Weekly Astrology January 11th 2021 – New Moon in Capricorn

New Moon Capricorn

Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs January 11th 2021


Answer that soul call for something better

Saying yes to life brings what you seek

Who makes it happen? You do, Aries!

You may initiate plans to upend the status-quo this week, Aries. There’s a feeling of ‘Enough’s enough already!’ around you. You are hungry for change now and are simply in the mood to take action to make that happen.

Your value system has been shifting thanks to Uranus in your 2nd which heads direct this week. Also in your 2nd, ruler Mars now very much in forward motion and banishing that feeling of spinning your wheels which you have had since last year. A powerful conjunction between the Sun and Pluto in your 10th – the day after a new Moon in here, is your trigger. Time to rev up those ambitions and reach higher for 2021.

RSVP in the Positive

Above all, respond to messages, news, contacts or invitations and just say ‘Yes’ now if positive change is your goal. Good news or an important connection may feature on the 11th when Mercury and Jupiter co-join. Mercury begins retroshadow this week so please, get things done before it heads backwards at the end of the month. Mercury in your 11th squares Uranus on the 12th, while ruler Mars squares Saturn on the 13th. This tells you that procrastination is not an option.

This week Venus aids you – trineing Uranus from your 10th in what is Venus’s ruling house. With Jupiter also tightly angling Uranus on the 17th, if your goals for the year include success and money, this is your moment to act. Set the year in motion when it comes to success, Aries.

In a nutshell: Set your trajectory for ’21, Aries. What’s become mundane or confining needs ditching. And the only conclusion you’ll come to is that you have to make it happen. So, say yes to change. And any invitations that arrive this week.



Clear the way for something new

What you have achieved in the past shows what you are capable of for the future

New values demand fresh goals

Take a good look at what you’ve achieved so far, Taurus. Despite the restrictions 2020 may have placed on you. Chances are you’ve something to be proud of when you look back at what has been the most challenging year on record.

But something you are hanging on to may be keeping you stuck now. This could just be the memory of a past success. Or even ‘stuff’. The clothes in your closet that remind you of good times for instance. This week is asking you if you want more abundance in your life. And what that now means for you.

More Means Letting Go

Uranus in your sign has been revolutionising your value system. Chances are, what once held meaning, no longer does. So, along with Mars in here, Uranus is asking you have a meaning audit. Especially when it heads direct from the 14th. Marie Kondo everything from your thoughts to that sock drawer and yes, what you have created and achieved in your life. Does is still resonate with you and bring you love, continued growth and pleasure? Or has it become a trap? Only you can say, Taurus.

Freedom or just plain release from restriction are on offer. Some of you may be looking at an opportunity around work or career thanks to the meeting between Mercury and Jupiter in your 10th on the 11th. Mercury and Uranus combined could point to a new direction ahead. But you have to be willing to move down it. Mars in your 1st is pushing Saturn in its ruling Now Age house to move on from something that has been lived out.

The new Moon in your 9th hints at a change which brings new growth when combined with the meeting between the Sun and Pluto in here on the 14th. But it’s ruler Venus who has your best interests at heart. As it trines Uranus from your 9th on the 14th. Even you can now see which direction you need to move in, Taurus. Evolve your soul and make it.

In a nutshell: Give yourself all due credit for all you’ve attained, Taurus. But something you are holding on to may be keeping you stuck. Sometimes more involves letting go. Make room for fresh meaning in love – and soul evolution.



Barriers to progress disappear

The future issues an invitation

Change comes pre-packaged with hidden benefits

Ruler Mercury is slowing down this week from the 15th in preparation for full retrograde at the end of the month. So, time to tie up loose ends, put the finishing touches to projects and get things done, Gemini. You know the drill.

What is between you and what you truly want and need will feature this week. All tied to the upcoming retrograde process. What do you need? Freedom! When do you need it? ASAP! Jupiter occupies its ruling house in your Now Age 9th. Opportunities, solutions and assistance could come via people you know or who you are connected to – at home or even overseas from a distance. The news should be too big to miss as Mercury meets Jupiter on the 11th. The first of three meetings between them in here. Breaking down barriers and opening up a new direction for ’21.

Wake up and shake up!

