Ketalon Keyn Silences Your Keys
Key Organizer Pack (7x)

Key Organizer Pack (7x)

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Coordinate your colors throughout the year with a 7-color key organizer pack!

The Keyn is a Swiss knife-style pocket key organizer that allows you to flip your keys out with one hand. Unlike metal keyholders, it weighs only 15 grams (0.5 oz)!

Benefits :
- Slim, minimalist profile avoids pocket pokes and organizes your noisy key bunch.
- Easy to add/remove keys with the steel screw post.
- Takes 4-5 keys, and is completely silent during movement.
- Made of lightweight, durable polymer (Perfect for fitness!)
- Thin 5mm screw post fits most key sizes.
- Includes rubber spacers if you carry fewer keys.

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