Ten Food and Drinks Creators Who Tell Stories with Flavour

We all have that one scent or flavour that unlocks a ‘certain place, certain time’ memory. These memories are hidden deep in our minds under layers of our favourite coffee roast, the oil burner we keep for special occasions and the bottle of liqueur that brings to life your long-time favourite spirit. These flavours and scents have been crafted with care and finesse by the hands of masters of flavour, to create memorable moments that shape stories. 

We’re here to take your sensory nodes on a deep dive into some of Ireland’s very best food and drinks creators who hold this magnificent skill of creating nostalgia and telling the stories of your life with unique flavour and scent.

Aileen Cunningham – Cocktail Extraordinaire and Master of Mixes Brand Ambassador from Galway

Aileen Cunningham, formerly The Front Door Galway, has honed in on her wealth of cocktail knowledge to become Master of Mixes brand ambassador for Ireland. Aileen is your cocktail connoisseur who knows the liqueur to your spirit, the garnish to your fizz and most importantly the cocktails to your most memorable night. Catch her over on @cocktailsbyaileen on Instagram to learn how to trump that one espresso martini which still lingers on your taste buds to this day…

Robert Bullock – Owner of Le Patissier – Handcrafted Cakes and Patisserie 

Robert Bullock knows exactly how to create a bespoke premium gift that encapsulates a moment in time which is personal to everyone. What a wonderful way to send a token of your love, appreciation or thanks with a box full of premium treats and sweets from Le Patissier Ireland. 

Gareth Mullins – Executive Chef at The Marker Hotel 

Gareth Mullins, who prides himself on his unique flavours and taste, heads up the kitchens at The Marker Hotel. While being a master of flavour is Gareth’s forte, over on his Instagram @garmullins you will find a myriad of recipes to create the story of your Saturday barbeque or your Sunday roast and the perfect tipple to go along with it. 

Kevin Powell – Loose Cannon, Meet Me in The Morning and Benedicts Egg Shop

Kevin Powell, who has created the booming millennial hotspot Loose Cannon, has brought together two of our all-time favourite tastes and pairings, wine and cheese. We all have stories attached to an infamous wine and cheese board. Take your taste buds on a romantic journey and head for Kevin Powell’s Loose Cannon over on Drury Street. 

Fisk – Fish Shack in Downings, Co.Donegal 

Fisk, a fish restaurant founded by Irish/Swedish couple Tony and Lina, is itself built on memories and great stories. Fisk – meaning fish in Swedish – is a restaurant which prides itself in selling simple, fresh and local produce, enticing both families and friends alike to create beach side memories.

Rob Krawczyk – Restaurant Chestnut

Originally from Schull in West Cork, Rob is at the helm of flavour making at Restaurant Chestnut in West Cork. Rob grew up learning about his Polish from his father Frank, immersed in the flavours and smells of smoked fish, cured meats and fermented foods – memories that have made their mark on his exquisite Michelin star winning menu.

Jess and Killian from Mamó in Howth 

Couple Jess and Killian have relocated to the seaside village of Howth to open Mamó, Michelin plate award winning restaurant 2021. Jess is a trained sommelier and master of flavour, while Killian heads up the kitchen to create a beautiful story that encapsulates fresh ingredients with layers of flavour.

Sarah Hanaway – Irish Barista Champion 2020

Sarah is exactly the person you want to cross paths with on your daily morning commute and coffee run. Filled with stories of the coffee journey from bean to cup, Sarah is a wealth of barista knowledge that floods passion and creativity into every cup she makes. 

Grá Chocolates by Gráinne Mullins

Grá Chocolates, founded by self-taught chef and Young Chef of The Year Gráinne Mullins, are built on ‘the taste of happiness’. What else would you want when that smooth, delicate essence of a hand crafted chocolate hits your taste buds? 

Harry Colley – Harry’s Nut Butter 

Nuttier and certainly smoother than any peanut butter, Harry Colley has created the perfect salty sister to your favourite sweet snack. Encapsulated in the name are Harry’s nut butter stories from peanut to jar, unlocking a tub of this will level up any snacking game. 

Mescan Brewery Westport 

A brewery founded with no intention of ever having to source warehouse legislation, is truly a beer that is crafted out of fun and flavour. Bart and Cillian, founders of the Mescan Brewery in Westport hold their place on the Best Craft Beer in Ireland list of 2021 for their range of beers. With stories to tell and beer to sell, Mescan Brewery pride themselves on brewing beer for the chats between friends on dusky Friday evening. 

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