Revelations and revolutions may be part of this thanks to Mars and Uranus in your 12th. Watch for an important transformation around money, shared resources, or someone who know around the time of this week’s new Moon in your 8th on the 13th. Those 9th/12th houses planets are squaring one another. Yes, you may feel that inner tension. And also see it manifest in the outside world or via a key connection. Understand that anything which changes now is designed for your long-term benefit. No matter what it looks like on the surface.

Release is the promise of the Jupiter/Uranus square on the 17th as both planets are in their different ways, concerned with your freedom. The Sun’s meeting with Pluto on the 14th coincides with a trine between Venus in here and Uranus. This is the power of love made real for you. It could mean acting with self-love in a way that leaves others in no doubt about your values and what you’re worth.

In a nutshell: The desire for freedom has been growing for some time, Gemini. You may now see an opportunity appear which opens the path towards this. Say a final farewell to restriction and hello to a release into fresh potential now.



Enter into new relating possibilities

You have more than one potential path to choose from

Connections show you alternatives

New Moons are important times for you, Cancer. You of all signs understand the importance of them. They set the tone for the year according to the house they are in. This week – your 7th and within one degree of Pluto in here.

This should bring a transformation around partnerships, or a new, transformative relationship. Pluto is the only slow-moving planet left in your 1st. It has been doing its slow work in forging you in the fires of alchemical change. This continues for 2021. Think of it this way: You have changed. So will your relationships. Or the kind of relationship you need.

Play with your future potential

We have entered the Now Age of Aquarius. Ever since your ruler Saturn and then Jupiter decamped for your 8th back in December. Mercury has joined them and makes its first of three meetings with Jupiter in here on the 11th. It enters retroshadow this week. A negotiation or agreement may go back and forth for a while with a stunning outcome for you in March.

Come from a place of flexibility and self-worth during this period. It’s important not to be a push-over. But at the same time know where you can compromise to achieve that all-important win/win. You have Uranus and also Mars in Uranus’s ruling 11th. This is all aligned to your future and the people who are part of this. Everyone you can think of from your partner or potential one, to your employer, your social network and friends.

Alliances and connections may expand and shift between now and March too. Someone has a lot to teach you about new possibilities, freedom and feeling a part of a bigger plan, Cancer. This may even be more than one person as it could be a group, Meetup, association, party, organisation, movement or club. What matters is you share a common interest, goal or vision. And it shows you just how many alternative futures you may have.

In a nutshell: Explore the multiverse in 2021, Cancer! This week could give you a glimpse of several possible paths or futures for you. People you know or meet are your guides. Explore the alternatives now.



Get ready for Now Age love

Try a different approach to success

Small changes signal your readiness for something new

Past, present and potential partners of all descriptions are in focus now and all year long, Leo. Your ruler the Sun has not yet reached your 7th house. But it is already the main planetary focus for the Now Age this week with Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn in here.

Your relationship status, your partner’s status, your professional trajectory are also themes due to the planets in your 7th squaring the others in your 10th. This is extreme fixed sign weather. What needs to grow, change or shift around you or another? Or is this simply your realisation you have been picking fruit from the wrong tree? Or knocking on the wrong doors when it comes to your career? Mercury hands you ideas, Jupiter opens the way to enact them. News or a meeting could lead to something big when they meet on the 11th.

The Heart Knows What You Need

You are being nudged to make changes now and strike out on a path that is more heart-centered and meaningful for you. This may even mean embracing alternatives that you may not have considered before. If so, flexibility on your part could just bring a delightful surprise.

What you will begin to see this week is that even the smallest shift on the most mundane level signals the universe you are ready for something different and new in other, more important areas. You have a new Moon this week in your 6th of work (paid and unpaid), habits and daily routine. Begin there. Your ruler also meets Pluto in here the following day making any transformations around how you work or feel, a natural and even welcome part of the process. Venus also in your 6th trines Uranus the same day. Embracing new ways of doing things or a fresh direction could be just what you need, Leo.

Mercury which rules your 6th, begins retroshadow this week. If you do meet someone new, things may go back and forth or you may have to wait until March for the relationship to really take off. Same goes for those adjustments. But you have time to play with all kinds of possibilities now. Don’t rush to see results, Leo. Perfection like change takes time.

In a nutshell: Now Age partnerships will be a year-long theme for you, Leo. This week says that if you are looking for a change around love, begin with small, daily adjustments. The big stuff is then bound to follow.



Be simply daring!

See your life as a great experiment

Time to ditch that ‘make do’ attitude, Virgo.

