easy to make! Every recipe is paired with its own scratch-off adventure.

woman reading book

Adventure Challenge Solo Edition $49.99
Use code CUPID20 for 20% OFF
Final cost $40!

Shipping starts at $4.96

Includes 50 scratch-off adventures designed for YOU! No matter what your age, status, gender, or budget you can have some awesome me time with adventures from $0 to $50. What an awesome college student gift idea to help develop character and make some priceless memories while you’re young!

kids on mountain

When going to the movies just seems a little overdone…

Ever feel like the hardest part is coming up with WHAT to do with the fam? I promise you’ve never thought of the ideas that come in the Adventure Challenge books. And, NO, you don’t always have to leave the house to complete them. And, NO, they don’t always cost money!

How cute is this idea for the next time you’re on a family road trip?

Using the video recorder on your phone, have one person start a completely made-up story – but just for ten seconds! That person then passes the phone to their right and the next person records for ten seconds before passing it on to the next person. Go until everyone has contributed three times. The last person to go has to end the story. Complete this challenge in the car while driving somewhere. – Family Edition, page 27

little girl outside

And don’t worry planners! The ‘Helpful Hints’ section makes the challenge possible if you like knowing what you’re getting into! 😉

Even if you don’t do surprises, the ‘helpful hints’ section on the 4th page of the book lets you decode each challenge before scratching it off and committing to it!

This easy little guide is truly what sets Adventure Challenge apart for me as it really does take the edge off if you are anxious over spontaneous costs or challenges before bedtime.

Just look at the symbols near each scratch-off box and it will tell you if you need: daylight/nighttime, approximately how many minutes, if its indoors/outdoors, if it involves getting wet or making a mess, if there’s food involved, AND about how much it will cost. (Trust me, there are plenty of FREE challenges!)

arrow pointing to graphics in adventure challenge book

The Adventure Challenge is everything you want in a scrapbook or family album without the extra effort from you. I love that!

Before kids, I was an avid scrapbooker, but who has time for that anymore?! 😱 These Adventure Challenge books have everything laid out for you — including space to jot down a special note or memory along with an adhesive strip right there on the page!

hand putting picture in adventure challenge album

AND did I mention the aesthetic of these books are top?! 😍

Between the trendy script title header, clean design lines, minimalist graphics, and heavy-duty, thick, cardstock pages, The Adventure Challenge book is truly keepsake-quality and ready to display on your bookcase or mantle.

polaroids on photo album

I’m already reminiscing and it’s only been a YEAR 🥹

I am so thankful for the memories we’ve made with the Adventure Challenge Family Edition. My kids were so excited to scratch off a new adventure, especially the messy ones (like that one time we had a marshmallow fight 😉)!

Whether we were stuck inside on a rainy day, trying to make a boring car ride more enriching, OR rewarding the kiddos with some spontaneous family time to teach them early on the value of experience over things, I can’t thank the Adventure Challenge enough!

Looking to gift an experience? How about 50?! 

The BEST part about the Adventure Challenge books is that there are SO MANY challenges in each book, you’re truly gifting experiences that last a lifetime (or a year, or a month, whatever you have time for). Plus, the books themselves are absolutely beautiful so it’s something they actually want to use and display.

And to top it all off, this is one of the BIGGEST discounts that they offer! What more reason do you need to snag this no-brainer deal? 😍

Get in on the adventure! Use code CUPID20 for 20% OFF Adventure Challenge SITEWIDE!


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