Sunday November 6, 2022 Scott Hogan & Katie Hale

Theme: "Scale It Back" - Do, Re, Me, Fa, Sol, La, Ti are orderly removed from the theme entries

23. Chant that could start any minute in a yoga class?: IMPENDING (DO)OM.

31. Beaver structure that defies all laws of physics?: THE IMPOSSIBLE D(RE)AM.

40. Result of a cracked Kindle?: BROKEN PRO(ME)SE.

61. Lingering resentment between rival 16th century Italian painters?: RENAISSANCE (FA)IRE.

72. Obstacles in a Grand Theft Auto construction zone?: VIDEO GAME CON(SOL)ES.

96. Rate at which romaine salads come out of the kitchen?: CAESARS PA(LA)CE.

103. Put up with my shenanigans?: STAND THE TEST OF (TI)ME.


118. Creating study aids during a classroom lecture, and how seven long answers in this puzzle were created?: TAKING NOTES.

Our second Sunday puzzle from Scott Hogan. His last is a collaboration with Christina Iverson. Who else can say that they've collaborated with two assistant editors of the L.A. Times crosswords?

Like the theme. Reminds me of the Opening Notes I did for the Universal back in 2020.


1. Improvises with nonsense syllables while singing: SCATS.

6. Hosp. area: PRE-OP. Extensive prep, as I've learned from Boomer's second surgery.

11. "Frozen" snowman: OLAF.

15. Go the distance: LAST.

19. Old Turkish title: PASHA. Wikipedia says this rank "is similar to a British peerage or knighthood".

20. Body art medium: HENNA.

21. Roam: ROVE.

22. Glom __: take hold of: ONTO.

25. Bibliography abbr.: ET AL.

26. Playing a fifth qtr., say: IN OT.

27. Vegan pizza order, perhaps: NO CHEESE. My first pizza is Hawaiian pizza from Pizza Hut in Guangzhou.

28. Speak without thinking: BLURT.

29. Thick book: TOME.

30. Biblical twin: ESAU.

36. Soap chemical: LYE.

38. Singer Lena: HORNE.

39. African capital: CAIRO. Has anyone read "Midnight in Cairo" by Raphael Cormack?

45. Uses, as a coupon: REDEEMS.

47. Paddle kin: OAR.

48. Brownstone porch: STOOP.

49. Family man: PAPA.

52. Telly watchers: BRITS.

54. Sitcom fixture: TV CAMERA.

56. 11th Greek letter: LAMBDA. Also 118. 19th Greek letter: TAU.

59. Casual refusal: NAH.

60. Messy pile: HEAP.

66. Con: SCAM.

70. Gimlet garnishes: LIMES.

71. Like some Chardonnay: OAKY.

77. AnnaSophia of "Bridge to Terabithia": ROBB. Unfamiliar to me.

81. NAACP co-founder __ B. Wells: IDA.

82. E-signature alternative: WET INK.  91. Problem with 82-Across: SMEAR.

83. Celebrity mag since 1977: US WEEKLY.

87. Transform (into): MORPH.

89. Drops from above: RAIN.

92. Biodegrade: ROT.

93. Resort with moguls: SKI AREA. Bumpy moguls on the slope.

99. Impressionist Claude: MONET.

100. Beekeeping hazard: STING.

102. Irish actor Stephen: REA. Unforgettable performance in "The Crying Game".


108. Sleeveless garment: VEST.

112. Twee: CUTE.

113. Competitor: RIVAL.

114. Goes long?: RUNS LATE. Nice clue/fill.

116. Poker stake: ANTE.

117. Scored 100 on: ACED.

121. Look intently (at): PEER.

122. "How __ refuse?": CAN I.

