Splurge-Worthy Accessories Perfect for Everyday College Life

Nothing feels as unique as getting into your dream college. The plans that have been in the making since your childhood are coming true every day. One of them would be how you would carry yourself in your college. The kind of outfits you’ll wear, the accessories you’ll match with, your overall vibe – all of it has all been in the making for years.

Your adult jewelry collection must be top on the list. Being a top priority, jewelry that you indulge in should, for one, reflect your own self. It should be personal and practical enough for daily wear and tear. With no compromise with ongoing trends, it should also be viable for college. From hoops to chain bracelets, the jewelry you will wear now will be a memory for your life, so choose it wisely.

Although there are endless options for your consideration, below are a few such jewelry pieces that are best among them. Read on.

1. Mini Hoops

Short and sweet, there’s a lot to appreciate when it comes to a pair of instant pick-me-up mini hoops. If selected in high-quality metals, these dainty treats can even last a lifetime and can be worn in alternate styles and with different outfits. Using such staple jewelry, you can boost your personal style and offer a contemporary spin to even the most minimal wear. A pair of chic Tanzanite earrings can save you from the obstacle of choosing a new accessory with every outfit on a daily routine, as their enigmatic and sophisticated appeal is timeless. It can provide you endless possibilities to play around with different styles of outfits – from a plaid skirt, linen shorts, denim jacket, plain vest to your favorite coat or turtleneck; the accessory is perfect for wearing all 365 days of the year.


2. Stone-Studded Pendant

Pendant necklaces qualify as an essential adornment to wear in everyday life, especially involving running from one class to another and completing endless assignments. While a classic diamond-studded pendant may be ideal for everyday looks, something more exquisite and less traditional, with a bolt of color and vintage setting, can be a statement staple for your entire wardrobe. Shungite jewelry, made from an ancient stone formed two billion years ago, is known to inhibit various healing properties. It can easily take all your outfits from day to night, providing endless styling possibilities with different combinations of outfits and embellishments.


3. Curb Chain Bracelet

Becoming a new hot favorite day by day, curb chain bracelets are the talk of the town. And for all the good reasons. From their appearance in the latest fashion shows and Met Gala, these chunky chain bracelets have become quite an accessory in the past years. You can easily spot them on someone’s wrist with their unique and stunning presence. They are all quite a statement piece when adorned with a particular kind of outfit. Loved by millions, these trendy chains have stood the test of time and have graced many famous wrists. For your college jewelry collection, if there is one essential piece, other than a personalized bracelet, that can be worn with several outfits and won’t lose its charm over time, it is a curb chain bracelet.


4. Swivel Ring

For minimal wear, rings can help create numerous looks on an everyday basis. Amongst various curated selections, swivel rings can up your ring game and easily create a statement without stacking several pieces. You can style a bold, colorful ring with all your beige and white-colored outfits to instantly add a bolt of vibrance and lightness. For a bit of sparkle and glamour, count on a cluster of diamonds to leave a lasting impression on your friends. The swivel ring can be enjoyed in numerous tones of metals, from platinum, yellow gold, to rose gold – which has grown increasing popularity in the world of jewelry for its romantic yet subtle nature, to disappear into the skin. Pairing the blush tone with an Aquamarine or Topaz stone encrusted in the middle can create a soothing combination, which can be worn endlessly without ever going out of style.


5. Bezel Set Drop Earrings

Drop earrings are slightly bigger, offering more space for experimentation with colors, stones, embellishments, textures, etc. You may select a classic diamond-studded pair, although the ultimate cool-girl accessory calls for a bit more bold use of colors and non-traditional craft. Feel free to pair some colorful studs on your extra piercings, which will add more sparkle, and high-polished elements to your everyday outfits. The drop earrings may be more significant in size but are equally lightweight than huggies or smaller hoops. One can think of twisted metals, mega-sized gemstones, bright enamels, mixed metals, mismatched pairs to achieve a chic and contemporary look. Women can style the adornment for rave parties, late-night outs, coffee dates with friends, and even for their graduation!

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