Super Simple Calendar

Super Simple Calendar

Welcome to the Super Simple Calendar 2021! These monthly calendars were created with teachers and parents of little ones in mind. They are beautifully designed to add a decorative aspect to your space, as well as offering something fun and educational to do every day from Super Simple – it can be a craft, worksheet, song, video, or activity. We’ve also included some relevant theme days, holidays (US calendar), and international days of interest to help you plan your year. 

Each monthly calendar is available to download for free and includes a QR code to this page, so you can easily be linked to each day’s content. Click on the day of the week on the calendar to go to that piece of content, printable or detailed instructions for the craft or activity. The downloadable PDF is also clickable and will take you to the corresponding page on! 

2021 is sure to be a great year of learning and play! 

September 2021

Download the September 2021 calendar

Click on the calendar to open a clickable PDF that will link you to each day’s activities.

Super Simple Calendar - September 2021
  1. Caitie’s Classroom: First Day Of School
  2. School Bus Photo Frame
  3. Wheels On The Bus
  4. First Day Of School Car Mat
  5. This Is The Way
  6. Goldilocks & The Three Bears
  7. Finny’s First Day Of School
  8. Letter Recognition Worksheets
  9. My Teddy Bear
  10. My Teddy Bear Worksheets
  11. Treetop Family Mouse Craft
  12. Grandparents Are Special
  13. My Happy Song
  14. Phonics Fun
  15. Super Simple Pirate Costume
  16. Alphabet Rocks
  17. Pirate Ship Puzzle With Shapes
  18. Pirate Eye Patches
  19. Popsicle Stick Pirates
  20. Super Simple Sprout Heads
  21. Hello Hello
  22. Autumn Leaves Mobile
  23. Match The Leaves Memory Card Game
  24. Color Hunt
  25. Colors In A Bag: No Mess Sensory Play
  26. I See Something Blue
  27. Good Manners
  28. All About Me Worksheet
  29. Foraging Animals Printables
  30. Move!

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