Can’t find the right Father’s Day gift? You can’t go wrong with these classics

Can’t find the right Father’s Day gift? You can’t go wrong with these classics— Recommendations are independently chosen by Reviewed’s editors. Purchases you make through our links may earn us a commission.

Not sure what to get dad for Father's Day? You can lean into his favorite hobbies—like camping—or tug at his heartstrings and opt for a personalized gift. But if dad likes to keep it simple, there's no harm in picking up a classic Father's Day gift he's guaranteed to love. Think wallets, ties, and grill accessories, all practical Father's Day gifts he'll be thrilled to put to use on a daily basis.

If you're hunting for a quick and easy Father's Day gift, here are 24 classic Father's Day gifts to consider.

1. For the baseball fan: An authentic MLB bat handle bottle opener

Credit: Uncommon Goods

This gift is a home run.

This bottle opener is a sure conversation starter. Made from authentic bats used in MLB games, it’s a special piece that makes every bottle feel like a celebration. You can even choose from just about every MLB team you think of and each bat handle comes with an inscription of which team used it. Each piece is unique with scuffs and markings from game-use that tell a story. It also comes with an official story card documenting which game the bat was used in.

Get an MLB Game Used Baseball Bat Handle Opener from Uncommon Goods starting at $200

2. For the grill master: A set of wood chips for smoking

Credit: Uncommon Goods

Flavor for the win.

For the dad who fancies himself a grill master, these wood chips for grill smoking are a fun way for him to take his grilling skills to the next level. This set comes with three flavors, a smoking box, and a thermometer so he has all he needs for some flavorful meats, veggies, and even fruit if he’s feeling adventurous.

Get the Grill Smoker Gift Set from Uncommon Goods for $50

3. For the one who loves yard projects: A top-notch wheelbarrow

Credit: Home Depot

Hauling made easy.

A good wheelbarrow makes hauling dirt, leaves, and gravel a breeze. We love this True Temper model because it’s spacious and can easily roll over most yard obstacles and even steps. More than that, it’s super easy to steer and control so he won’t have to fight to get it to go where he needs it to.

Get the True Temper 6 cu. ft. Wheelbarrow from Home Depot for $109

4. For the avid reader: An e-reader to hold all his favorites and go with him wherever

Credit: Kobo

A library in his hands.

This e-reader is one of our favorites because not only does it hold a plethora of books, but it also has a backlight for reading in the dark and is waterproof so there’s no worry if dad accidentally spills his coffee on it. The Libra H2O is also easy to use for those dads who may be less familiar with new tech. There’s a large selection of fonts for better readability and a built-in accelerometer detects changes in the device’s orientation and adjusts the display for you.

Get the Kobo Libra H2O from Kobo for $169.99

5. For the digitally connected dad: A portable power bank to refuel his phone or handheld device

Credit: Amazon

Never run out of juice again.

Whether he needs to recharge his Nintendo Switch or is always on his phone for work, this portable charger has the tech dad covered. This powerful little bank can charge a Nintendo Switch four to five times. It also has dual output so he can charge multiple devices at once, no matter where he is. The bright LED charge level lights make it easy to tell how much juice it has left, so he’s never left in the dark.

Get the Anker PowerCore Essential 20000 from Amazon for $41.99

6. For the record collector: A high fidelity vinyl turntable

record player
Credit: Amazon

Music to his ears—literally.

For the dad that collects records or just loved the oldies, this record player is one of the best. The Fluance RT82 turntable has all the quality of a high-end record player at a more affordable price. It plays new and old records with rich sound and smooth revolutions. Note that this record player will require a receiver or amplifier with phono input if he wants to amp up the music. Although if he grew up with record players, this’ll be no problem for dad.

Get the Fluance RT82 Turntable from Amazon for $299.99

7. For the one who loves his beard: A lithium ion+ beard trimmer

Credit: Amazon

Keeping it so fresh and so clean.

This beard trimmer will help dad keep his beard game on fleek with its quick and easy use. This trimmer has a rechargeable, long battery life and a professional feel. Its compact size also makes it easy to travel with and a variety of trim lengths work for every beard (and even his nose if he needs a little trim there, too).

Get the Wahl Stainless Steel Lithium Ion+ Beard and Nose Trimmer from Amazon for $76.79

8. For every dad: A fresh set of white t-shirts

Credit: Amazon

The one thing every guy could use more of.

Whether he likes to wear them on their own, under sweatshirts, or under his work shirts, a new pack of white tees is the one thing every dad could use. These ones from Fruit of the Loom are a good all-around option for price, comfort, and longevity. Even after several washes, this tee keeps its shape for a comfortable and reliable fit every time.