Ruler Mercury in its ruling 6th is slowing down from the 15th as it prepares to hit reverse, Virgo. All Mercury retros this year will occur in air signs. Think ideas, communication, commerce and getting around. When this happens all of these are subject to delays, snafus, breakdowns and yes, confusion.

Before this happens, Mercury will meet up with Jupiter in here on the 11th. The first of what will be three meetings and three times the potential benefit. Solutions and opportunities could appear around work, wellbeing, the mind/body/spirit connection, studying or even a pet. Or you receive a Get Out of Jail Free card that frees you from that rut once and for all.

Overturn the Status Quo

Thoughts around limitations, lack or simply bad timing could also be banished this week. Maybe you have been telling yourself there is no point in looking for that better job. Or that you may as well stick to what you have or how things are? Mars and Uranus in Jupiter’s ruling 9th in your chart have other ideas as they are squaring the planets in your 6th. This may deliver situations where you see you cannot maintain the status quo anyway. And the actions you take because of this lead to something way better.

You also have a fabulising new Moon in your 5th of children, young people, passion and romance on the 13th. Plus Venus in here trineing Uranus in your freedom sector. Just throw in a meeting of the Sun and Pluto in your 5th on the 14th for good measure and what does this all add up to?

You’re not about to be content from here on in with just making-do. You see you deserve to shine, be adored and recognised. And what’s more you’re going to try things you would never have dreamed of before to get this. The good news is you have over a month to play with all of this, Virgo. Yes, things may swing back and forth for a bit. But that carousel is most definitely going to eventually stop and see you getting off in a far, far better place.

In a nutshell: New beginnings are knocking impatiently at your door, Virgo. Push aside any feelings of pointlessness or ‘settling’ for less. 2021 wants you to not only dare to dream. But dare to try too.



Say ‘I did it my way’

Does having it all push any buttons?

Clear the way for love and abundance for the Now Age

Shifts around home, lifestyle, living arrangements, moves, relocations or simply making the decision to live your life your way, are ushered in by this week’s new Moon in its ruling 4th. You may have been dealing with challenges and restrictions around these areas these past few years. In fact, it may have been a constant uphill battle. This new Moon may well mark the end of that saga.

You also have ruler Venus in this house. And along with a Sun/Pluto conjunction in here on the 14th, Venus will trine Uranus in your change and ‘other’ money house on the same day. Many of you could commit to a new way of living, moving or a new career course.

Love for the Now Age

Of course, the reason restrictions have lifted is due to Jupiter, Saturn and now Mercury in your 5th of the Now Age. This week sees romance, children, babies, teenagers, your adult children and your creativity (the child of your imagination), front and centre as Mercury and Jupiter make the first of three meetings in here on the 11th.

There’s a lot of game-changing back-and-forth happening between the Now Age line-up in your 5th and Mars and Uranus both in your 8th. How do you feel about changes that allow you to stand out or which would transform your life on a deep, fundamental level?

Here’s a thought for you this week Libra as Mercury in here begins to slow down in preparation for retrograde at the end of the month: Sometimes the thing we want the most is the thing we most fear. You’re going to be exploring this dichotomy as Mercury goes backwards and forwards across Jupiter and also keeps on making squares. As will the Sun and your ruler when they arrive.

Having what we want always involves change. If we want a relationship, we change from being single to coupled up. We give up our autonomy for love and companionship. Sometimes this can be scary. If we have got used to struggling with financial issues, having more money takes us away from what we know. It doesn’t matter if this experience is negative. We will cling to what is familiar. Which is often why we see rags to riches to rags again stories amongst lottery winners.

So, between now and March, look closely at what you desire and how comfortable you feel having it. Really deep down. By confronting those deeply hidden truths and buttons, you’ll clear the way to have so much more, Libra.

In a nutshell: What do you truly want in the secret depths of your soul, Libra? The Now age swirls around you filled with possibilities. This week begins a cycle when you can clear a way to manifest them. If you dare!



Prepare for a move into something bigger

Begin something new

Opportunity knocks three times

Ready to launch, Scorpio? How about going after what is truly meaningful for you for 2021? Both your rulers ancient and modern have a big role to play this week. Especially when it comes to love, communication, studying and future plans.

