The Weekly Digest

Happy Friday! I’m looking forward to going to the kids’ school in a few hours and picking up Hudson, who has been away all week at a 6th grade camp. It’s been so strangely empty in the house without him. Can’t wait to hear all about his adventure. He gets back just in time for Davis’ big campus-open-house called Picnic Day. He also has a soccer game, baseball game, and we will try to watch a bit of the Warriors/Kings game (Go Sacramento!)—so it’s going to be a packed welcome home.

California’s Superbloom is everywhere in photos right now and I’m lamenting that my favorite route to our own little wildflower valley (and my favorite spring hike) is temporarily closed! Hwy 128 to Lake Berryessa had a landslide and they’re working on repairs. I check the road status every morning!

We had a wonderful spring break trip to Oaxaca and I’m thinking it might just be the trip to inspire a return to trip-logging—it exceeded all of my expectations (even though I’d been wanting to go for years, ever since Rick Bayless’ cooking show used to air). I did share a lot on IG. You can use the hashtag #springbruoax to find some photos.

I feel like all of my links could basically be to podcasts these days, so if anyone has any great links to share with me please drop them in the comments! Here’s a few of note from me…

The true size of California.

Broadway says farewell to The Phantom of the Opera after 35 years.

I listened to Alison Roman’s interview on Armchair Expert (great listen) and now really need to try some of the recipes in her new book, Sweet Enough. Especially the cottage cheese cheesecake!

Aron’s favorite podcast recently is new-to-me: Hardfork, “a show about the future that’s already here.”

We all underestimate how much others appreciate us (small acts of kindness matter).

While Hudson was away, the three of us watched all three episodes of Sea Wolves on Netflix. It’s beautifully filmed and has a lot more content than wolves (in fact, if any note I’d give it would be more wolves).

How many of these street-style moments influenced you? I definitely earmarked or tore those images of Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy & Kate Moss from a glossy mag at some point. Burned in my memory.

Just finished Pretty Baby—the Brooke Shields doc. Really interesting if you grew up in the ’80s, especially, to recall what it was like. I’d like to see the interview she did with Drew Barrymore.

I’ve also heard this is a good watch (related to beauty culture). And I’ve been continuing the nostalgia-fest with some of the episodes in this ’90s series. The grunge and Viper Room episodes were great.

A nail care candle? Intriguing!

Pulling out the summer clothes… Still the best denim shorts.

SOS: what are your phone rules for tweens and teens and have you any good articles or books to read on the topic? Trying to prepare myself for this shift to junior high…

[Photo from this Lake Berryessa post in 2015]

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