The Weekly Digest

Going to give Pickleball a try for the first time this weekend… in a tournament. Wish me luck. Maybe I can channel the Leanne Ford x Recess aesthetic in look at least? The host just sent me this video about the five stages of Pickleball. I’m probably at stage 2.

Happy to say I got my vote in yesterday. Did you know that only four states don’t offer any sort of early voting? Unless you’re in New Hampshire, Mississippi, Connecticut, or Alabama, you can vote before Election Day!

Tonight we go out to celebrate my mother-in-law’s 80th birthday, and Sunday is Aron’s birthday—he wants to play ultimate frisbee, eat his homemade coffee cake, and watch the UCD Women’s soccer game! Sound  good to me!

Anyway, it will be a good distraction from the stress I’m feeling about trying to get The Dirt back in print within the next month. I’ve been spending a lot more time at my computer and have been missing all the walks I was taking. Need to get back into balance!

Hope you’re feeling it more than I! Have a great weekend…

We’ve started watching Welcome to Wrexham with Hudson (good but also a bit self-indulginantly long… 18 episodes?!), and the Wales accent and language is fascinating! So, not surprisingly, I absolutely loved this UK dialect lesson found on Kottke.

Another dream home. This time in Sea Ranch—all the wood! And those views!

Jenna Lyons is going to be on The Real Housewives of New York?

Some thoughts on basic/smart phones for kids that I found interesting, if that’s something you’re considering.

I’m re-newing my Nuuly subscription for the holidays. I really enjoyed it a few years back and wrote about trying it, here, but then we all stayed home for a while. Time to bring it back! Here’s a $10-off code if you’re interested.

I went in expecting to roll my eyes at this Atlantic article praising intensive parenting. But I really appreciate where it goes: “Intensive parenting isn’t going away, because too many parents know it works—and the problem is not its high costs. The problem is that we impose these costs on the wrong people: individuals.”

This may be the best highlighter I’ve found for making skin have that dewey look. I like the peachy color. It’s marked down during the Credo sale (20% everything, so maybe it’s finally time to try Jones Road).

(My drive to apply said highlighter is mocked, of course, in step 11. Ha!)

I love this dressy denim shirt.

Sawyer, luckily, doesn’t shed much, but I still sort of want to try vacuuming him. I could just attach this to our Dyson? No doubt he’ll be a big fan.

There aren’t a lot of new developments in wrapping gifts… scissors, tape, etcetera, but apparently these are a game changer if you do a lot of wrapping over the holidays. Especially if you have an eight-year-old who always steals the scissors.

Cate & Levi puppets are on Amazon? Their little “pretty dog” puppet was the very first thing to make Hudson laugh at the American Folk Art Museum! Such a fun memory.

Any good reads or watches or listens to send my way?

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