We have a new Moon in your 3rd of the internet, commerce, learning and communication on the 13th. This appears one degree away from ruler Pluto in here. In fact, the Sun and Pluto meet the following day. There’s also the crackle of attraction around you now too. Ancient ruler Mars presently sits in your 7th of partnerships. Along with Uranus. Venus also in your 3rd trines Uranus on the 14th. Sudden attractions, offers and opportunities could occur as a result. Ready to flirt? Star your engines! This is a week to go after what you want be it a new job or a new love.

If you have anything to pitch, submit, sign for, agree, apply for or launch, do it now as Mercury begins its retroshadow phase from the 15th in your 4th. The usual retro rules apply of course. But in this house this especially applies to anything to do with your home, buying, selling, renting, leasing.

Knock Three Times!

You are however living in the Now Age. Mars and Uranus are squaring those Now Age planets. So, decisions around property or living arrangements could well involve someone else – anyone from your flatmate to your partner, or even your employer. Mercury makes the first of three conjunctions with Jupiter in your 4th on the 11th. During its retrocycle it will make two more passes to Jupiter.

Jupiter in here wants to expand your home or lifestyle experience. It is going to knock three times between now and March. Wanting to hand you the keys to something bigger. Saturn also in here is all about establishment and foundation. Jupiter is about solutions and freedom. Due to Mercury retrograde something may appear, disappear, the goal posts could move or people change their minds. Take it that even if things are undecided or up in the air, thanks to Jupiter the final outcome is going to be very much in your favour. You are about to step into living larger in some way for 2021.

In a nutshell: Ready to launch, Scorpio? To apply for that job, make your pitch, submit that idea or launch that business. Home, living arrangements and your security may be behind all this. Take it you are on the cusp of a major move.



Big up those ideas

See how far words can take you

Perfection takes time

News so big you cannot possibly ignore it could land this week as Mercury meets ruler Jupiter in Mercury’s ruling 3rd. This is the first of three meetings between these two. This could mark the start of something – an offer, solution or opportunity for you. It may take a few weeks to finalise but it opens the door to something exciting and new.

Start to bring those ideas to a point where they are ready for revision and refinement, Sag. Mercury will enter its retroshadow this week in preparation for full fat retro at the end of the month. This is why it will meet your ruler not once, but three times. Before this occurs, you may have a preview of what Jupiter has in store for you. Just that things may not yet be finalised.

If you are working on anything to do with writing, studying, presenting, pitching, your manuscript, thesis, portfolio, CV or website, begin to wrap it up now. See this as your first draft or beta version. Mercury retrograde in its ruling house offers you powerful revision tools when combined with Jupiter. In other words, it may look good now but you will make it so much better.

Pay attention to the details and be organised about it. Above all, don’t be in a rush to finalise or finish things. That is when mistakes will be made due to those planets in your 3rd being squared by Mars and Uranus in your 6th this week. It’s telling you to take your time and focus. It will save you so much in the long run.

Move Back into an Abundance Mindset

The powerful new Moon in your 2nd on the 13th is one degree from Pluto. The Sun and Pluto will actually meet the following day. You also have Venus in its ruling house in here trine Uranus on the 14th. This adds up to a new cycle of abundance for you which may signal the end of the restrictions you have had to contend with for the past 2.5 years or so. A new source of income or avenue of satisfaction could simply allow you to banish that ‘make do’ cycle for good. But it’s probably down to your own efforts, Sag. And you could bank on the feeling of satisfaction that goes along with this.

In a nutshell: Opportunity could knock three times in the coming weeks. What occurs this week could be a preview of what’s to come, Sag. You’re stepping out of a challenging period with finances. Feel the flow of abundance again.



Don’t be afraid to stand out

Something takes you by surprise

Showcase your self-worth

New beginnings are promised by this week’s new Moon in your 1st on the 13th. Is it time for reinvention, Capricorn? This is one of the most powerful and personal new Moons you will have experienced in a long time. For one thing, it will appear just one degree from Pluto. Promising rebirth or a fresh start.

Secondly, it arrives in a house with only one slow moving planet left in it (Pluto, naturally). Time to focus on your and your needs. Also what you want to attract. If this is about a new you on some level, what does this reborn you want and need? An opportunity to shine? Love? Recognition? All three?! Venus in your 1st adds the glam factor and also boosts your self-esteem.

You’re still in feel-good birthday mood and you should be looking forward now, not back. See what this new you can attract around the 14th when Venus makes an electrifying angle to Uranus in your 5th. Unexpected? Probably. Delightful? Possibly. Heart-starting? Definitely. Especially if you are in the mood for something different.