Get some Fruit of the Loom Men's Stay Tucked Crew T-Shirts from Amazon for $14.98

9. For the one who’s into tech trends: The latest and greatest smartwatch

Credit: Apple / Samsung

Everything he needs, on his wrist.

For Apple Users
No longer do we need to have our phone in-hand to answer or make calls, make payments, and listen to music. Now, dad can do it all from his wrist with the best smartwatch of them all—the Apple Watch Series 6. Setup is super straightforward and connecting to his iPhone is seamless. With a number of features, there’s no one that wouldn’t benefit from having this smartwatch. It’s even waterproof. And if dad forgets his phone at home, he won’t have to worry since the Apple Watch Series 6 does it all anyway.

Get the Apple Watch Series 6 from Apple starting at $399

For Android Users
The Apple Watch is unfortunately not compatible with Android devices, but Samsung has you covered. The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 is the Android equivalent to Apple’s device. It, too, makes and takes calls, pairs to Android phones, and has next-level fitness tracking capabilities. And, of course, it tells time.

Get the SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch Active 2 from Amazon for $269

10. For the adventurer: A do-it-all drone

Credit: Reviewed

Dad’s new favorite toy.

If your dad loves tech and adventure, this drone will give him a new view of the world, whether he plans to record it or just explore. The Potensic T25 is one of the best because it just about does it all with its hovering stability, GPS, and 1080p camera. It can go slow for precision flying or go fast to cover large distances. The rechargeable batteries don’t have to be removed when they run out of juice, so charging is easy. The corresponding mobile app connects to the drone and uses GPS to power the auto-return feature that allows the device to fly home on its own when the signal or power is lost.

Get the Potensic T25 Drone from Amazon for $159.99

11. For the practical dad: A personalized wallet

Credit: StayFinePersonalized

Let’s face it, dads’ wallets take a beating.

From making its way in and out of pockets and being sat on, wallets go through a lot and we all know that dad whose wallet is falling apart. Help him out with a new one. This one from Etsy lets you personalize the outside with his initials and has the option for a custom, personal message engraved on the inside. Not only will he get use out of it, but he’ll be reminded how much you appreciate him every time he opens it.

Get a personalized wallet from Etsy starting at $28.99

12. For the one who loves his power tools: Drill brush cleaning attachments

Credit: Amazon

Any excuse to use the power drill is a good one.

These power drill brush attachments not only make cleaning more effective, but fun—especially if he doesn’t enjoy cleaning in the first place (I don’t blame him). These attachments easily fit any power drill and are fantastic for a wide array of tasks, from scrubbing the bathtub to cleaning the grout. The brushes are heavy duty, but gentle enough not to scratch the bathtub, fiberglass, porcelain, or whatever they’re being used on.

Get this drill brush attachment set from Amazon for $14.95

13. For the one who loves comfort: A cozy pair of slippers

L.L. Bean Slippers
Credit: L.L. Bean

If he likes hanging around the house in a robe, he’ll love these.

Dads and slippers go together like wine and cheese, and these popular ones from L.L. Bean will be his new go-to. With over 4 million pairs sold, these slippers are loved for their traction-oriented outsole, cozy shearling lining, and memory foam footbed. Dad will want to wear these everywhere he goes, and since they’re so durable, he probably can.

Get the Men's Wicked Good Moccasins from L.L. Bean for $79

14. For the dog dad: A DNA test kit for his best friend

dog dna
Credit: Wisdom Panel

Pets are children, too.

Dog dads will love their pooch even more with this dog DNA test kit. By far, it has the easiest to read and most thorough data for the price compared to other dog DNA test kits. Not only will it break down the dog’s breed, but it can also alert pet parents to potential disease risk so preventative action can be taken. It’ll give him peace of mind and pure joy to learn more about his favorite furry friend.

Get the Wisdom Panel Premium DNA Test from Amazon for $159.99

15. For the at-home mixologist: A cocktail subscription box

Credit: American Cocktail Club

Explore and enjoy.

If your dad fancies himself a cocktail artist then this subscription box is for him. Each monthly box comes with the appropriate ingredients and recipes to make four servings of a Michelin-quality cocktail. Boxes are designed with craftsmanship in mind, so dad will love getting to explore new recipes in the world of mixology. If you’re not sure about a subscription, you can gift dad an Everything Box, which is essentially a one-time trial box to see if he likes the service.