123. Garlicky sauce: AIOLI.

124. Cornell, Penn, etc.: IVIES.

125. Flubs: ERRS.

126. Jewelry designer Peretti: ELSA.

127. Eurasian border mountains: URALS.

128. Black-and-white vegetarian: PANDA.


1. Book part: SPINE.

2. Patterns meant to blend in, briefly: CAMOS. This really stands out.

3. Org. providing creature comfort?: ASPCA.

4. One who has an impressive green thumb?: THE HULK. Another great clue.

5. With it: SANE.

6. Trey Anastasio's jam band: PHISH. Amazing fan base.

7. Actress Zellweger: RENEE.

8. Pt. of OED: ENG.

9. Singer Yoko: ONO.

10. Hulu's "__ & Tommy": PAM.

11. Vague warning: OR ELSE.

12. Seated yoga pose: LOTUS.

13. Greed: AVARICE.

14. Had regrets: FELT BAD.

15. One who lingers: LOITERER.

16. Latin phrase in some dates: ANNO DOMINI. The hospice sent chaplain John Curran to our house last week. John is an ex-priest. He left the church and got married. He could deliver a mass in Latin.

17. Leaf pore: STOMA.

18. __ pole: TOTEM.

24. Political thaw: DETENTE.

28. "__ appétit!": BON.

32. Breakfast chain: IHOP.

33. Calendar pgs.: MOS. Months.

34. Get set: PREP.

35. Recline: LIE BACK.

37. Polite contraction: YES M.

40. All of two: BOTH.

41. Talk wildly: RAVE.

42. Killer whale: ORCA.

43. __ favor: POR.

44. Crowd sound: ROAR.

45. Crashes (into): RAMS.

46. Constellation part: STAR.

50. Strange: ALIEN.

51. Behind the times: PASSE.

53. __/her pronouns: SHE.

55. Abbey area: APSE.

57. Bun cooked in a bamboo steamer: BAO. We can Baozi in China.

58. Genetic letters: DNA.

62. Justice Kagan: ELENA.

63. "The Pinkprint" rapper Minaj: NICKI.

64. Latin I verb: AMO.

65. Brontë governess: EYRE.

67. Buckaroo: COWHAND.

68. Mature: AGE. We received 81 cards from you guys for Boomer's birthday. Thank you! Amazing English muffins from Ray - O - Sunshine!

69. Pilates surface: MAT.

72. Pep: VIM.

73. Rite words: I DOS.

74. Hypothetical stuff in space: DARK MATTER. Another great fill.

75. Oscar winner Sorvino: MIRA. She speaks Chinese.

76. Totals: SUMS.

78. Sticky pod: OKRA.

79. Political coalition: BLOC.

80. Computer memory unit: BYTE.

84. __ salt: SEA.

85. Nate Dogg's "Regulate" collaborator: WARREN G. Another learning moment.

86. Scots Gaelic: ERSE.

88. Leads the way: PIONEERS.

90. CBS military drama: NCIS.

91. __ lily: Utah state flower: SEGO.

94. Go over again: RETRACE.

95. Virtuous: ETHICAL.

97. Social insect: ANT.

98. Meringue dessert named for a ballerina: PAVLOVA. Looks good on top. Anna.

100. Bowl game venues: STADIA. I just use stadiums.

101. __ Aviv: TEL.

103. Land's end?: SCAPE.

104. Pitching aid?: TUNER. Fun clue.

105. Levels (out): EVENS.

106. Flounce: FRILL.

107. Some tax-free bonds: MUNIS.

109. Stay home for supper: EAT IN.

110. Knight's mount: STEED.

111. Thompson of "Creed": TESSA.

115. Scissors sound: SNIP.

119. Beach ball inflater: AIR.

120. RV park chain: KOA.

Our week started well. On Monday, the great Tom Pepper came to our house and moved the TV upstairs. Now we only have to struggle with one set of stairs. Thanks again, D-Otto and Tom!
On Tuesday we had a routine meeting with the VA nurse Amanda. Then Boomer started to develop serious stomachache and constipation on Wednesday & Thursday. By Friday morning, he could not poop or pee. The hospice nurse was ready to do an enema. Thankfully Senna & MiraLax combo worked before the nurse came. 
Unfortunately he continues to have stomach upset, even with the daily help of Pepcid. He also had a few throw-up episodes on Friday and Saturday (he ate hardly anything).
Here is a picture of him watching "Seinfeld" at our living room last Tuesday. Calm and content. Things have been tough since.

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