No More Underselling You

The other focus is of course Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn in your Now Age 2nd of money, possessions, generosity and self-worth. Mercury makes the first of three meetings to Jupiter on the 11th. This could usher in anything from a better paying job, new source of income or just something which adds to that feeling of yes, you certainly ARE worth it.

Time to take pride and showcase all you have to offer. On both a professional and a personal level. Don’t sell yourself short or ‘settle’. You have Mars and Uranus in your 5th squaring those 2nd house factors. Is it time to re-set your values and if so, how are you going to communicate these? Chances are via your visual message and that attitude. Mercury is beginning to slow down now in preparation for full retrograde. If you need to revisit your value system or set a new price on self-worth, there’s never been a better time than now.

In a nutshell: Be the symbol of rebirth and reinvention this week, Capricorn. What can you do to change in a way that shows the world who you are now? ‘Tis the season of becoming more. Like attracts like so align your energy with what you want this week.



Mix elements of your past with the present for an alchemical future!

Don’t be afraid to try something new

Live the Now Age on your terms

Although you are focussed on your future for the Now Age, the past may still have a part to play, Aquarius. Or at least one aspect of it. This week brings you a new Moon in your 12th. It appears one degree away from Pluto. In fact, the Sun and Pluto meet in here the very next day. Now, throw into the mix Venus also in here making a trine to ruler Uranus, and what you have is the past reappearing in a surprising but not necessarily unwelcome way.

Mercury makes the first of three meetings with Jupiter in your sign this week on the 11th. What also occurs is that Mars and ruler Uranus in your 4th are squaring those Now Age planets. Mercury is also slowing down from the 15th in preparation for full retroactive action at the end of the month.

Time to Take a Chance on Yourself

Moving out of your comfort zone on some level may be necessary now to take full advantage of Jupiter’s largesse. You may need to take a chance on something untried before. You could be offered an opportunity or a way forward towards a vision you have been crafting for yourself for the future. It may involve making changes around your living arrangements, lifestyle or flying in the fact of what you have been told you should be doing.

If you have been living up to other’s expectations, this is asking you to step free. What you may find is that you need to integrate aspects of your past with what you see for yourself and your future. And let go of what isn’t relevant for you. Luckily you have from now until March to do this. This week should show you the potential. It may then stall, disappear for a bit or change slightly. That’s fine. It just gives you more time to decide what stays and what goes now, Aquarius.

In a nutshell: You’re waiting for the Sun to light up your sign. In the interim, this week gives you a sneak preview of what’s to come. The Now Age wants you to move out of that comfort zone. Opportunity says: Try something new.



Good karma pays you forward

Get connecting

Channel your muse!

Hidden benefits. Soul legacies. Learning. Spiritual insights. Channelled creativity. Inspiration. Getting to the truth. Mercury’s meeting with Jupiter in your Now Age 12th could deliver knowing, rewards for good karma or even a past life connection.

Your psychic skills and ability to channel information should be at a peak this week. If you work in the healing, psychic or creative fields the first of what will be three meetings between Mercury and Jupiter in here could see you embark on world shifting, even visionary ideas. You could even know what is coming before it arrives.

People from the past may feature too. Not just from this life but from past ones. They may offer help or assistance without any apparent agenda. If so again – good karma. However, Uranus and Mars in your 3rd are squaring those 12th house planets. If someone from your past reappears who has a history of not knowing where boundaries like – either yours or theirs, it may be your task now to explain this in no uncertain terms.

This is not so much a week for romance but it is a week to experience the love and support of friendships, contacts, networks and your larger circle. The new Moon in your 11th always sets the tone for your social life for the coming year. So, at the time of this one on the 13th, please make an extra effort to reach out. Even at a social distance or on-line. It promises friendships with the capacity to influence your future in powerful ways. Or even influential friends as it appears one degree from Pluto in here.

Explore a Wider Circle

The Sun and Pluto will meet the following day. While Venus also in your 11th trines Uranus which rules this house, in your 3rd. Accept all new connections, invitations to join in something and especially if this involves stepping out of your usual social or professional circle. Unusual, unique and exciting individuals could feature. Take it there is a higher purpose and plan at work if they do, Pisces.

In a nutshell: Past credits could get paid forward in the form of good karma this week. Friends, connections and contacts of all kinds will have a big influence on your future. Just how big? In ways you may not yet be able to imagine, Pisces.



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