Get an American Cocktail Club subscription starting at $32.79/month

16. For the one who prefers wine: A wine subscription box

Credit: Drinkhacker / Firstleaf

Wine delivered? What could be better?

We like Firstleaf because it’s budget-friendly and super personalized. An introductory quiz helps Firstleaf customize your first box. From there, they take any feedback and apply it to future boxes for an even more tailored result. Each bottle comes with a little description card about the wine and most bottles are ones you wouldn’t easily find on the shelf at the grocery.

Get your first box from Firstleaf for $39

17. For the coffee lover: A coffee subscription box

Credit: Counter Culture / pixabay

Never enough nectar of the gods.

Counter Culture is a big player in specialty coffee and its subscription service lets coffee lovers everywhere get quality beans delivered to their front door as often as needed. Offers change regularly to include a wide variety of coffee blends. Start with just one bag each month or increase to more. We love that the beans are as fresh as possible upon delivery thanks to its speedy operation that ships direct from the wholesaler.

Gift Counter Culture coffee from Amazon for $17

18. For the home chef: A pro chef’s knife

Credit: Williams Sonoma

Five-star results at home.

No matter his hobby, dads love having the best tools at their disposal. This is one of the best kitchen knives we tried for a reason. It’s sturdy, sharp, comfortable to use, and well-balanced, so the at-home chef can prepare meals like a true Michelin chef. It’s an excellent addition to an existing collection, or a great starter piece. Either way, it’ll quickly become a knife he reaches for every time he cooks. You can even add a monogram for a personal touch.

Gift the Zwilling J.A. Henckels Pro Chef's Knife from Williams Sonoma for $149.95

19. For the funny guy: A book of dad jokes

Credit: SEED Peoples Market / Urban Outfitters

On brand.

If there’s one thing all dads have in common, it’s a love for dad jokes. This book is perfect for the jokester who loves a good laugh. It’s full of classic and cheeky dad jokes from around the world that’ll make you groan in embarrassment while bringing him joy. It’s a great gift from younger kiddos or just a fun gift to tease dad and fuel his arsenal of punchlines.

Get The Very Embarrassing Book of Dad Jokes from Amazon for $8.49

20. For the yogi: A supportive yoga mat

Credit: Alo

Where the magic happens.

Whether he practices yoga or simply likes to stretch after a daily run, this mat from Alo Yoga is one of the best. Its non-slip quality is fantastic so there’s no slipping and sliding, no matter how sweaty he gets. It also hits the sweet spot of not-too-hard and not-too-soft. It gives just the right amount of support for daily yoga practice and stretching.

Get the Warrior Mat from Alo for $100

21. For the home improvement expert: A professional laser level

Laser Level
Credit: Amazon

Precision at its finest.

This laser level is a top-notch addition to any home improvement kit. With a bright neon green light, reading this level is super easy. Plus, its smart pendulum system doesn’t need a tripod or ladder to work effectively. This professional construction quality level also works on both small and large spaces, so dad can use it for a variety of different projects, from hanging a shelf to trimming the hedges.

Get the Huepar BOX 1G laser level from Amazon for $56.97

22. For the cyclist: A heavy duty bike mount

Credit: Amazon

Solid support for dad’s wheels.

For dads who spend tons of time cycling, this bike rack makes storing his bike a breeze. It stores multiple bikes, so the whole family can use it, and since it’s made from industrial strength steel, it’ll hold up without question. Assembly is a quick process and the sliding hooks help adjust spacing without putting too much torque on tire rims.

Get the Monkey Bars 3 Bike Storage Rack from Amazon for $69.99

23. For the gardener: A helpful tool seat

gardening chair
Credit: Uncommon Goods

Goodbye gardening back pain.

As fun as gardening is, it can definitely cause some back and knee pain. This tool seat helps keep dad comfortable while working away at his flowers or vegetable plots. Twenty-one pockets around the chair hold a variety of gardening tools for easy access. Made from lightweight steel and waterproof nylon, this foldable stool is easy to transport around the yard and simple to store when not in use.

Get this Gardener’s Tool Seat from Uncommon Goods for $40

24. For the “meat and potatoes” dad: A meat delivery subscription

Credit: Crowd Cow

Where’s the beef? At your door.

This best-in-class meat delivery service is oh-so satisfying. With a wide range of cuts to choose from, there’s something for every taste. It even goes beyond beef to include poultry and seafood, too. Crowd Cow’s cuts are always rich, flavorful, and fresh, so dad can have a hearty meal he deserves.

Get a Crowd Cow subscription starting at $88.76

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